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    eARC required for Dolby Atmos?

    I recently upgraded my Vizio SB (optical input) to a Vizio M-Series M512a-H6 with Dolby Atmos support. I also have an XB series X and a PS5. My 2016 SUHD TV has HDMI ARC but in a usual Samsung fashion, not delivering what was promised which was DD+ passthrough. So to get Dolby Atmos I have to...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 "Soft Relaunch" Q1 2022

    I just installed the PS5 upgrade with my PS4 disc version and this is how it went for me. I didn’t have the game installed to begin with so when I inserted the game disc, it asked for the data disc to start installation of PS4 version. I checked the icons (3 dots) to see if there’s an option to...
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    SOLD: Inland Premium NVMe SSD 1TB

    $100 USPS shipped to lower 48 states. PayPal or ApplePay. Used very briefly to run CDM then wiped clean and uninstalled. Will ship in original packaging as pictured. Microcenter Product Page
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    FS: Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Silver/White x2 BNIB

    For sale: Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Silver/White BNIB (still in shrink wrap) I have 2 for sale. $$$ each (obo) PayPal or ApplePay USPS shipped con-us
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    Lie Detecting AI Kiosks May Be The Future of Border Security

    Where does the portable water-boarder goes?
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    Real Skynet Killer Robots with Guns from Kalashnikov

    Put them on the new border wall
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    Why is it video games are often viewed as a "waste of time" but watching sports isn't?

    Watching TV/gaming is not necessarily a waste of ones time; depends entirely on what you do when you're not infront of the television.
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    Man Streams 115 MPH Ride On Facebook, Crashes Into Garbage Truck

    Deport his ass... I don't care where.
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    The Slow Death Of The Manual Transmission

    Bad battery or bad starter... I rarely, if ever, have I been stranded with a manual stick.
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    The Slow Death Of The Manual Transmission

    Not sure if it's been said, but a manual stick can be pushed start or rolled start when you have a bad battery. Can't do that with any other transmission. Oh, real men knows how to work a stick and clutch at the same time, uphill or otherwise. Laters betas...