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  1. Krispy Kritter

    FS | Misc hardware (computer and other)

    Just cleaning off the storage racks and found a lot of stuff just sitting around. Motherboards: Asus Sabertooth Z77 Intel i7-3770 (3.4ghz) w/ Cooler Master Hyper N520 G.Skill Ripjaws X series 8gb (2x4) $150 Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P Intel w/ Cooler Master Hyper N520 G.Skill Ripjaws X...
  2. Krispy Kritter

    FS: Canon Ink (CLI-251)

  3. Krispy Kritter

    FS: Canon Ink (CLI-251)

    I just replaced my aging Canon 6300 series printer and I still have some leftover ink. These are Canon "compatible" cartridges from inkjetcorner. I have the following: CLI-251XL-C = 2 CLI-251XL-B = 2 CLI-251XL-Y = 4 CLI-251XL-M = 5 CLI-251XL-GY = 3 PGI-250-BK = 1 Per the Canon website, this...
  4. Krispy Kritter

    Samsung TV backlight dimming with PC

    I've never seen a PC have any effect on the backlight. I'd suspect a TV issue.
  5. Krispy Kritter

    Uplift Desks

    My son has had one for about a year now and really likes it. He just has the traditional rectangular style.
  6. Krispy Kritter

    Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro uses ?

    If you don't have a use for it, how are you going to "put it to good use"? I mean, you need it or you don't.
  7. Krispy Kritter

    Fideco dual bay docking station doesn't read drives. Dead?

    I moved from a BlacX and a generic model to a Sabrent. ( ) I moved on from the BlacX because it was the older eSATA / USB2 model. It was from the early 2000's I believe and still worked fine, I just no...
  8. Krispy Kritter

    Help needed: dual displays not working.

    Which video card?
  9. Krispy Kritter

    Case electrical grounding

    I doubt it's a grounding issue. From your description, you have damaged cables. Time to find a way to route cables where they aren't exposed.
  10. Krispy Kritter

    Full tower case recommendations

    The Phanteks Enthoo 719 is slightly cheaper and has plenty of room inside the case. This is by far the largest case that I've ever used.
  11. Krispy Kritter

    Case that holds more drives than define 7 XL

    The Phanteks Enthoo 719 will hold 12x3.5 and 3x2.5 with the basic layout. I could easily add 6 more 3.5 drives and likely 4-6 more with a little modification. It's a very roomy case with lots of ventilation and fan placement locations.
  12. Krispy Kritter

    SAS card options

    I will take a look. Thanks guys.
  13. Krispy Kritter

    SAS card options

    I'm currently using a LSI 9207-8i At some point this year, I will be needing to expand my storage. Adding another LSI 9207-8i is not an option as the only other available PCI-E slots are x1. Is there a similar card, which will function in Win10, and has 16 ports?
  14. Krispy Kritter

    Any suggestions for cases with 12 Internal 3.5" bays?

    The Phanteks Enthoo 719 will hold 12.
  15. Krispy Kritter

    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    Good god. I'm surprised it was still running. It for sure wasn't running well or cool.
  16. Krispy Kritter

    HAF 932 stuffing the maximum amount of HDDs in it

    I'm using the IcyDock 5n3 bays as well. I have 2 in my current media server (which is getting rebuilt this weekend and will no longer be used) and a NIB spare. You need good airflow to control drive temps, aside from that, I've had zero issues .
  17. Krispy Kritter

    Terrible HDD packaging from Newegg - where should I buy drives?

    So you are back where you started. You buy local, or you shop online. Most online stores ship poorly from time to time. But even with the bad packaging that I sometimes get from Amazon, I've never had a faulty drive. Having said that, you can buy directly to WD (or other manufacturers), and...
  18. Krispy Kritter

    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    I would maybe overlook the issue for just a monitor. My only experience with LG is for my new TV. Their support ran me in circles for days and still haven't resolved the issue. The TV won't login to my LG account, which you have to use in order to install apps (kinda the whole point of a...
  19. Krispy Kritter

    Best looking 27” 1440p monitor?

    In a 27, you would be looking for an IPS panel. And assuming the monitor is calibrated, brightness, colors, and such should be identical (or at least very close). >
  20. Krispy Kritter

    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    I don't know that I would ever buy another LG after my experience with their customer support.
  21. Krispy Kritter


    forums at would likely get a better response
  22. Krispy Kritter

    HDMI 1.4 wont produce 60HZ 2560x1440

    More likely how it was implemented. I've seen this with some older nVidia cards as well. They will output the resolution over DP, but not over HDMI. Although I guess the difference here being that nVidia is often vague about their specs, and what you posted above would seem to indicate that...
  23. Krispy Kritter

    HDMI 1.4 wont produce 60HZ 2560x1440

    OK. But I didn't mention cables. I stated video cards and monitors. And your last comment about the monitor seems to indicate that in fact, this monitor cannot do 60hz over HDMI. But anyway, thanks for confirming.
  24. Krispy Kritter

    Screen recorder

    Assuming you aren't trying to capture media playback, you could use the HDMI output as noted above. You could also likely use a screen capture utility. I haven't used any in many years and I wasn't concerned with audio, but that could be an option.
  25. Krispy Kritter

    Need some advice for a new monitor

    Sounds like all she really wants/needs it a standard 24" monitor. I personally wouldn't buy anything smaller than 24. And I'd get an IPS model.
  26. Krispy Kritter

    HDMI 1.4 wont produce 60HZ 2560x1440

    I would start by verifying your hardware. The few times that I've seen this come up, it was a hardware limitation. (ie: the hardware had HDMI 1.4, but it wasn't fully/properly implemented). I've seen this on video cards and monitors.
  27. Krispy Kritter

    Bigger monitor further away?

    Numerous things can cause eye strain. Starting with your eyes, when was the last time that you had an eye test? If you already wear glasses, does the Dr know you spend time in front of a monitor? Do you need new glasses? As for the monitor, could be the display type, resolution being used...
  28. Krispy Kritter

    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    I don't know, but based on how suppliers tend to label, I would expect that to be a revision number (most likely) or denote the brand.
  29. Krispy Kritter

    Digitizing my old Video 8 and VHS cassettes but how?

    I agree with Nobu. Lossless in the current resolution to preserve original quality. You can then process those to whatever format and resolution that you require. But based on the source, the quality is going to suck anyway. Anything VHS related is not going to look good after you have...
  30. Krispy Kritter

    Fix Bluetooth having a 1/2 second delay when watching movies on Amazon Prime ?

    I've not used a USB adapter nor have I used a BT speaker in realtime. If I had to guess, I'd say the delay is in the decoding/processing of the audio for transmission. The "codec", assuming you are referring to audio, is part of the stream and you have no control over it. No. Any drivers...
  31. Krispy Kritter

    Digitizing my old Video 8 and VHS cassettes but how? Some really knowledgeable folks at that forum. Personally, I'd say find a service and have them converted to DVD.
  32. Krispy Kritter

    Drivepool users? Talk some sense in to me, is parity robust enough?

    Maybe I'm missing something. But if you are using RAID, then the RAID array will "pool" the drives. Thus all of the drives in the RAID array, will appear as a single drive letter. In which case, you don't need DrivePool at all. Unless there is a way of combining the two which I am not aware...
  33. Krispy Kritter

    Drivepool users? Talk some sense in to me, is parity robust enough?

    I'm trying to wrap me head around why you would simply create a single pool (drive) and then just dump everything onto it. I would create new pools which correspond to each of the current drives so that you can keep your data organized. So you would then at least know which drives hold which...
  34. Krispy Kritter

    Drivepool users? Talk some sense in to me, is parity robust enough?

    You can make more than one Pool. So, if for example, your current "D" drive has all of your pictures, then simply pool together enough old drives to hold all of your pictures, and make it the new "D" drive. The main purpose of Drive Pool is to allow you to group together multiple drives and...
  35. Krispy Kritter

    does anyone else use LG TV Channels on their LG TVs?

    It's not related to your ISP speed. It won't be speed related at all, unless your connection is too slow.
  36. Krispy Kritter

    Help me organize / get my shiznit in gear - about 10 TB+ of data and growing

    You basically buy twice as much storage as you need to use. You use half to store your data, and you use the other half to store a backup copy. The drives don't need to be in a NAS. You could use an old PC for example. This can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it.
  37. Krispy Kritter

    How long do keyboards last?

    I have two of these still kicking as well, similar vintage, as well as the replacement model which all see daily use.
  38. Krispy Kritter

    Any screen recording apps work to record Amazon video?

    Or capture the stream and skip the desktop recording.
  39. Krispy Kritter

    No sata driver or device to update Nvme?

    To get help, you need to provide details. I'd bet my entire 401k that Tigerlake makes more than ONE laptop. How can anyone look up specs and provide assistance without knowing any details?
  40. Krispy Kritter

    Best settings for gaming on Logitech Z5500 5.1 system?

    Works great for me, no reason to change anything. Analog is already true 5.1, so I don't have to worry about encoding.