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    High temps on RX6800XT after a re-paste?

    I ended up ordering some Gelid 1mm pads on Amazon and put them in, so now the card is functioning back at 100%. Surprising that the person in that post said use 2mm... not sure what pads are that soft but 1mm seems to work just fine on the memory for me
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    High temps on RX6800XT after a re-paste?

    Recently I re-pasted my AMD reference 6800XT and I've been experiencing some very high temperatures afterwards. The previous owner had re-done the past on his own and it was typically running 95C junction with high fan speeds stock... so I thought I would get in and re-do it with some better...
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    Guy damages rare collectible graphics card :(

    I love this video about the card that was made back in the day.
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    Where to buy replacement IHS for 4690k?

    I believe the Skylake and Kabylake IHS are slightly thicker due to a thinner PCB, so it probably will not work without shaving some off
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    Modding a EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 power pins

    If you're really set on trying this, step one should just be to get the pump to turn on. Try with just the power wires and once you get it working then add the PWM stuff since the pump will run without those. I would definitely ditch the adapters you have though, it could be why it's not...
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    Power Supply with USB-C Charging?

    There is definitely more to it than raw power output but I wouldn't think it's something that is that hard to do. There are power supplies that have USB hookups to monitor and change how some things work inside of them, I don't see it as a super stretch to add a bit extra so that you could have...
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    Power Supply with USB-C Charging?

    Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade to a new laptop that can be charged over USB-C, but it would be nice to just leave the charger at work and charge at home via a port that can deliver the 80 watts needed to charge quickly. AFAIK a motherboard wouldn't be able to deliver that kind of power. I'm...
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    Solutions for direct die mounting?

    Unfortunately that doesn't work with Skylake processors, otherwise I would have ended up going that route. I hope that EKWB ends up making a new kit for the 6000 series though, the aqua computer one isn't quite what I was looking for.
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    Solutions for direct die mounting?

    If anyone is curious and finds this thread, there is a product from Aqua Computer that allows the stock CPU socket to clamp down without the stock heat spreader. You might need to modify your CPU cooler to fit the socket though. Aqua Computer Webshop - Spacer für Intel Skylake CPUs 51180
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    Solutions for direct die mounting?

    Hey guys, I have been looking around for a while but haven't really come up with an answer to this. I have taken the lid off my 6600K and redone the thermal paste, however I am really interested in mounting my waterblock direct to die. I don't have anything crazy right now (a Corsair H110) but...
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    The top definitely has room for fans + a radiator as long as you don't get a super thick rad with thick fans. The fans are offset to the window of the case so you need to worry more about bumping your RAM than you would the edge of the motherboard. I've seen AIO's like the H100GTX fit up there...
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    Definitely not glass, feels like plastic but I'm not sure what kind.
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    Doom Alpha GPU test

    Really a 60FPS hard cap in 2016? That's unfortunate.
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    Wow, very close build! I ended up not getting the Ripjaws/Sapphire Nitro/MSI board due to stock at my local NCIX. Nice build!
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    Anyone else have this case yet? I just picked it up yesterday for my new build. I'm a big fan of not having spots for an optical drive as I never use it and only have 2.5" drives. Plus the whole side panel being a window is super cool! Cable management is so easy too. I don't think I have...
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    GIGABYTE X99-UD4 Motherboard

    FYI the link to your review is broken
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    Corsair H110i GT Liquid CPU Cooler

    Looks like the server got the hug of death, I was hoping to see what sort of performance improvements this would have over the regular H110. Guess I need to wait just a bit longer
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    FS: Custom Gaming PC, i5-4690k, GTX 970, Watercooled

    Rule 1: For payment, I accept the following: E-mail Money Transfer ( or Cash. Rule 2: I will never ship before payment is received. Rule 3: Shipping is included in the price within Canada, I can ship international but that is on you...
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    Best Z97 matx mobo

    I've had some really good luck with my Maximus VII Gene, it's overclocked my 4690k very well, and it's well reviewed. I am quite happy with the onboard audio as well which was a big reason I bought it, no extra static in my headphones is a wonderful thing!
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    H110 Backplate Causing High Temps?

    Sounds good, I figured I couldn't be the only one. Thanks!
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    H110 Backplate Causing High Temps?

    I've had an H110 for a while and just recently picked up a 4690k to replace my G3258. On my G3258 the temps were great, 25C idle and mid 60s load at 4.7GHz. However with this 4690k the temps are atrocious, 40C idle and 90-95C full load at a measly 4.4Ghz. When I was remounting I found that...
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    Windforce 970 G1 rotated on Silverstone case?

    Heatpipes don't struggle with how they are placed. Check out this video, it explains how they work pretty well
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    should I get Nvidia card? (frametimes question)

    You exclusively play CS GO and the 7950 isn't enough? It should be getting over 200 FPS according to some reviews I looked at. What's the problem with your 7950?
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    What game are you playing right now (post screenshot)

    That looks like Radeon Pro
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    Upgrade GFX Card(s) - Nvidia GTX 460

    OP said he wasn't dead set on nvidia cards, and I'm sure he'd be willing to re-install drivers if it meant getting a faster video card for the same price or less..
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    Upgrade GFX Card(s) - Nvidia GTX 460

    Why get a 670 when a 7970 is a faster card?
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    Upgrade GFX Card(s) - Nvidia GTX 460

    With a budget of 450 your best bet is getting a GTX 680 for performance, that will last you a long time coming if you are still on a 460. Although it may be tough finding one at 450. Next best step would be a 7970.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Watchguard XTM 25?
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    Can you use a Athlon 64 3000+ on a Nforce 2 mobo?

    seeing the "I'm too broke to get one" and talking about an Athlon 64 3000+ was a blast from the past...
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    Is a 7970 or 670 worth it considering my CPU

    I'm playing with an i5-760 with crossfire 6950's, haven't found myself to be CPU limited at 1080p yet. I consistently get good frame-rates with very high detail settings. This setup is around the same performance as a 7970, so I'd say it's fairly close.
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    Gaming Card for 30 inch monitor??

    Save up an extra hundred dollars and get a 7970.
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    Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2

    Does anyone else have an issue on the latest beta drivers where watching youtube will peg your GPU to 99% load and stutter quite a bit? This is on an HD6950 2GB
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    Making Excel move page breaks automatically?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to have my excel sheet automatically move the page breaks around depending on how the data works out. Currently I have a sheet that when a product is selected, it is added to a cover sheet. Then as more products are added, the cover sheet will expand as products...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Aww yeah. Love my car.