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    Finally coming back to team nvidia! Which manufacturer for a 1080?

    I've gotta hand it to EVGA on the warranty service. They've gone above and beyond for me.
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    Are Audiences Too Lazy to Appreciate Blade Runner 2049?

    I thought this movie was 11/10. Having said that, a couple of the trailers sold it as an action movie rather than the noir drama it really is. So I'm not surprised if some went to see it and came out disappointed.
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    I think someone is connected to my fathers laptop

    Whatever you're doing on it to find/clean the malware, someone is watching you do it. Just format the drive and be done with it.
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    Haha, someone's trying to download some shady shit. Or just on a metered connection. But the former is more fun to believe.
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    Fallout 4

    That's part of the Bethesda charm. Buy a "bare-bones kit" game and have the community of DIY'ers polish it up. They simply want you to supply your own screws and glue with the Pip Boy :)
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    Sennheiser’s $55,000 Headphones Sound Like Heaven On Earth

    Hey we got an expert cynic here.
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    The CODEGIRL Documentary Is Free On YouTube

    This whole thread is so full of facepalm.
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    Witcher 3

    Is it a steam code?
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    FS: PS3 Slim 160GB + Controller + GTAV + Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection

    Perfect working order PS3 Slim with 160GB hard drive. I bought it from a friend less than a year ago and it still runs perfectly. PS3 Slim Console 160GB (CECH-3001A) (doesn't include original box) DualShock3 Controller Long charging cable for controller Power Cable for console HMDI cable Call...
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    FS: Audio-Technica ATH M50X Headphones + Slappa Hardbody Case

    It's that time to pay the bills and get rid of some toys. I recently (within 2 months) purchased these headphones and have decided to let them go. I love the sound, but can't justify keeping them as some unexpected expenses have come up. They are in perfect condition and only worn a few...
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    Sennheiser HD558 headphones

    Nothing that can't be fixed by putting a couple textbooks between them overnight. That'll loosen them up a bit.
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    Sennheiser G4ME Zero headset $174.99

    Keep in mind this one has a 150ohm impedance. I would not expect this headset to sound its best unless you're plugging in to an amped source.
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    SSD vs Caviar Black as dedicated games drive?

    Thanks for the input. I think I might go with the SSD. Mainly because I can't imagine doubling the size of my Steam library anytime soon, and I don't keep the whole library of games installed. As far as performance with 2TB vs 3TB, I just imagined a higher capacity hard disk might take more...
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    SSD vs Caviar Black as dedicated games drive?

    I keep my Steam library on a dedicated 1TB WD Caviar Black drive and it's quickly filling up. I have a choice of either paying around $200 for a 500GB Samsung Evo SSD, or around $115 for a 2TB Caviar Black, or $145 for a 3TB Caviar Black. Which would be a wiser investment? Are there any...
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    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (various platform) $25 @ Amazon

    I picked up the PC Download version for $20. Played a bit, seems like it was well worth it.
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    FS: EVGA Geforce 560 Ti 448 Classified 1280MB

    bump. price now as low as it will go.
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    Corsair refurbished Black Friday sale.

    Their refurb warranty policies in case anyone's interested: Refurbished or Factory Reconditioned Products Corsair offers a 30-day, replacement-only warranty for refurbished or factory reconditioned Memory, SSD and USB parts. Corsair offers a 90-day, replacement-only warranty for refurbished or...
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    FS: EVGA Geforce 560 Ti 448 Classified 1280MB

    bump. price lowered