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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    I'd like to get in on this lv. 11 Me/E Trent Jynxx
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    Hyundai L90D+ owners - what are your Brightness Conrtrast settings?

    Sitting in front of a brand new L90D+, got it at 60 Contrast | 40 Brightness at the moment
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    Post your AThlon XP overclocks...

    I've got a locked Barton 2500+ running at 11*200, stock voltage, running at 1:1 with Corsair XMS 3200 Trying to get it a little higher, but it needs some crazy voltages to get above 2.2 Ghz
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    YoUnAn, Your WP Rocks!!! Linkage, plz.
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    if you got doom3, post what you have: cpu + memory + video card, thanks!

    Athlon 2500 @ 2.25Ghz Radeon 9700 Pro 1 gig Mushkin PC3200
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    firefox start page bouncing up and down?!

    Actually, I had the exact same problem. It had to do with the StyleXP skin I was using. If you're using Style XP, try changing skins, or disabling it altogether. f.y.i. I'm using the Milk "Cream" Skin, and it gets along just fine with firefox ;)
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    weird Dr watson thing

    If you're using SP2, the problem is most likely a divx install. Same thing happened to me. As soon as I uninstalled divx the problem went away. ...waiting for a new version of divx...