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    How is Intel Beating AMD Zen 3 Ryzen in Gaming?

    Anything to save a penny.
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    Windows 10 is getting a modern Task Manager for your games.

    Not that I've found so far. Gets security updates every now and then.
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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    Bought a R3 1300X bout a year an a half ago on ebay for less than the price of a 1200 at the time. Two months ago, buddy of mine offered me his R5 1600 for $50. I couldn't say no. Sold the 1300X for damn near what I bought it for. Did I need 6 cores? Not really but, was to good a deal to pass up.
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    Recapping and testing a Mac SE/30 motherboard

    I enjoy that channel but, why's this in tech news?
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    Mythbusters host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

    Honestly, for 49, he looked great.
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    Honestly not a bad route. I always see everyone reccomending some high end hardware for the most basic tasks anymore. I think it all comes down to each users specific use case. I'm currently sitting on my "budget" Ryzen. Does EVERYTHING I need and plays pretty much any of my games anything at...
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    Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard

    Only thing that will ever replace the mouse and keyboard is true brain interfaced virtual reality.
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    3700x $285 eBay bin

    Closest for me is 100 miles north. So 200 mile round trip. Even driving the car (30mpg+), i'm lookin at $10-$15 in gas (depending on price of the day) and probably about 4 hours of my time if i don't stop anywhere else. So... yea.
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    Ryzen 7 3700X Trades Blows with Core i7-10700, 3600X with i5-10600K: Early ES Review

    Anyone think this will happen? I was gonna grab a 3600 or 3600X soon but I may very well wait.
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    Capture Carbon in Concrete Made With CO2

    Working in an industry that allows me first hand views of rail transported coal. I can pretty much agree with this. Most of what moves by rail out of the Appalachian region is either metallurgical (for coke production) or export.
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    Facebook has a neural network that can do advanced math

    We'll be on to something when they can tell you before diarrhea hits.
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    Intel Core i3-9350KF Review: Coffee Lake's Stagnant Waters

    I think 4 cores are fine, based on your usage case and the amount of money you spend. My $60 Ryzen 1300X (was cheaper than the R3 1200 at the time) does everything I need. That obviously doesn't apply to everyone.
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    Western Digital: Expect More Energy-Assisted Tech For 24 TB & Beyond

    I feel like there's a point were the potential data loss from a failed drive (yes, even in a redundancy setup) out weighs the benefits of having so much storage on a single drive. Granted.. thats coming from someone who has two 1TBs in Raid 1 and they're not even a quarter full.
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    not sure where to put this LOL?

    Party poopers. That sounds like a fun swap.
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    Core i9-10980XE Review Roundup

    Oh look, an expensive nothing burger.
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    WeWork cuts back office perks

    Or in the case of where I currently work. They cut everything to the bone to boost the stock price and line their own pockets and leave just before it all comes crashing down.
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    That sounds great even for a solar systems, assuming we actually see them and the tech doesn't get thrown in a vault.
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    Hyundai SSD 120GB ! $15.99 w/ code GPC3 @ Rakuten

    Gotta have a heavy equipment license for that vibrator?
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    Join two Cat6 cables together, outside.

    Agreed. Although i guess you could still use copper if you want. At the very least run it in conduit.. uh.. whats the standard for underground low voltage lines? 12" down? 16"?
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    Yea, I can see RAID 1 being of use, atleast protects you from a single drive failure. I use it for a general storage pool (with periodic copies/refreshes to an external drive that stays in my drawer) on my main rig.
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    Windows 10 1909

    There are.. other ways, of which cannot be discussed here.
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    I just don't see a competent fuel replacement any time soon. We might as well start figuring out how to efficiently synthesize it from CO2. Assuming what I've read is correct in that we can do that. Best short term solution to green energy I can see is solar panels on individual...
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    Windows 10 1909

    LTSC is the closest you'll get. Even then, some things should've been left alone or not added at all. Like having a new settings menu... what was wrong with control panel? And then you give me access to both? Thats redundant in a stupid way. I will say, for my two laptops, having Win 10 search...
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    While my electricity comes from a coal/gas fired power plant right?
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    Intel returns to Atom series - Tremont core announced

    Already using a 9020. Honestly its been best pfsense box i've had so far. Celeron g1820te, 4GBs of RAM and a dual intel gigabit card. I may pick up a cheap i3-4130t to either keep on the side or just throw in anyway for the AES support when 2.5 comes out. I really dont see me replacing that...
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    Intel returns to Atom series - Tremont core announced

    Wish someone would make an ARM mini itx board with dual gigabit (INTEL), and m.2 or msata slot, and at a reasonable price. Would make a nice pfsense setup.
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    pfsense on old Athlon questions

    Missing on AES is the only downfall i see, so if you don't need that then give it a shot, power usage would be the only other concern. Modern hardware has came long ways in idle or low usage states. Reminds me, i used to run smoothwall on a Pentium 1 with 128mb of ram, an old gateway 2000...
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    Fallout 4

    Anyone recommend a good mod list?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Not much but she's mine. Specs: The 1300x, motherboard, and RAM were all caught for good deals on ebay. I paid less at the time for the CPU than what the R3 1200s were going for. Eventual plans are a Ryzen 5 3600(x) and 16GBs of RAM north of 3000Mhz. I want to replace the RX480 but just...
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    Windows 7 updates now working with Ryzen/Skylake?

    I tried to use windows 7 with my x370 board. Had no luck. Ended up going to LTSC. With the start menu replaced i can't really complain.
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    Seems the 300 series chipsets are gonna need some BIOS maturing for RAM speeds.
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    The problem with Call of Duty is... Call of Duty

    Dead to me after the number 2. Played a lot of that online with my Pentium 4 and 6600gt. Those were the days.
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    If anyone is curious. Asrock put out an updated BIOS for Ryzen 3000 support (P5.40) yesterday. Went ahead and flashed my board even though I'm still on my old 1300x.
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    Since this is related. Does anyone think the 3000 series on an X370 (Asrock Gaming k4 here) will have any issues with higher clocked RAM? I see they're certified for 3200 stock. I'm talking like 3333, 3400, or 3600mhz as examples.
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    German Site Jumps the Gun on Ryzen 3000 Benchmarks

    These threads always turn into salt mines because people can't stand that AMD has finally caught up. I for one welcome our new AMD overlords.