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    iPods Make You A Loser

    Nah, I agree completely, and it's cool. I'm going to have to look up the stuff you were mentioning though, as I've never heard of it...or at least I don't recall hearing of it.
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    iPods Make You A Loser

    Curious on this one.. Have to talked to the race officials on this? I would think a case could be made for it being a special circumstance. I don't know though. I've only raced up to 10 miles (so far, I'm planning on a marathon at some point), and have usually relied on gels and sports...
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    iPods Make You A Loser

    In both cases, I think the disqualification is justified. I'm not by any means an elite runner, but I completely understand the first disqualification. Who knows what it was laced with? It could have legitimately been just water or Gatorade or something. But maybe not. On the iPod, it's a...
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    Is Gmail Failing?

    I use Gmail on a daily basis, both via IMAP and web interface, and although have had occasional issues with the web interface, none with IMAP.
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    Is there a decent LogMeIn Free alternative out there?

    I suspect most of them are doing that. That's what has me fuming with LogMeIn Free right now. I used to be able to add users to my account, and control what computers they could access. Now they want $300 a year for that capability. Too bad the company has no budget, I could probably get...
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    Funny Picture Of The Day

    Looks almost like that could be a Michigan plate.. Depending on the jurisdiction, you'd be surprised at how bored some officers get, depending on what they're doing. The problem is, they need to kill time, but can't leave their post. I figure if he's playing solitaire, he's either bored...
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    My Cert Plan (please advise)

    Admittedly, I'd probably go MCITP Server then MCITP Enterprise. But that's just me. I'm not yet at the point where I'm working towards either though..
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    Domain admins across a forest trust

    Same here. Although, I found it easier for me to just create my own account in the other domain (or use the Administrator account) rather than going through all that. One of these days I'll at least get them all in the same forrest, although I'd love to get 'em on the same tree. That's a...
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    Domain admins across a forest trust

    I've done some more reading, I don't think it's possible. The only way it looks like its possible is if it's the same forest, not just a trust.
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    Domain admins across a forest trust

    What functional level is your domain at? EDIT: Quoting my 70-290 book in reference to global groups: That's for global groups. Here's a quick quote on Universal groups: EDIT 2: That might be the issue that I'm actually having with mine (similar situation, two domains, separate...
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    Domain admins across a forest trust

    EDITED: I don't know what I'm talking about yet.. Re-reading about groups in my 70-290 book..
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    Disadvantage of Windows Firewall?

    Well, as a tech, I haven't seen it, but then again, I've also been at the same client for the past few years, and don't see what some of the others see. If I remember right, didn't they get purchased? I'm imagining that was the turning point.. I don't recommend ZA anyway any more.. Was...
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    Disadvantage of Windows Firewall?

    Curious: When did ZoneAlarm become shit? I haven't used it in quite some time, but I know at one point, even here, it was highly recommended..
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    New (2) Laptops w Vista 32, upgrading to 64

    You're slightly mistaken. My HP laptop came with Vista 64 OEM discs.. Also 32 bit.. Granted, it is Vista Business, but it works for me..
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    consultants: how do you charge your customers?

    TechieSooner is right on. The company I work for generally specializes in a variety of products from specific vendors. For example, Symantec is big in the corporate world for their AV. Therefore, we actually have several guys who are very specific with their knowledge of Symantec AV products...
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    consultants: how do you charge your customers?

    Seems to depend on the area.. And what is being done.. Generally speaking, I think the standard where I work is over $200 an hour. But, then again, there's a reason that most of the guys I work with make six figures.. For the local stuff, and mostly the small stuff, it's generally around...
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    1920 x 1200 Wallpapers only

    I absolutely love that one of Tokyo at night.. One of the girls with asked me for it when she saw it as she used to live real close to the Eiffel Tower replica shown there. One of these days I will visit Japan.
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    best free vm software for windows.

    I use both VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. I have a love/hate relationship with both. Since you want free though, VirtualBox is the winner hands down. I keep swapping back and forth with which I prefer.. VMware Workstation for some things, VirtualBox for others. Good luck!
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    Since people are discouraging me from RAID...

    RAID-0 is like keeping everything on a single drive. The only difference is when you lose a single drive in a single drive setup, it's a single drive that's gone and whatever the data was. In a RAID-0, if you lose a single drive, it's the same thing, but you still have the other good drive...
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    SANs - Anybody have a good link for a n00b to them?

    Been a long time since I've been here (12-22-2004 according to the last visited). Anyway, looking at implementing a SAN at a plant down in Kentucky. I'm a n00b when it comes to SAN's though. Can anyone recommend some good primers on the different technologies (iSCSI, fibre channel, whatever...
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    Michigan Sunsets

    Looks great! Ya know? I never thought of heading up to the thumb area for sunsets in Michigan. That's a hell of an idea. I'm planning on going up to Traverse City for a day next weekend (we're going to be up in Mio), and trying to get some then, but I think the thumb would be a lot...
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    Does anyone use a clear acrylic case?

    My brother has one. He likes it. Definitely not a LAN case though, IMHO. The fingerprints and smudges. A buddy of mine also has one, and he likes it too, although I think he's getting tired of it. The pain in the ass about it though is that you have to take quite a bit apart to even do a...
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    The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Tried replying to this last night, but it apparently didn't work. A buddy of mine has an S7000, and he loves it. I was very impressed with it myself. It's got all the features I want, short of beinga DSLR. If I had the money when I bought my S5000, I'd have bought the S7000 instead.
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    Managed to snap two lightning pics...

    Thanks for the comments and advice guys! Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get those two, especially that first one. I think the only reason I was lucky enough to get those was because the lightning was rather frequent. I'm definitely closing the aperture next time, but...
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    off site backup advice

    Just an idea, and it's entirely depending on the bank, but what about a bank vault? The only problem I see was 24/7 access, but some banks may be willing to work around that. When I was still employed (damn them bastards), I was contracted to a different company. For a long time, the...
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    Linux vs. Windows

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with this. Granted, I'm not really all that big of a gamer. But, the two games I play frequently play quite well on my Linux box using the Linux ports for them. Now, with that being said, they may not work as well running under the various forms of emulators...
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Gentoo, using Fluxbox.
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    Digital Artwerk - August Wallpaper/WinMod Thread

    This was my desktop: Now I have this image as my desktop: Managed to snag that pic the other night during a lightning storm before it started raining too.
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    Managed to snap two lightning pics...

    Managed to snap these two pics the other night of a lightning storm we had going on. Sadly, they were the only ones that actually got any bolts: And Just wanted to share them, as well ask for advice on trying to take pictures of lightning. In this case, it hadn't started...
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    I may have missed it, but which release of 2.6.7 were you running? I know it was gentoo-dev-sources, as that's the same run I'm running. I think I'm running r5 at the moment though. Just curious.
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    That looks pretty badass! Where was it taken?
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    Open Source Kills Jobs?

    I don't doubt that open source may, to some extent, impact jobs. But, I doubt it's to the degree that Bill Gates and MS would have us believe it is. I mean, Linux grew by developers who developed it in their spare time. And if anything, it created jobs (even if few) with companies like...
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    Having trouble with Redhat 9

    I think someone needs to add some more chlorine to the gene pool, big time. You don't have to write code to run Linux. In some cases, you don't even need to use a command prompt. However, I digress. You obviously don't want to learn, so therefore you shouldn't be using Linux. It is not...
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    Show your fireworks shots!

    Well, I don't know what I'd consider to be the best of what I managed to shoot, so here's a link to all of them: You guys can decide what you like. :D
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    Show your fireworks shots!

    Love the shots with the flag. If my friend who hosts my site ever gets it back up, I'll post what I feel are the good ones that I took. Nothing quite as good as what you guys have done, but pretty good nonetheless.
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    Lightning Pictures

    Out of curiousity (and I may have missed it), what camera are you using? I've been wanting to get some good lightning pictures, but we get crap for storms around here, and the good ones we do get always have buildings and such in the way. Never ending battle. I love that first one though...
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    Charter communications and networking?

    Can't help on that, but was wondering if you had a link to this FAQ? I'd like to see it.
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    comcast cable modem question

    I know when I was with Comcast (back when they were @Home around here), I had a COM21. That was at my parents. Moved into the apartment, got another COM21. Loved that cable modem for some reason. When they went to the DOCSIS compliant modems, I got a Terayon (spell that right?). The...
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    compelling reasons

    In your case, I'd have to say no. You have to ask yourself why you want to switch. In my case, it was because I am generally anti-MS, and have been a Linux advocate for a while now. After playing with a Gentoo install on my Sun Ultra 10, I decided I wanted to build an x86 desktop instead...
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    Digital Artwerk - July Wallpaper/WinMod Thread

    Mine wasn't really seasonal, but I tried. I'll go dig around and see if I can't come up with something to use.