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    China Forms New Body to Review Ethics Risks of Video Games

    its so scary that this is such an enormous % of the human race..
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    Bethesda Support Ticket System Leaked Customer Information

    There's more content in the fallout from Fallout than there is inside of Fallout.
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    2015 White House OPM Hack is Still Largely Unfixed

    If anybody reading this isnt familiar with the contents of an SF86 form, you should be. The OPM hack wasnt just the info of the military and contractors, but our entire damn family, where we've lived, who've known, where we've worked. It's not just enough for stealing identity, its enough to...
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    Bethesda Using Upgraded Version of Creation Engine for The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield

    i was so stoked for FO76.. now me and all of my friends have cancelled our pre-orders. We predominantly have 144hz monitors, predominantly are too old to put up with a cheater hoard, etc. This engine is good enough for single player, and I suppose Bethesda is comfortable with sticking to what...
  5. S System Hack Is Much Worse Than Initially Thought

    anybody else noticing the trend is definitely one of: * oh damn, we were hacked * ....6 months ago * well, tell the public about PART of it, but not the whole thing * wait for a few more sensational events, headlines, mid term elections, etc * release a smaller article nobody cares about...
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    WTB: stock EVGA 1080 FE heatsink/backplate

    RMA'ing mine, and I cant find that stuff. And no this isnt an unethical RMA.. when they had that whole thermal pad debacle, I just went on ahead and slapped on a water cooler. If you have one, please let me know what you want for it!
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    Watch the Hunt Showdown 3.0 Developer Livestream

    Sure do wish I wasnt eyeballing the $$ waste of a 2080, with my dual 1080's sitting here, with 1 of them on vacation every time I play this thing..
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    No Man's Sky Making a Big Comeback

    I dont think there is, really. Just seems to be a fun exploration game, so far, but I'm only a couple of hours into it. They could super easily add goals and upgrades and make it a grinder exploration - assuming thats not what I havent reached, yet.
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    Hunt: Showdown Devs Discuss Upcoming Content

    the ability to replenish will be a boon to those of us who randomly decide we want to just murder everything that moves. ironically, at least 1 person in here lived. i heard a sparks and i never got a location on him, but he headshot the guy i was working on, so i figured i'd cash out with the...
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    Laptops With 128GB of RAM Are Here

    i have a p50 or p51, whatever the prior generation with 64 gigs is. i use it to teach entire classrooms at a time showing global optimization, monitoring, and predictive modeling exercises. next week im hosting 22 vm's in an entirely virtual environment that simulates a multi-continent network...
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    Crytek Plays Hunt Showdown with Crytek

    haha, took some coffee. i didnt even catch that :P
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    that looks to be about 80 more than he's already living on..
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    Crytek Plays Hunt Showdown with Crytek

    oh no way, really? i ordered the HB bridge just for that :( i found some superhuman 18 yr old kid to pair up with. he has the reflexes of a highly caffeinated jungle cat. we won 6/6, and i had 2 kills. he had 8. im ruined when he finally goes to college.
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    Crytek Plays Hunt Showdown with Crytek

    every time im creeping on a team i dont think sees me, and suddenly i hear a rifle bang and im staring at the sky, ive been wondering "damnit.. that could have been Kyle." -_- i stole my wife's 1080 to SLI with mine this weekend. i plan on locking the door, keeping all responsibilities far...
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    Wargaming Seattle is Shutting Down

    my buddies and i were just talking about playing SC, again. sad. that game was like "oh you want crap tons of everything on the screen? well your PC cant handle it, but here you go!" that was like the Crysis 1 of the RTS world.
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    Tiny Particles Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

    I dont disagree, but if we were to take that mindset and give less attention to these projects, they'd be brushed away, not funded, snuffed out by competing big pharma, etc. More attention is never a bad thing. Even that dumbass ice bucket challenge resulted in some good for ALS.
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    Tiny Particles Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

    I've lost my dad, brother, 1 friend, and 1 friend's dad to glioblastoma. It's possibly the worst imaginable fate, dying to those damn things. There's absolutely little reason in my mind that if you're put into that situation, that you shouldnt be allowed to be a human trial. It's a hopeless...
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    Pentagon Cracks Down on Cell Phones

    we're apparently part of the same world, and this is what I was thinking when I read it, too. Either the AP didnt understand this, or this isnt news: "The memo, which was obtained by The Associated Press, largely clarifies current procedures and calls for stricter adherence to long-held...
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    BCon is BStupid

    j that was my first thought, and I came here to post this, but it seems several already agreed. I remember in 1st grade I had a friend who broke his arm, and the guy could outgame me with one hand, placing the controller flat on the ground. i have another paraplegic friend that im going to...
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    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    YES! this is what i was picturing. i was like "oh damn, I never did finish that, hell yea.... awwwww :("
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    U.S Identifies Suspect in Leak of CIA Hacking Tools

    so he's smart enough to create spy tools, research and code 0 day exploits, get hired into a TS program within the CIA, presumably has quite the past in tech.....and couldnt encrypt/hide some jpg files. makes total sense.
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    WTB: delid tool (coffee lake if it matters)

    well that didnt take long. somebody reached out, im good.
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    WTB: delid tool (coffee lake if it matters)

    I've done it before with a razor blade, and it's a miracle I didnt cut myself. Think I'll use a tool for this, going forward. I'm sure several of you have 3d printers, and there's free files available for delid tools. Market rate is ~$25. Anybody able to sell me a proven design for that...
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    'Biohacker' Who Injected Himself with DIY Herpes Treatment Found Dead

    ill go against the grain and say im glad people are dumb/brave (isnt that line usually separated by living or dying, anyway?) enough to be doing this. i mean.. yea.. we could have guessed this shit would end poorly. but look back at how many scientific breakthroughs were almost entirely due to...
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    Email Debt Forgiveness Day

    hahah, thats what I was thinking. I've been in IT since it was a reclusive geeky escape from reality as a young teen, and grown with it until it's now literally my professional identity and largely part of my social fabric and personal being. .....and I've never heard of keeping a stressful...
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    I usually find myself at odds with headlines discussing any mass volume of people, but uh.. bravo, in this case.
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    PSA: Amazon Raising Prime Annual Price to $119

    yea, but im not a big tv watcher, in all honesty. i didnt even realize the prime video was part of my prime for the first 3+ years i had it ;) i work 50-70 hour weeks on any given week, so even IF costco or somebody else local has the same stuff as amazon, at the same price or even 10% less...
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    PSA: Amazon Raising Prime Annual Price to $119

    i know hating the big dog is the vogue thing to do, especially with us early adopters of tech who feel special for being at the front of the line.. but.. amazon is totally worth it. their customer service is better than any retail store, their selection is like the modern Sears catalogue on...
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    MyEtherWallet Hacked Via BGP Hijacking

    isnt that par for the course for the average bitcoin investor? not miner, those guys at least have a basic grasp of what they're doing. but of the ~8 or so people I know who've purchased BTC, not a single one of them could tell me why, or what it does, and none of them owned any equities...
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    DICE Ending Monthly Support For Battlefield 1 in June

    i couldnt agree more with this entire post. i played the earlier Battlefields and even Modern Warfares (they WERE cool at one point, you have to admit) with actual soldiers prior to 2010 in Kuwait and Iraq. group grew to ~14 of us over the years after returning home. how many of us bought...
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    Hunt Showdown Roadmap Update

    you better stab them, or people will hear you ;)
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    Hunt Showdown Roadmap Update

    ok, i wont lie, your constant harking on this game made me buy it. ....and holy shit. guys, buy this. this is one of those experiences in gaming you dont want to miss out on. i cant even think of anything to compare it to. it's a slower paced shooter, until it's frantic. it's all about...
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    Facebook on Data Collection: You Agreed To It

    well, in most agreements, its not a permanent, lifelong, one-way street, is it? i know with my career, the handling of data, as well as the age of the data, is pretty important. i cant imagine that you can say "you can have all of my data, all the time, without me ever controlling it or...
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    Fed Up with GPU Prices? Crypto-Rig Builder Says Gamers Must Suck It Up and Mine

    i've been wondering about the whole console route, myself. and while the prices there will, in theory, be more attractive due to the fact the consoles are usually subsidized, they'll still feel the impact of NAND and GPU prices being rocketed. even if they arent using the same discrete cards...
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    Hardcoded Password Found in Cisco Software

    haha, i was wondering that. its now Password1234
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    Department of Homeland Security Not Very Secure

    ^^ thats exactly why i left security. i was a "security engineer" prior to "cyber" or "information assurance" being the latest buzzword title. the job went from the realm of jedi's, to the realm of CISSP's and checkboxes. its a complete shit show, today. when you have idiots running around...
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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    it took them decades to ban the commercials having a +50dB boost. im not terribly surprised they made this move waaaay after driving off the cliff of inevitability. i dont even know anybody in my social circles who have even had cable in the last 5 years.
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    Valve is Going to Start Shipping Games Again

    i think they're just waiting to release HL3 after 10+ year hiatus, much like the successful hype and game which was Duke Nukem Forever. right? right? anybody with me?...
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    You Might Have a 50/50 Chance to get Your Data Back if You Pay That Ransom

    pretty sure im not paying to decrypt some porn. everything important is in glacier and/or s3. hell, if i was hit with ransomware, it'd free up a lot of space after that reinstall...
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    Blackberry Seeks Injunction on Facebook For Patent Infringement

    asking for that much up front reminds me of my ex-wife's original settlement offer that asked for everything shy of my eternal soul.