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    COSMOS: Possible Worlds in 2019

    Still not Carl Sagan, Neil....
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    EA Says People Don’t Really Enjoy Linear Games as Much Today

    Uh....There are at least one million Divinity Original Sin 2 purchasers that would appear to disagree with this idiotic statement?
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    Amazon Is Refunding Purchases of Dodgy Eclipse Glasses

    I'm a victim as well. I got the email Saturday morning. Checked...yup FAKE. I went to the legitimate manufacturer's web site and they had a page that showed how to determine authenticity. The wife didn't really like the paper glasses anyway, and...
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    Lawsuits Suck for

    He plead's a story from just yesterday.
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    Drone That Flies Like A Bird?

    ^^^ This RC ornithopters have been around for a while and mimic a bird much better than that silly thing.
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    Electric Cars Must Make Noise By 2019

    It's called a fucking horn! Also, why try and stand in the way of natural selection? I own two hybrid cars.
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    Critical Flaws Let Attackers Hijack Cellular Phone Towers

    Hijack enough of them and ransom them back to the owner/operator?
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    Turkey Blocks Access To WikiLeaks

    Turkey is the next Iran.
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    Drone Pilot Arrested For Flying Over Wildfire In California

    If a ground vehicle gets damaged, worse case is it just won't run and can pull off the side of the road. The speeds of aircraft are much higher than ground vehicles thus items have much more inertia (and damage) if a collision were to take place. If an aircraft is can't just pull...
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    YouTube Gamers Caught In Gambling Row

    It's just desperate attempts at damage control.
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    Volvo Engineer Calls Tesla’s Autopilot A ‘Wannabe'

    "Look! ...a Volvo!" <covers brake>
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    Amazon Oculus Rift Bundle Shipping Before Pre-order Customers?

    Tech Newsflash: April 18, 2016 – Los Angeles The impending release of the Oculus Rift Virtual Rality (VR) headset has come upon a serious roadblock. A fatal flaw has been discovered during the final round of human trials with the new VR display unit. Oculus VR’s Chief Scientist Sven Omni...
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    Man Tests Real Hoverboard

    "I'm coming for you Rickey Booby".... If it's real, it's not practical yet. You would need at least five of something like these...burning fuel at the rate of about a gallon/minute. It's not going to be easy to setup and use either. Maintaining model turbines isn't for the faint of heart.
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    ROG Epic Delivers Full PC And Console Gaming To Mobiles

    No, it's indefinite with the suppository attachment.
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    Most Windows Security Flaws Mitigated By 'Removing Admin Rights'

    Duh... I've been telling everyone for years that most sure way to avoid getting hit with something is to use the computer without admin rights. I even show them how or set it up for them. Most of the time, they're too fucking lazy or stupid to be able to run in that way. I know, I...
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    Wikipedia Founder: All Internet Traffic To Be Encrypted Soon

    Link goes to a environmental story: "Eliminate air pollution and emissions by storing energy underground: Stanford researcher"
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    Firefighters Shoot Hoses At Drone

    THIS It's unsafe and illegal (beyond LOS and altitude). Assholes like this are ruining the hobby!
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    Gaming Rig of the Day

    Ignore me ^^^^ I looked at the YT page (Duh). Elite Dangerous.
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    Gaming Rig of the Day

    What game is that?
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    iPhone Ring Tones Remixed

    Sort of funny...someone left their iPhone at work last night and the alarm has been going-off all morning with this tune. Coincidence? I think's a conspiracy! :eek:
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    Shooting An AK-47 Underwater At 27,450fps

    It's just a flesh wound...
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    Gates: Microsoft Bob Will Make A Comeback

    I will sue them for giving my name a bad name.
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    Ten Years Ago Today: [H] Wedding

    ...and she looks completely different with clothes on.
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    Grumpy Cat Gets Movie Deal

    Why, because it's not you? :rolleyes: You and I both know we'd take the money if we had a cute pet to exploit. I applaud the pet owners that were able to capitalize on their pet's 15 minutes of shows intelligence and resourcefulness. Hollywood on the other hand....:confused:
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    Maxis: 'We Could Have Built An Offline Mode' In SimCity

    Okay, if you play an offline hack/crack err... offline, explain to me just how EA will patch that out? Back at you genius...:rolleyes:
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    Mancave of the Day

    Virgin Cave®
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    U.S. Attorney Issues Statement On Aaron Swartz Case

    So the moral of the story remains: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". Fucking selfish coward.
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    World's First Digital Beer Bottle Cap

    Dumbest thing I've seen in a long time.
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    Microsoft's Major Breakthrough In Speech Translation Technology

    The hell with that...I want holo-suites :D
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    FS: NIP Crucial 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 (10 Available)...

    For Sale: Crucial 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 5300 Memory CT12864AA667. $15 each shipped or $125 shipped for all ten. I have ten (10) of these available due to a customer changing their mind. All of these are brand new and unopened. Paypal only. CONUS only. No trades please. I have...
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    Most Horrifying Video Ever

    They're shooting fire and ice...but that's not important. It's not what they're doing, it's what they ARE. They're supposed to be dragons...big ferocious dragons with big sharp nasty teeth! :D
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    Water Cooled Wii

    I guess I should have posted it as "whyy" for those of lesser "capacity". ;)
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    Water Cooled Wii

    Why? ;)
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    Turmoil Brings Out 'Hacktivists' Attacks on Web

    Nothing new....the hacktivists and hacktivism terms have been around for years in the information assurance/security business.
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    Wikipedia Bans Scientology IPs

    Man...Tom Cruise is going to be pissed! Lookout! :D