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    FS: Dell D6000 Docking Station, 10gb NICs, quad port 1gb NIC

    Are you out of all docking stations?
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    WiFi disconnects and reconnects quickly

    I have it set to a single channel and it still did it.
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    WiFi disconnects and reconnects quickly

    the weird part is all 3 of my android run different android os lol. Even when I get the no internet message or see the icon disconnect and reconnect my internet is working fine since it happens so quickly. I’ve Google so many hours and no one has had the same issue.
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    WiFi disconnects and reconnects quickly

    I am having this extremely weird issue here is my home network setup. I have the att nvg589 modem/router combo. I had an ASUS ac68u wired into to my modem. the nvg589 WiFi radios are disabled so i can use the better WiFi radio from the ac68u. ASUS routers are set to access point It has...
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    Hi to address your points - my qpi is less than 8000mt/s. It’s around 5000 - i am trying to run my ram at 1600mhz which is the rated speed of the ram. And I’m running the uncore at 2x as recommenced by people with same chip and motherboard - qpi volt is at 1.35. It appears to be more stable...
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    ram already running very high voltage at 1.66
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    My ram are running at 1.66 even though the kit says 1.5v CPU Ratio: 25 BLCK: 160 PCIE: 100 DRAm Freq: 1604 UCLK: 3207 (double) QPI: 5774 (set to lowest) CPu Volt: 1.3 Cpu PLL: 180 QPI: 1.33 (1.35 now since it just crashed with 1.33) RAM Voltage: 1.66 Everything else on auto. Ram timings ran...
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    sorry it was suppose to say 4ghz.
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    sorry it was suppose to say 4ghz.
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    really? I did a a lot of reading before i set it to 4ghz most people with the chip did 4ghz easily with lower voltages than me. I was under the impression that it should be easy to hit 4ghz
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    Sorry it was suppose to say 4ghz. i run a bit of everything For several hours . With prime95 i ran about 8 hours
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    BSOD help driver_IRQL

    Hello, im running x5690 and having this bsod occur randomly. I've ran multiple different oc stress test and they all pass fine. memtest was ran for 9 hours. i read error code ending in d1 has to do with dram/qpi voltage and ive been upping that. was at 1.33 and it bsod so now im at 1.35 I...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    yea I’ve set it like that. I haven’t really tested anything beyond 3.8ghz. Basically i inputted some numberS i believe is reasonable and did some test and the machine seems stable. I just don’t have a want to tweak anything right now to get more performance. i never seen my pc temperate below...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Yea I’ve ran cinebench and plus many others just to get the low 3.8ghz lol the ability to multitask more program is a plus for this new 6 core. I don’t think I’ll raise my Vcore as high as yours lol. I’m not ready for a new potential oc yet. Lol
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Yea i could probably go higher if i did more testing but testing takes hours if not days lol I’m prettty satisfy with my performance gains right now and i only upgradeD to play around during these covid times. Maybe when i get bored I’ll tinker more. The 4ghz number looks nicer than 3.8. Lol 😋...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Ok cool. I’m just using this pc and waiting for a worthy upgrade when new cpu are much better lol been eying every new generation of cpu but the increases in performance just wasn’t enough to warrant a full system upgrade when my system could still chug along well.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I did the same ram setting and settled for the higher 1650 memory benchmark shows higher score and also on gta v i get higher fps. I ran the tests multiple times so I’m not imagining it
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I was asking that because I’m currently running the x5690. With bclk of 165 with my multiplier at 23 for cpu to get 3.8ghz in my ram setting in bios. I was able to set the dram frequency to 1650 (instead of 1320). as one of the dram frequency options on the menu. It was like the 2nd ram option...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    bro. I have did the same upgrade month had my i7 920 max oc at 3.6 and ran ran at below stock speed. and couldn’t get it higher. Upgraded to the x5690 andcurrently running at 3.8 at stick speeds. I haven’t pushed it further because I’m running it at least 15 c cooler than when i has the i7...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Couldn’t you just up your dram frequency in the setting to as close to 1600 as possible
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    Malwarebytes Update Released to Fix High CPU and Memory Usage

    Same here. Luckily it fixed quickly by updating it.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Possible cpu bottleneck with gtz770 and Saints row iv

    Im getting the same fps as a 650ti based on the benchmark that Hardocp has run for saints row iv. What is puzzling me is that, i get the same fps, no matter what graphics setting the game is at. On ultra or on low i dip to low 25 fps in certain areas. Can someone help?
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    i like the low noise design.
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    2GB VRAM is not simply enough. (sorry 670/680 owners)

    DEBUNKED BY KYLE. Thread closed.
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    do you have any code for tera left

    do you have any code for tera left
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    gtxc 570 2 slot cooler

    what is a good 2 slot cooler for a gtx 570 that's quiet and cools well? All i see are 3 slot coolers.
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    NVIDIA Adaptive VSync Technology Review @ [H]

    Man i just tested adaptive vysnc. And the mouse lag issue with vsync is still there. Guess ill stick with vsync off.
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    EVGA improves warranty...

    Does this mean that i can claim warranty if i lost my receipt? Or do i still need to provide a copy of the invoice. I bought gtx 570 last July and lost my receipt and forgot to registered too.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I need a galaxy card to run new games
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    Overclocking confusion

    So i've been getting back to OCing my system with my new ram. Every time i bump up my clock speed, My cpu temperature has been dropping. Does this make any sense? I'm using Realtemp and speedfan to monitor my temperature. My room temperature has been the same. It was around 80 degrees ish...
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    I like the low noise cooling on the frozr line.
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    i like xfx because they do double warranty! More warranty power!
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    Bad Black Ops peformance with i7, GTX 480

    It runs like shit on a dual core cpu too. Its really cpu intensive. Mw2 runs much better than this game.
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    A good card for playing BF3 at a high framerate?

    I never get how people ask questions about a game that isn't released yet. How would anyone on this forum know what kind of card you would need? Might as well just buy the latest and greatest if you are even asking this type of question. This seems like a troll thread.
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    GTX 260 vs. 8800 GT

    My gtx 260 is still rocking every game pretty good. Not max but good enough to look at.
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    PNY GTX580 XLR8 and after-market cooler: voids warranty?

    Pny has been pretty good to me. Replaced an 8800gt for a9800gt 1 gb version.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    The card's sweet cooling makes it nice and quiet if i cna get it for my comp!
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    FS: GTX 260 Black Edition, Silverstone 1000w PSU, 2x 300GB Velociraptor HDD

    do these come with the double lifetime warranty?
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    WTB gts 250

    looking to buy a gts 250 for a good price.