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    24volt power to fan, need to quiet it down

    Run two 12 volt fans in series.
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    An Interesting Idea: An iPod Slot

    Call it the.......iBay :D
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    Motherboard Monitor 5 and New Boards

    No problem.......I didn't realy spend a lot of time on this, so you may still run into problems, doing it this way. Temps will be harder to validate, but voltages are not a problem as long as you have a multi-meter handy.
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    Motherboard Monitor 5 and New Boards

    Even thow your board may not be supported, the sensor chip might. You can edit the various .ini files to get MBM5 to report the correct readings. Have a look here..... ....and...
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    SystemCooling + AC

    So chances are good, if this block was paired with a better pump and a bigger rad, it would perform at a higher level.
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    SystemCooling + AC

    Been following this thread for a while...... Correct me if I'm wrong......But did the AC just get beat out by an XP-120 with a 12v L1A ??? And $300 cheeper ;)
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    "black box"

    That one uses a standard 3/4 inch video tape, you should be able to judge the size by that. for "avionics box" on ebay, you might come up with something that fits your needs.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    More Getto Lovin for you guys :p Introducing.........the Getto Air Tunnel and the Getto Cannons :D
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    Quick Question: Copper and Brass cause corrosion?

    Here is some great info on corrosion for those intrested. In particular look at Page 2-3 para 2.6.2 and Page 2-10 Figure 2-16.
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    How to cool a hot home computer room?

    I'm in Tucson with pretty much the same setup, 4 rigs in a small room...... I just got one of those cheep box fans and put it in the window, turn the fan on during the day, and at night I turn it off and pull the blinds so not a lot of cold air comes in. Seems to keep the room about 72f all...
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    *** The Official [H]ard ORB ***

    Here is another PCMark05 score for ya :D Just wanted to help fill up the top 10 :p
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    In search of a review

    Not a review, but if you down load Throttle Watch you can find out when your CPU starts to throttle.
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    On or Off

    Back in the PIII days some of the old Alpha heatsinks pulled air up.
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    Microsoft Xbox 360 @ [H]

    What type of wireless adapter is required to hook into your home network? Is it propriatary?
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    I want your opinions and feedback

    I like your reviews and find them very informative, however, I don't own an AMD based system. It would be nice to see the numbers with a high end Intel rig. I realize this would double the work load required for a review if you were to show how the cards performed on two different systems. I...
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    anything more powerful than this 120mm?

    If you can find one......this might do the trick ;)
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    Odd problem with Prescott

    Grab this little program Throttle Watch Run it for a while and you should be able to tell when your CPU starts to throttle. Then try and find a cooling solution that will keep below the throttle point.
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    I know Al is bad in a loop with copper, but... didn't have to read the whole thing! :p Topcat989, that is true, distilled water and a good additive can prevent a lot of problems.
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    I know Al is bad in a loop with copper, but...

    True, I was just suggesting that if you had a particuler cooling device in mind and it was only made in Aluminum, then an all Aluminum system might be an option. :)
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    I know Al is bad in a loop with copper, but...

    You could probably include HD Coolers with a copper system if they are anodized, or for that matter, with todays water block designs I'm sure you could put together a great system using all aluminum parts. There is some good stuff out there now days.
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    I know Al is bad in a loop with copper, but...

    Have a look at this document, In particular look at Page 2-10 Figure 2-16. What the chart is showing, is that the farther apart the metals are, the more likely they are to have some corrosive reaction in the presence of an electrolite. Link
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    Show off your Heatsink thread

    The CPU's are 3.2Ghz Xeon Irwindales running at 3.5 and 218 FSB. The heatsinks are stock passive versions. I made a mistake when ordering the processors, I ment to get the active cooled ones but it turned out to my advantage because the passive heatsinks are a little bigger. I just had to figure...
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    Show off your Heatsink thread

    Here's 1.6 KG of copper love'in for ya. :D Don't mind the getto fan retention devices :rolleyes: Yes thats green gardening wire holding the fans on. :p
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    ?? About Mountain Mod's...?

    You are entitled to your am I I believe the finish is superb, and has a number of advantages over a painted case. Powder coating is very hard which makes it less susceptible to scratches and chips.
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    ?? About Mountain Mod's...?

    You guys do realize that they are powder coated not painted.
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    ?? About Mountain Mod's...?

    Here is a review that has some better pictures.
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    help me find specs on these fans

    for the Papst for the Nidec's For the Delta see page 22 For the NMB...
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    AGP voltage and overclocking, facts or fiction?

    This thread may help you out a little.
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    How much can I expect to overclock with this setup?

    Stock, this board runs great but overclocking is a little lack luster. Here's a review for ya
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    ok so i made a mistake...

    This page shows a small picture of the two types
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    show me your dust case.

    Used to be in England, worked the MH-53M. Now I'm out in Tucson working The HH-60G.
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    show me your dust case.

    I think you got me beat. :p
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    Thermalright si-97 for socket 370?

    Here is a shot with the ALX-800 and Panaflo 80mm instaled
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    Thermalright si-97 for socket 370?

    I'm running dual 1.26 Tualatins @ 1.40, temps are 48-50c full load. I was running them with the older SK6+ which kept them at 52-54c full load I got a few pic's somewere, let me find them and I'll post them up so you can see how tight everything is.
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    Thermalright si-97 for socket 370?

    If your going to use it on that MSI board you may run into clearance issues with the video card and any fans that are mounted in the back if your case. I have the same MSI board and I’m running 2 ALX-800’s with 80mm panflo’s and it’s a very tight squeeze
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    Our First - Velocity Micro @ 4GHz

    I just checked out their web site and got the specs for the “Velocity Raptor 64 DualX”. Their as listed price is $3795 Going to NewEgg and putting together the exact same system it only cost $2780 – windows and shipping. Oh, and that’s with all retail parts so all the bundled software is...
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    P4C800-E droop & vdimm mod

    A friend of mine should be able to help you out, he hasen't done any in a while but I'm sure he will have some info. :cool:
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    Just how important is the Power Supply?

    Here's a guide that might help a little. :) Linky
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    I putting holes in glass possible?

    This link might help you out. :D
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    Changing fans in Power Supply.

    I did a really basic guide over here……It might be of some help. :)