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    best recent(ish) co-op games

    Thanks for linking to Co-Optimus guys! (that's my site) :)
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    Halo 2 Vista

    No, it was officially delayed until the 22nd by Microsoft. If anyone is interested in a review I wrote it up over on Evil Avatar.
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    New Vista beta drivers in the next few days

    That's cool. I wonder if they are going to fix the issue where the fan runs at high speed using Aero.
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    Socket 939 Alliance Recognition

    Wow. That's awesome. Good to see them recognizing a large consumer base (even in the hardcore market) is still out there.
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    Watch the AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Sell on ebay

    If it had a flux capacitor, I'd be all over it.
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    FS: Athlon 64 3200+, BFG 6800GT OC, Motherboard

    After upgrading I got this stuff to sell. Would like to sell as a package. Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 NForce 3 Ultra Mobo (Retail) AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (Retail) BFG 6800GT OC 256mb/AGP 8x Video Card (Retail) Antec Ultra Quiet Powersupply (I believe 400W) Most items are still under warranty...
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    Xbox360 wired controller and Vista x64 problem

    There's an updated driver available via Windows update. Make sure you snag that.
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    Microsoft Live Nowhere

    my guess is Live Anywhere will be announced at GDC in a few weeks.
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    WTB: AMD64 X2 4800+ (939)

    Been going crazy trying to find one. Prefer retail, and less than $250. Entertaining trades as well. Have a 6800GT AGP card and Mobo that I can offer.
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    I'm in. I have 3200+ right now but I'm looking for a 4800+. If anyone can point me to where one is in stock for a decent price I'd appreciate it! :)
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    NVidia XP Drivers on Media Center

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    Gamefly... or should I say USPS?

    Getting to me...usually no. Getting back to them. Yes. I've had 2 games that were never received by them. No idea why.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    blank for me too. First no no coupon?!? Those bastards.
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    Trusty Bell (jRPG Xbox 360)

    the best thing about this game is all the music is Chopin. In fact, I believe Chopin is part of the story somehow. Very cool!
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    So this is the "XBoy"

    It's a music player, not a gaming device. It was never going to play games...ever.
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    Help me make a Xbox live name!

    TheHardHupo HupoThePanda Pandalamadingdong Hupohopahomerang
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    Table Tennis

    I really don't see this working on the Wii because it's just so damn fast. I know I can't play TT in real life like what's happening in the game, which is basically what you'd be doing with the Wii! I'm really impressed with the game so far, I just wish it wasn't so damn hard to unlock the...
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    Faceplate Face-Off @ [H] Console

    There's also the Nyko Gameface option for the customizable. It's kinda cheap but they give you a ton of sheets with it to print on. I'm sticking with my Gears of War one for now. :)
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    Oblivion Collectors Ed. Coin

    Hope you don't mind Elios.... :) -bap
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    Raiden 3 on PC. Great fun but problem

    OH MAN. I didn't know they had Raiden 3! I LOVED Raiden 2. 70 bucks though. :(
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    BF2:MC xbox 360 - point in ranking up?

    In the multiplayer I don't think you gain weapon unlocks, but you do in the single player part of it.
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    Obliv quest help: Canvas the Castle

    Yeah, the rug thing got me too.
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    Ageia's PhysX Needs a Killer App @ [H] Enthusiast

    Completely underwhelmed by the cell factor video. It was just to chaotic and pointless looking. And the Ghost Recon video is a sham. The PhysX explosion looks exactly like it does on the 360...and I imagine that's how it'll look on PC as well. I've yet to see anything cool. They need to...
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    Oblivion - xbox vs pc

    Pretty much the same thing for me. Framerate for me is much more solid on the XBox as opposed to on my PC. Hopefully in 6 months I"ll upgrade the PC and switch over to that.
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    PlayStation 3 Games to Require Hard Drive

    Yes it would...unfortunately...Sony is dumb...this is all about Blu-Ray.
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    Xbox 360 Update: 3/03/06

    You mean the one coming from Rock Star right? :)
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    Program to see Voltage?

    My bios doesn't specifically tell me what voltage i'm running the memory at. I can only set it +.1 or +.2. Does anyone know of a program to let me know what I'm running at?
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    PSP with 8gb built in ??!!

    I think the quote is wrong. NAND memory is measured in Giga-bits. 16Gb chips are top right now.
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    Save $5, Geometry Wars Free for PC!

    Not bad. Something just doesn't feel quite right.
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    Eddie Bauer Outlet Sale + Extra 30% Off thru 20th

    Thanks man...I've been needing some new slippers!
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Just wanted to mention I finally solved the issue. I had to use the Arconis True Image instead of Migrate Easy and it worked like a charm.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Any idea where I can get a CD version of that? WD site doesn't have it. I tried the Ultimate Boot CD which claims to have it, but it doesn't load off of it. :( What a friggin hassle this has been.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Thanks...I'll give that a try!
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Can't even get into Safe mode it hangs at the same screen. I tried booting up in ERD Commander 2003 and I dont see anything in the event log. I guess I'm just going to have to start fresh with everything, unless someone has another idea.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    OK, so I'm trying to go from my 80 WD IDE drive to a WD 250 GIG SATA drive. I use the Acronis Migrate Easy Trial to clone the drive over and resize the partitions. That part works fine. I set the Serial ATA drive to be the boot drive and remove the old WD drive. The computer boots up ok...
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    Halo 2 to be Vista only

    it's true. MS released a press release minutes ago. check it out.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Not sure what Steve did but my screen only cost around 45 bucks to build. Basically you just stretch blackout cloth over a frame of 1x3's. Blackout cloth is what is used to line curtains to keep the light out. Works like a charm.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Nope, got it off Ebay. There's a few different ones out therej, solid metal construction. Run about $20.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Here's some pics from my Theater Full size pics on my site.