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    AMD X2 Motherboard Recommendations

    I just put together a system with an Asus M3N78-PRO and 2.3ghz X2 EE 4400. So far I'm stable at 2.95ghz with stock cooling and a mild voltage increase, FSB at 257mhz. Has HDMI output for fancy setups and comes with a dongle for DVI and a bracket for VGA. The board is 105$ at newegg, will...
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    brightness sliders that don't work

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    can't quite get 2.2ghz

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    how many don't use floppies?

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    333mhz iMac overclocking

    Heya, I posted a while back about some iMac's at a school where I work that were going to be junked since they had busted CD-ROM's (the cost of repair being higher than the value of the iMac's). I managed to get 'em going again using standard CD-ROM's, and was given one of the iMac's in...
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    older g3 iMac's, CD-ROM replacement

    Heya. I'm working at a Mac only school for a while. They've got a bunch of older G3 iMac's some graphites, most a step down (not quite as old as original iMac's) that they're using to set up mini-labs in classrooms They've got at least four of these machines that have busted CD-ROM's, and...
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    massive 9800 problem, help would be appreciated

    Thanks for the advice, but the fan is running fine, the heatsink is attached properly, and I've tried different molex connectors (on both machines). I'm pretty good at the elimination game :). I'm really stumped as to why it keeps restarting the VPU when I reboot after driver installs. All I...
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    massive 9800 problem, help would be appreciated

    Heya. I noticed my 9800 Pro was artifacting when I was playing Doom 3 (hard to explain, but flickering around edges and the like). Warcraft 3 had the problem to a much lesser degree when looking at 'fog of war'. Halo also had the problem (to the same extent Doom 3 did), but other games (UT2004...
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    Project: Ego

    Sorry, the start is happening slow --I don't want to just post pictures of some cut panels I've cut and parts I've got ready, and that's all I have since I had to start rebuilding my deck (rotted :| ) right after I started this project ;). As soon as I have enough done that pictures will give...
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    Overvolting fans possible? If so how.

    There's actually a HardOCP article that says how to do this, way back in the Pentium 2 / Celeron A days (for some reason I think the article was about Pentium 2 HSF's though). Erik
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    How much hardware have you fried?

    Surprisingly few things, given the amount of systems I build and how all of my personal systems get overclocked. I watched as a friend fried my p3-550e (which was an awesome overclocker, I had it up to 792mhz) by using it to test his asus slocket card. For stuff I personally killed...
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    Is Removable Motherboard Tray that Important?

    I don't buy cases without trays. At the very least a removeable mobo tray makes it much easier to install a HSF on the CPU. It makes pretty much every other hardware change easier too. Erik
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    Project: Ego

    June 3rd, 2004: Materials Got some of the major materials for my case project. -3ft x 4ft sheet of acrylic -6ft of L-shaped aluminum -two sawhorses (I ran out of work tables. This seemed like a good solution) -four clamps I already have all tools needed, except for some dremel rotary...
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    my computer wont turn on normally, only by the powersupply trick..~HELP!~

    I'm sure you've checked but just in case you haven't: you've got the power button connected to the right motherboard leads, yah? Check to make sure you don't have any shorts. Probably not a short if you can get it to turn on with the trick you mentioned, but could be the floppy drive being...
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    The ever-uber FireWire!

    I've got a USB 2.0 hard drive, and while it's nice it's not quick enough that I'd want to use it as an application drive. Works great for data though, and it's an invaluable tool for tech support (since it's backwards compatible with USB 1.0 and doesn't require drivers on 2000+) I've only...
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    7.7 sec boot time??

    They can't delete the thread, because we're still waiting for the video. Erik
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    The ever-uber FireWire!

    Firewire, like USB 2.0, is a device interface with a high transfer rate. In practice, fire wire and USB 2.0 are about the same for performance. In theory I think USB 2.0 edges firewire out a bit, but I'd have to double-check things. It's nice to have both, however, because there are plenty...
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    thank god i use a P4

    My motherboard just turns the system off if it's overheating, so I suppose my Athlon would have been safe. A fan quitting on a heatsink is not the same thing as a heatsink falling off, when it comes to thermal dissipation. but since you guys're having so much fun with the pro-intel: Of...
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    Fry's is illegal!

    Fry's is people! IT'S PEOPLE! Erik
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    Please dont flame me.

    Those new apple towers run really quiet, and there's just something cool about watching the fans inside speed up and slow down as you use the computer. I'd love to buy some of those (fans, or computers;)). Erik
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    How safe is OCing?

    Looks to me like someone tried to overclock their house. Erik
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    a must for all lanners

    The real question is (at least for me): how many keypresses can the keyboard simultaneously register before it doesn't accept any more? That's the only thing I really care about when I buy a new keyboard, myself. Definitely nice and small though! Erik
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    Please dont flame me.

    Got a fanless PSU? I ask simply because if you do this (and there is no reason to assume it wouldn't work, with a big enough heatsink and a low enough underclock + voltage drop), you're just going to end up going 'GEEZ I never noticed how loud the PSU fan was before'. :). Erik
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    USB headsets hinder performance?

    All the USB sound devices I've tried don't use your sound card (some do, I'm sure, just not the ones I've tried). Despite being really good quality, that's caused big performance hits, so I stay away from them. Erik
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    fedex just came, pc parts arrived (pics)

    Building PC's is always fun, even if you don't get to keep them. Erik
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    What to do with PIII 450mhz?

    replace p3-450 with slocket + 1ghz-ish celeron, and you could do any number of respectable things with it :). If you want to leave it the way it is: -use it to learn linux -use as a webserver -use as a fileserver -use as a game-server -use as a print server -word processing box (I...
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    My friend needs to know..

    Sadly I don't have a PSU in the system with a K7SEM, or I'd pop a barton into it and let you know if it worked on that board. Chances are there are some older Socket A SDRAM mobos you could find that can support a Barton, but I don't know how hard you'll have to look. And performance will...
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    Wow - clicky! - Boomer Speed

    *plays 'Eye of the Tiger'* Erik
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    built a prescott system, need help

    If he's running the display at 800x600, won't that look bad on the LCD? Unless I suppose the native resolution is 1600x1200, in which case I would assume (key word being assume) that things would 'double up' alright. Erik
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    7.7 sec boot time??

    Still no video? I wanna see that boot :). Erik
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    pIII 750/256/100/1.65v s1 vs. pIII 600/512/100/2.05v s1

    If it's a coppermine you can overclock it nicely, period. Use the coppermine. Full speed cache vs half speed cache, runs cooler, faster at the same clock speed, and it's already got a 150mhz lead on that katmai p3-600 Erik
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    No really, how many frames would I get.

    Why not just nab the demo and try it out? Though if you don't have broadband, that wouldn't be pleasant. The demo ran well on my tbred @ 2.1ghz with 1gb of memory and a Ti4200, at 800x600 with medium detail. Playable at 1024x768 but I don't like slowdowns very much. Haven't tried it since...
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    Can your [H]ware [H]ang with D3?

    After Quake 3, I can't say I'm all that excited about Doom 3. But I'm guessing for a nicely performing system: 2ghz+ 9800/equivalent+ 1gb memory + Erik
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    failed overclock

    It's called the hardforum, and it's be a cold dark day in hell when you aren't allowed to come here asking questions about overclocking. Zeke, if 3.0@3.4 doesn't work, start with small steps, and definitely try running your memory at a lower speed. Erik
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    whats your next major upgrade?

    My rig is: A7N8X, barton @ 2.3ghz / 200mhz FSB 1gb DDR, @ 5-2-2-2 / 150mhz GeForce 4 Ti-4200 21" flat trinitron CRT 2x 7200rpm 80gb int 1x 7200rpm 80gb ext 24x burner I'm going to build myself a custom case before I do anything else, but when the next gen video cards hit stores I'll...
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    Smoke comming from case is bad right?

    Computers stop working when you let the magic smoke out :|. Replace PSU, sounds like that's all it was. Hopefully it didn't take anything with it. Erik
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    How safe is OCing?

    Just worth mentioning, OCing used to always increase the AGP/PCI bus speeds, and that didn't stop us from overclocking back then. That said, OCing is greatly dependant on whether or not your motherboard was made with the enthusiast in mind. Being able to adjust the FSB is just the start. Erik
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    Maximum voltage

    I don't go above 1.85, mostly because I find that with air cooling higher voltage than means too much heat for the CPU, and it becomes counter productive for overclocking. Usually I don't even find 1.85 is better than 1.8, but it doesn't stop me from trying it :). Erik
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    How much "life" is taken by OCing

    I have not yet had a CPU die from overclocking. I'm sure 'extreme' overclocking (with very high voltages) reduces CPU life, but even then I would be extremely surprised to see such a CPU die after even five years. It's too bad I didn't leave my OC'd 486 running as a fileserver or something...