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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    XFX 6800XT MERC319 on release day on Amazon, 3070 FE a few months later on BB for a build for a friend, and a PS5 and Series X in June.
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    something big is coming (amd)

    Please let it be working drivers...
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    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    I was in line at Shopblt as well and contacted sales to find out if the line was moving. I had ordered a 5900X and they hadn't shipped one since 11/6. This was back in early March. I was able to get one via AMD so canceled my BLT. I suspect they haven't shipped anything of the newer items as...
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    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    Linus Tech Tips did a really good video on this a few weeks ago. The truth of the matter is that they are pumping out cards pretty close to on schedule. However, COVID created an unprecedented demand for PCs. PC sales the last few years have been flat, at best. The last 18 months has seen a 20%...
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    5600X vs 5900X VR in Elite Dangerous

    Finally got my 5900X from and installed it a few weekends ago. I've had some time in VR in Elite Dangerous and wanted to update folks on a few questions that have been going around. In truth I wanted the 5900 just for this setup (I've got a full controller setup so I've already invested...
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    Best way to remove cooler on AM4?

    Yes you put way too much on. Twist each direction 90 degrees, then slide the block off (whichever direction you have the most clearance). The goal is to remove as much surface contact as possible. If you can, "unscrew" it (turn one direction while lightly lifting). Note this method won't...
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    Be careful with AMD direct guys and gals

    My 5900X was fine.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    I agree with most of this sentiment, but truth be told my XFX Merc is crushing my 2080, it's a 6800XT built out to 6900 board specs. Even with the premium price I think it will hold its own over the lifetime I own it.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    Yeah since we didn't have benchmarks, just looking at the cards I wanted the XFX or Powercolor, I accidentally got it right. I have noticed it seems to be getting easier to get CPUs. Anyone else see better GPU accessibility?
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    So my XFX Merc 319 RX 6800 XT (that's a mouthful) I was lucky enough to grab on release day finally arrived yesterday. My rig is built (with a 3800 while I wait for my 5000 chips to arrive) and ready for CP'77. The card is huge. While it's stable I went ahead and ordered a brace to prop up the...
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    Nice, that was the other one I wanted. My XFX is showing as arriving on Thursday but hasn't actually shipped yet, so fingers crossed.
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    USB-c on 6800XT

    I'm planning to use the one on mine for the internal PC system monitor. Other than what's listed above, no, not really.
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    HP Reverb G2

    I bought the O+ last Christmas when it was $240 and use it almost exclusively for Sim. It works great and I'm building a new PC this year (well trying anyway) to really push the visuals and fidelity. I saw the G2 pop up and thought I'd take a look at it. I don't really care about controllers...
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    Thank you. I try not to say too much, but when I do, I try to make it count. Now if we could get our politicians to do that... Cheers!
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    Now this does not surprise me at all. Apple has enough cash to pretty much buy anyone they choose to, and with upcoming releases and holdiay shopping, seeing them tie up shipping channels should be an expected outcome. It's probably not been noticeable until this year.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    I've been on and off the forums for a while as a lurker, never posted. I don't like to post "brag" crap, but I am one of the handful of folks who got the XFX AIB card yesterday on Amazon (I'm voter #9 on the poll). Truth be told it was pure luck, and I'm as surprised by anyone I got one. I've...