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    How easy would it be to do?
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    Will the GPU fit in the case?

    How thick is that card?
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    Will the GPU fit in the case?

    Will EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC Gaming, 08G-P5-3663-KL, 8GB GDDR6, Metal Backplate, LHR fit AKLLA A3 SFF Small Aluminum Mimi-ITX Case - Front Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen2 ) - 208mm GPU and 120/140 AIO RGB Liquid Cooler Supports - Pcie 3.0 Riser Cable Include (a3 max)? amazon has the sdame title to...
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming, 12G-P5-3657-KR, 12GB GDDR6, Dual-Fan, Metal Backplate. id the site it is on legit?
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    Any black versions anywhere???
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    A case the same size with atleast 1 USB front IO?

    Can you help with that then?
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    A case the same size with atleast 1 USB front IO?

    Will this fit in the case in the first post?
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    A case the same size with atleast 1 USB front IO? or should I just plug a USB extender?
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    What Ryzen CPUs can this cool sufficiently?

    What a odd system they came up with.
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    What Ryzen CPUs can this cool sufficiently?

    If the chip is not 105w why would AMD's site say that , got me all exited. The TDP system needs a refresh.
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    What Ryzen CPUs can this cool sufficiently?

    130w on the cooler is wrong then, I wissh the TDP scale was better. I am wanting a Ryzen 9 5900/50x in a SG05 with no underclocking/volting required, any smaller coolers that can handle that CPU as it comes? Or any short cases that can fit a bigger cooler?
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    What Ryzen CPUs can this cool sufficiently?

    be quiet! Shadow Rock LP, BK002, 130W TDP, CPU Cooler, Low Profile
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    A shoenox case that will git a Scythe Fuma 2 CPU Air Cooler, Intel LGA1151, AMD AM4/Ryzen, 120mm Dual Towers, Black Top Cover.

    Really a SG05 would be great. but since the PSU goes on top, that won't work. A Ryzen 9 5900x would be awesome in a short case.
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    Mod the Velka 7?

    How easy would it be to face the GPU where the IO faces the back of the case?
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    Any sandwich style cases with the Pu (SFX) by the MB?

    the PSU infront of the MB is just so odd IMO. Lian Li Q58 Mini ITX Chassis Review
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    TiVO Edge for cable?

    Does TiVO Edge for Cable upscale to HD?
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    3rd party KiaOS app store? is that a good safe one? The installing sounds abit scary.
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    Which is better? phone&qid=1630641987&sr=8-4&fbclid=IwAR2IAXjL8mh81BcxhcEQO1DZZBY5Qt6vXhT9pOAD7jfixY_I5e6nkVNNw1o or...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor, a good air cooler?

    Wraith Max Cooler is that a good 1? Have no intention of overclocking.
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    Does MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC, AMD Ryzen 7 2700 4.1 GHz support TPM?

    Windows 11 will require it, I am holding off on the upgrade as long as I can though.
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    How thick does a sandwich PC case need to be?

    I was thinking of putting the gpu flat under the MB, like the NCase.
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    How thick does a sandwich PC case need to be?, is 4 inches enough for a MB & a GPU?
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    Am I nuts? I have a idea, to get a old C128 case, empty it {even the keyboard if possible} & put a mini ITX, a duel GPU & small sized psu in it to have a portable upgradable PC/ Thought about making it tall as the C64 so a...
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    Which is the better OTA DVR?

    Tivo or Tablo?
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    A good membrane keyboard? (The k is going on this 1)

    I found
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    RVZ02 question.

    Just a RVZ02 question. so silverstone made it 15 inches wide, if it was 5 tall that is clearly wide enough to lay a sfx on its side in the back. Wonder why they didn't?
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    Wgat do you think?

    Ik I have 2 drives 1 a HDD, linux is on that, but won't boot just a black screen, can't type, left it for 20ish min. same. WD diagnostic says it passed both textsm windiws funds ni errors & Crystal Disk says it is good. No idea, it was fine yesterday morning.
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    Which is better? Same price.
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    A case lile the SG05, but.

    With the PSU on the opposite side of the MB laying on its side? Like the JHack Pure x only for SFX psus?
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    Manjaro, user friendly like Solus?

    I used SuSE also, yes I loved YaST, 1 great util was the boot config. I loved that you could go in to save grub/lilo anywhere you wanted, back in the floppy days I saved it to disk, incase I had to reinstall Windows, so I could boot to linux & go put it back onto the drive. Now I have Linux on...
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    Manjaro, user friendly like Solus?

    Bigger community, more software. Really I am ok here just wondering if Manjaro has any pros over Solus? Well besides those 2 things.
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    DAN C4-SFX

    Where will the PSU be, back on 1 side of the MB?
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    Manjaro, user friendly like Solus?

    Well I use to use Mint, but moved to Solus because it is rolling. I want something easy to use & just wonder if Manjaro is better then Solus? I do like how Solus does screenshots where you can cut out a spot in the screen. Anyway, it isn't easy to break is it?
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    Old Core2 duo, could it?

    Just wondering if I ever wanted to could I build a streaming machine? Android would be nice, but google doesn't do android pc (kind of wonder why, I bet it would be used). Win10 will have to do, can you get a Windows 10 S key? Well I would need to find a mITX MB & ram for it. Be awesome to build...
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    SSUPD Meshlicious

    Yes, if I got it.
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    SSUPD Meshlicious

    Man, why can't the power butoon & usb ports be on the front panel? Being at the top it will be awkward sitting it flat.
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    What is this case? Storage options?
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    What is this case?

    Man, just a SFX one with the psu in the same place, if I could find 1,
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    What is this case? like to find a review...
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    A case like the JHack Pure X?

    Is there a case that has a cutout for a SFX on the back corner laying on it's side, 2 full height slots, space for a 2.5 ssd, 3.5 hdd & 1 slim ODD?