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    anything coming after 3d tv?

    I don't understand the need for 4K on smaller (50-60 inch) televisions. Once you factor in average seating distance in an average size room, you're eyes can't discern the difference in pixel density. I.E. 1080P and 4K will look the same at 12 feet. That said, I like 3D. I'm waiting for the...
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    FS: (2) Nvidia 3D Vision spare glasses

    I've had these listed locally but figured I would list online. I've got four, and rarely use my extra two so thought I'd sell them towards upgrading my GPU. In box with all original accessories, manuals, cables, in good shape with minor cosmetic wear. Shipping from Vancouver Island, BC...
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    Who else uses 3D Vision?

    Also a 3D vision gamer, but I've got the Acer H5360 projector. 3D does look better big, I play on a 92" screen, really great effects. I've got an extra 3 pairs of glasses for friends. I really like it, but am considering selling my current 3D vision projector set up. I do want a 1080P 3D...
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    Red Dead Redemption

    Totally agree, this is the first game that really held my attention in a long time & super fun.
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    Test Drive Unlimited 2

    Totally disappointed, I liked the original too. We shouldn't accept cheezy cut scenes, horrible mechanics and bland roads. I've played a couple of hours, just doesn't do it for me. Will try a bit more to see if I can find the fun factor. It just feels clunky.
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    Gaming on the couch?

    I'm also gaming on the couch with a wireless 360 controller (as I've got an HTPC and projector) works great - most games have a profile and can be completely navigated without changing a setting
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    Nvidia 3d vision

    I will post up a few pictures when everything arrives, I've just painted the ceiling mount white (was silver) and found a white 10 M extension cord to attach the 3 PIN head too. It's going to be quite ridiculous, as I'm living in a 360 sqft studio apartment (just returned to Canada/West Coast...
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    Nvidia 3d vision

    I can't comment on why XP isn't supported, but I really like Windows 7 (running 64-bit at home). I've been a huge commenter of the 'Eh, XP is fine' but once I got used to working with Windows 7 in the office, I found it much faster and more convenient then XP. So, I highly recommend making...
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    What games do you think are the most awesome to play on a 3D TV and why?

    I totally disagree on it being a fad - I bought a home cinema projector, which as a secondary benifit was 3D ready. Plugging in the 3D vision kit, and playing ARMA 2, flying an Apache through the desert looks amazing. New Vegas also looks fantastic in 3D. I was extremely skeptical about...
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    Nvidia 3d vision

    I've got a 3D Vision Kit on order, after upgrading to a new desktop. I'm using an Acer H5360 DLP projector for the 360, and watching films - so as I bought it already - and it's 3D ready, looking forward to trying the technology. I've read the detailed article on Toms hardware about...
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    This was my set-up in Canada (which I miss after moving abroad for the last 18 months): And gaming pc / media center set up tucked in the corner: I've been living in England and bought an HD DLP projector (which is great for portability as I can take it with me in the carry-on on my way...
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    Medal of Honor Tier 1

    I've beaten the SP campaign, surely a rental only. I started playing and completed the campaign in two sittings (which is rare for me). The game is decent - there are no fundamental flaws - but also no reasons to play it above any shooter. I liked called in support, but it just became...
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    Building a racing seat with the fanatec porsche wheel

    The company I worked for years ago built high end racing simulators. We installed a kicker with an amp under the seat, it had enough power to really feel the road through the seat and wheel. The bass audio controlled the kicker but it did do a great job at adding to the...
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    Best bang for the buck of 12" laptops

    Check out the new business minded Dell Latitude X1. It looks pretty hot. I have a Compaq 14" but also want to move to a smaller machine.
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    My Gamecube and games were stolen :,-(

    It really sucks when these things happen, I myself was held up at work at gunpoint. I don't know what I can tell you but please, don't do something you are going to regret. Theft is theft and you were smart enough to have insurance. Commiting an assult and going to jail over a coulpe of...
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    Celeron or Pentium M BIG difference?

    Look at intels website, the Celeron M and Pentium M are similar chips in structure but come in many variations with diffrent caches, voltage usage and die sizes. I have a laptop with a Celeron M 350. It is more then adaquete for my uses.
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    Bluetooth for Cell Phones

    It should. Last night I used bluetooth for the first time to connect to my buddies phone and transfer over a few ringtones. I was suprised how easily it worked.
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    Notebook with the best battery life?

    I have a compaq V2000. Its a Pentium M notebook, 14.1 WXGA brightview screen. It lasts me about 2-1/2 to 3 hours with the 6cell battery. The slightly larger 12cell (adds a lip to the bottom of the laptop) will give a person 5 - 6 hours.
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    Changing XP's default language? (French to English)

    Reinstalling windows from another CD right now.
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    Changing XP's default language? (French to English)

    I just bought a laptop and ordered it in French because the English model was out of stock and I couldn't wait if I wanted the mail in rebate (damn this bi-lingual country). I assumed that I could just change the language from the Regional and Languages settings in the taskbar but now I find...
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    Small(er) Widescreen Laptops

    I have spent too much time deliberating. I narrowed it down to a Sony B series, a Compaq v2000 or the much famed Dell700m. I have decided to get the Compaq v2000 based on a compromise of price and size. Although I think the Dell 700m would be slightly more portable the difference between the...
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    Small(er) Widescreen Laptops

    Thank you for the suggestions, I am going to get on google and look up reviews for all of them right now. If I did get the V2000, I would get a 12cell battery. It adds a .5" lip on the rear of the laptop but the extra battery life is worth it. I should mention I am 6'7" so I want something...
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    Forza Motorsport

    We just got Forza at work, I only logged about 20 minutes but playing it on our 42" Plasma screen in a Virtual Racer X ( was incredible. The physics definatly feel real. am playing on the new Fantec wheel which I am still getting used too but the cars certainly handle with...
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    Small(er) Widescreen Laptops

    Hello. I will be ordering myself a new laptop in a couple of days. I am mostly decided on a Compaq v2000 but their are alternitive to consider. I was looking at a slightly more expensive Dell 700m as it would work well also. The compaq would come in around $1250 CDN for the configuration...
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    JUNE. It was posted at this morning in a minor note about Dices release schedule.
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    Act of War releases tomorrow.

    I am looking forward to it. It looks great and it seems to have enjoyable gameplay mechanics. I do not see this as some revolution in gaming but it seems like a very well polished, superb looking game. It should be entertainment at it's best.
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    Gaming Gear/Clothes

    The proper fit of the clothes is why I am willing to pay more money. A woman is not attracted to designer clothes on average their are two key factors, your ability to make her feel something (anything except boredom) and your ablity to show independance. I am not intrested in dating an ugly...
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    Gaming Gear/Clothes

    I am right when I say that I enjoy video games. I don't wear clothes to please myself or to be clever. I get dressed because I want to look good to the opposite sex so its designer jeans, ralph lauren polo shirts and a blazer. Fact is fact, video games don't relate to a positive image in...
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    brothers in arms soon, looking forward to it?

    I think it will be good but I think the developers and publishers are pushing the historical importance and realism of this game over the top. They talk about these people as being real: look at this scripted A.I., it's so life like, he's real! real I say! It's just a damn game and this is not...
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    What ever happened to Team Fortress 2? Anyone still play Team Fortress?

    I theorize whoever made the TF 2 artificial intelligence strived to make the game so good, that the AI became self aware, murdered everyone in their department and now broadcasts press releases anouncing that everything is fine and development is going well just to sheild its existance from the...
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    KOTOR2 on PC.

    I am really enjoying the gameplay and recomend this game to any RPG fans. Their are a few technical bugs though: I have experienced crashing, artifacts and performance problems. I imagine this game will be great when these problems are patched/
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    rig ok for gaming?

    Wow, whoever is in graphics marketing must really have you tied around their finger. I have a 9800Pro and it is more then adaquete for the time being, as far as building a decent gaming computer people SHOULD buy mid range equipment. It makes the most sense in a performace / money equation.
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    Anyone tryout Act of War

    I realy enjoyed the demo I played. I will definatly buy this game when it comes out. The enviroments are really well built and the quailty of animation makes for a very cinematic experience.
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    GTA : San Andreas >>

    I am certaintly looking forward to it, I would definatly say that the 3D GTA series have always been an enjoyable waste of my time.
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    Widescreen gaming, who likes it?

    I just traded me laptop for a desktop, it has a 15" LCD but I miss my 16:10 LCD more then I do anything else.
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    FT: My computer for your laptop..

    I send you a PM with a possible offer, let me know. Michael.
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    Upgrading notebook videocard? (R300Z)

    Ease up already. The first poster was able to answer my question, from that point on their was no need to keep posting in this thread.
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    Upgrading notebook videocard? (R300Z)

    Thanks. I am pleased with it. I sold my desktop when I had really cut back on my video game consumption but I find lately their are a couple of games I want to play on PC. Most still actually run on the lowely Geforce 420 GO just not fast and without vertex and pixel shaders.
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    Upgrading notebook videocard? (R300Z)

    I have a compaq R300Z. When I bought the laptop three or four months ago the Geforce4 420 Go was good enough but I need more power now. I belive that the Geforce4 Go uses a standardized slot. On the compaq webpage it lists the 420 and 64meg 440 being interchangalbe but does anyone know if the...
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    Compaq R3000 DvD+R Compatabilty?

    Bah, still having problems. I started in a new thread in the Optical Storage area :