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    3930k + 2080 ti

    Thank you so much that was almost every question I had. I really respect that dude, not sure how I missed that series. Edit: I m now hunting fir a 1680v2/2697v2 their the same price:) Edit#2 Does that put your ram at 1808mhz? I already have 1866 cl1 4x8 sticks? My only other question...
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    3930k + 2080 ti

    Sorry to necro this thread but I too have a 3939k I’m at 4.2 (summer) and have a question if you have a minute. Currently rocking a 3930k and a 980ti and want an upgrade. My monitor is a Acer 1440p 144-165 Gsync. Do you have any experience at this resolution and speeds (120 is fine I’d...
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    Toyota and Suzuki Announce Electric Car Partnership

    I just want a truck that's not over 100 bucks a week to drive x 52 per year x 10 years, I'll take any kind of hybrid. Is that wrong?
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    Epic Games Announces More Exclusives and Features

    I think MS bought Obsidion but Outer Worlds is distributed by 2k if true it’s odd how MS got it too.
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    Epic Games Announces More Exclusives and Features

    I get what your saying but I don’t think Humbles 3rd party, thier licensed to sell the keys. Edit: I guess my point was “EGS” will use Humble Bundle to indoctrinate people into their eco system through their bundles, I have a year left on my sub with them and worry about keys I won’t use.
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    Epic Games Announces More Exclusives and Features

    Waiting for the obligatory "EGS" only "Humble Bundles" to start popping up.
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    Honestly that was a long time ago I barely remember the details. Maybe the pcgamer was the hype MS bought the studio and the thing that stuck with me to this day when I see halo stuff is the exclusive annoncment and no pc port. I was young angry and it triggers me know that I’m old and...
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    I read about it in Pcgamer magazine ( 20 years ago maybe) a few months later MS bought bungie and made it a Xbox exclusive. That upset me because I wanted to play it and didn’t want to buy an Xbox to play it. I thought it was a shitty move back then and thought it was funny it’s all coming...
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    LOL, I was so mad when they hyped it on pc then MS bought it for their XBOX I'm not sure Ive forgiven them yet!
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    Microsoft Announces DX12 Support for Windows 7

    This doesn't make senses. Isn't DX12 1 of the tools to get you to migrate to 10? I'm for it but I don't get the benefit its only good till 2020. What am i missing?
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    EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

    I swear I read somewhere they were kinda forced to scrap TF3 and let this (version of Apex) out. Ive feared EA closing this studio down, maybe they can still milk them some more :( but they are still around... their is that...:)
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    EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

    If it gets them more/some Titanfall 2 sales I'm for it! Thats a great game that they got screwed on...good for them.
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    1080 Ti for $99

    I cant wait to see If/what of anything that arrives :).... ..... .....maybe a framed pic of the 1080ti?.....
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    Is the RTX 2070 safe from space invaders failure aka 2080?

    I'm curious, what res are you ATM with that 1070...that's an awesome 1080p high frame card and a awesome mid-high 1440p mid/high frame card. if you meed to buy the monitor to achieve the "4K_bliss" Id say spend the cash on the monitor first and chase it with the video card as you can afford...
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    Foxconn is Allegedly Rethinking Wisconson LCD Manufacturing Plans

    Haaaahahaahhaaahhaaaaaaahahahaha..... takes deep breath....hahahahhaaahahahhaa.. Anyone thinking this company was going to open a plant in America is an idiot. Next your gonna tell me apple is going to start making iPhones here...lololololol hahahahaha...
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    TLDR I think we can have can both All I’m saying is Path of Exile is free to play and is pretty awesome, can’t imagine that game under a standalone model. I guess I like to think the market could/would sustain all game models to make money in some form, screw the triple As if it’s not worth...
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    Isn’t this article about head hacks coming back?
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    I’m not gonna lie here I am looking forward to seeing people have to use a usb-c dongle with their setup to go back to a jack. See how they like that dongle crap we all had/have to endure lol I hope this is true not sure why we can’t have a “common” headphone jack crossing fingers !
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    Ubisoft Creates Exclusive Partnership with Epic Games to Sell The Division 2

    From what I can tell, all my uplay games on steam also gave me a copy on uplay. Has that changed.
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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    I hear you, it’s his old rig he said his son uses I was throwing in on...he could toss him that 970 too:). I thought I read somewhere at some point that the intel Xeon W3670 W3680 W3690 vs X56xx might have that required codec for that engine to work properly in those games...that’s all done...
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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    Hey you can probably get a nice new Xeon for that x58 system for dirt cheap too...I think I read somewhere the w3xxx had the code to still run asscreed games vs the e56xx series, I could be wrong. It’s amazing...
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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    Overclock it to 4.2, get a gtx 1080ti, save your money or buy a monitor/headset/VR if you don’t have one, and profit on all the money you just saved:) You can thank me later;)
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions.

    So after I read this I was like ...hmm...Craigslist "Noctua NH-D15". Someones actually selling one (BNIB) for $65....Can I get a "Amen" right "here" :) Hope its available tomorrow. :) Happy New Year!
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions. I cant tell but this seems like the same cooler rad but just 1 fan in the midle ve the d15s??? I found this when I put D15s vs H115i, I'm sold, I just want to get it as cheap as possible now :)...
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions.

    Will look into the d14, thanks for the feedback. The RBG reference was about my h115i, I noticed Hard did a review on it not too long ago after I posted, just wanted to be clear I have the older version :)
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions.

    Corsair c70 case. Want to replace my Corsair H115i with this, Noctua NH-D15, on my 3930k. I'm planing on running slow fans to reduce the noise...the current pump system is annoyingly loud. Whats the best price to get this beast for? I never see it on a real crazy sale. thanks (edit: this...
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    BFV $30 at BestBuy

    I'm not sure I want it, I was just surprised to see so many! WTF! I will try :) ty
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    BFV $30 at BestBuy

    Its back down to $30 at BB. I never got that 50% off code for owning all other BF games from Orgin a few days/week ago. They have...
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    Microsoft Is Readying a Consumer Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle

    I'm not in anyway capable of fielding this question but going to go with ... Yes! Welcome to the loot box subscription access to your personal operating system :( I cant imagine it gets less intrusive from here!
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    Star Wars Battlefront II - $9.99 @ Best Buy, Free Ship

    I believe they are selling BFV for $35 for the PC as well now, talked myself out of going in and buying both....Thank god!
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    Humble Bundle: 12 months for $99

    It is a great deal if you don't mind spending up front they've always been good (but its why I threw that IGN buyout thing in)... I like getting new games every month and look forward to it :( .. but honestly if you just watch the bundles and see the 1 game you like its pretty much...
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    Humble Bundle: 12 months for $99

    I think the the 12 month sub was 1 month free. Last years deal was $132 and $20 bucks credit for whatever you want to spend that on. I've been subbed since they started this so 2 years give or take and never had a problem. Just an FYI you get 10% off everything in the store while subbed...
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    International Olympic Committee Comments on eSports Inclusion

    "Cracks beer" Time to start training :) !
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    Destiny 2 Forsaken 25.00

    Damn $15 seems really good , I missed that, its at $25 now anyone think it might hit $15 again or was that a screw up.? $25 seems ok for what you get, no?..I have just the base version.
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    Introducing the NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App

    I fear the end is now! :}
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    John "TotalBiscuit" Bain to Be Inducted into Esports Hall of Fame

    As a gamer he was an influence. Love him or hate him he was/is one of the first of our pc gaming/YouTube culture revolutions. He will be missed
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    Here Is the Announcement Trailer for Cities: Skylines - Industries

    I have Sim City 2013 with all the addons, I preordered... I was excited! I also have Cities Skylines with all the addons minus Natural Disasters, Snow Fall (anyone have a key from last years Jingle Jam they don’t want/need) and a few radio stations. I honestly like both. They both have done...