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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I played Leeroy for many years .. kept getting kicked out of guilds... didn't know why. :D
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    US Military Changing "Killing Machine" Robo-Tank Program after Controversy

    The movies are to let folks know what is coming.
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    Quadriga Cryptocurrency Wallets are Empty

    If you don't hold it... then you don't own it.
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    New Speculative Execution Bug Allegedly Affects Intel CPUs

    Someone on Hardocp have a suggestion? Aside from going AMD?
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    Netflix Cancels Marvel's Daredevil

    Yes, I benefit from your actions, but the tide raises all ships, Mr. Castle ! Season 2 Kingpin / Punisher Classic!!!!
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    Cryptocurrency Teaches Novices Hard Life Lessons About Investing

    There will only be 21 million bitcoins and that is baked into the system minus who knows how many have been lost thrown away etc... And.... every millionaire couldn't own one if they wanted to. Some of the haters on here never took the time to investigate why it is such a game changer in...
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    Vision-Free Cheetah 3 Robot Can Climb Stairs Littered With Obstacles

    What a propaganda piece... people just sitting on the steps chilling right next to their mechanical overlord.
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    Facebook Eases Ban on Crypto Ads - Crypto Rejoices

    Mr Magoo your vision really isn't that good remember? LOL You stick to your green debt rectangles dude.
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    Blockchain for Dummies

    You don't know what I know. Spoken like a true bankster.
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    Blockchain for Dummies

    These things are all evidence of advancing adoption. Which is good. The dinosaur financial system will go kicking and screaming but they will go.
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    Bitcoin Down Sharply After Exchange Hack

    The charts are about to break from the downtrend and the powers that be cook up another scare story to feed the people so they empty their positions. Therefore i think this story is very convenient to keep control over the cryptos for a few weeks longer.
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    U.S. Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

    Lets see.... JPM Chase / Wells Fargo (how low can Far GO?) commit massive multi-billion dollar fraud and get fined. Never go to jail. Ever. Seems legit.
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    IBM Warns of Instant Breaking of Encryption by Quantum Computers

    EMP attack / Tsunamis / Wars / Quantum Computers = Fear Porn
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    Seminole Tax Collector Begins Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

    If you sell any Bitcoin you are a fool. Wait until accepts it. It is coming. #boom
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    Goldman Sachs Opening Bitcoin Trading Desk

    No one missed the train.... The worlds ponzi (financial) system is 50 Trillion + Market cap right now for cryptos is 1/2 T . Folks I know everyone here can do math. Goldman is coming in at the price bottom for the year.
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    “Avengers: Infinity War” Posts All-Time Record Opening of $250M

    Good night that was the best comic book movie. Ever!!!! I collected comics in the 70s and 80s and these Marvel directors had to also! Need to see this at least 3 more times!!!
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    Bitcoin Looking Much Better as it Breaks $11,000

    If you allow the market to game you it will. It is a study in psychology:
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    Bitcoin Looking Much Better as it Breaks $11,000

    Once in a lifetime opportunity. You haters have been given ample opportunity get out of the debt system while your cash still have any value.
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    Bitcoin Plummets Below $7,500

    Next year when Bitcoin is multiples higher, this won't be remembered. Skeptics have always been around.
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    Cryptos are the future of money, decentralized / capped number of coins available. If you haven't seen volatility before ( like the DJIA / Nasdaq/ etc) its because they aren't REAL markets. They are high frequency trading algorithims controlled daily. So buy the dip while its on sale...
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    New Group of Hackers Targeting Banks Around the World

    Blame the hackers... blame Bitcoin... blame global warning. Smoke and mirrors because the fallout of the corruption of this debt ponzi system won't end well and no one in charge wants the blame when it happens.
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    Traders Brace for Bitcoin Futures Launch after Wild Week for Currency

    It is encrypted and decentralized. Only 21 million will ever be mined. it is written in the open source code and baked into the block chain. If we go back to the stone age we have bigger problems than not having bitcoin. I don't think your ATM wil work either ... or gas stations....
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    Traders Brace for Bitcoin Futures Launch after Wild Week for Currency

    The old financial dinosaurs attempt to hold their power... It will fail. Dinosaurs meet meteor.
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    SEC Warns Famous Crypto-Currency Backers

    We live in a broken / imperfect world. Every system is bound to have a shortcoming and /or weakness to it. That being said; the state has abused its authority to issue and force its financial will upon its people, ICOs are a dime a dozen and many are scamcoins, but the idea of bitcoin or...
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    SEC Warns Famous Crypto-Currency Backers

    The SEC is the same band of blind regulators that let the banks commit crimes that are never prosecuted. A great video to watch if you want your eyes opened: The veneer of justice in a kingdom of crime
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    The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    As my name indicates, the first cpu I overclocked to 450... dirt cheap compared to the 400 ghz Pentium II... and just as fast.
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    WannaCry Theory Points To Currency Manipulation

    The point being missed is the multi billion - if not trillions of $ being used for illicit activities for decades. Thats all. Thank you. Rant off. :)
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    WannaCry Theory Points To Currency Manipulation

    Thats a load of crap. The fact is only in your mind dude what proof do you have of that? Stop trolling. The future isn't depending on a 3rd party ( corrupt banking system) for your needs.
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    WannaCry Theory Points To Currency Manipulation

    I think there is always a continuing battle with the dinosaurs of finance (money printers / central banks) and cryptocurrency to paint bitcoin as a currency of criminals. Lord knows how many USDollars have been used to fuel terrorism / drug trade around the world. But keep putting in the news...
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    Encrypt and Lock Your Phone - Go to Jail

    I just lost my phone.... sorry officers :(
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    The Yahoo Media Brand Is Not Changing Its Name to Oath

    What a joke. What do they promise? Dial up connections or a cd start up kit in the mail?
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    Blizzard Beats “Cheat” Maker, Wins $8.5 Million Copyright Damages

    Does that mean that Bossland was PAWNED?
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    Wikileaks Exposes CIA Hacking Tools

    Is is the only solution to move to non windows 0S?
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    Wikileaks Exposes CIA Hacking Tools

    Is there a firewall patch or software that can effectively block this snooping?
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    One Bitcoin Now Worth More than One Ounce of Gold

    The market cap of gold is about 7 trillion .... Bitcoin is only over 20 billion. But there are alot of reasons to be bullish... capital controls and financial meltdowns around the globe abound.... you can't carry alot of gold through an airport... i can carry bitcoin (on usb) or send any...
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    Suspect Arrested in JPMorgan, Dow Jones Data Theft Case

    Yep... probably Putin's fault too....
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    NVIDIA: Yahoo Finance Company of the Year

    Just remember what goes up... inevitably will fall... and fall much faster... but at least NVDA puts out a decent product for their stock price. What does Priceline (PCLN) do that merits 1500 / share??? Can you say #pumpanddump