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    I was wrong, WoW IS better then EQ2

    Just wanted to clarify that you don't gain EXP while resting, it's just easier to attain when you're rested.
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    Half-Life 2... no multiplayer?!

    Natural Selection on source will be sooooo amazing.
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    HL2 delay...again?....hmmm...strange timing

    See the thing is guys, is that HL2 has better graphics and will have better gameplay than doom3.
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    KV8 Pro Post Error

    I purchased a kv8 pro and an athlon 64 3200+... a gig of a mushkin ram (2 sticks), and the computer won't post. The led gives off a post error "0.4" Anyone have any ideas on what to do? The "0.4" post error isn't in the manual.
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    New HL2 shots

    Yeah, so, I stand by my statement. HL2 has better graphics than doom3.
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    I feel bad for id

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    MMORPG Decision

    Which is the best out of these three: WoW, Saga of Ryzom, and EQ2
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    Uhm, and for people who have CS CZ
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    MMORPG Decision

    1 page bump
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    Uhm, it really looks like 16x12 to me. Maybe thats just because when I right click on it, it says 1600x1200, or maybe the fact that it's bigger than my 1280x1024 desktop.
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    It's not insane... I will accept it if you want to say they are close on graphic quality, but to act like doom3 or farcry owns hl2 at graphics, you've got to be kidding me.
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    Wow, you have common sense! Finally someone.
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    TELL ME THOSE GRAPHICS ARE BAD, and you're a liar.
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    Hey, did you notice I said HL2, not CSS? YES! Let's post screenshots of BETA Counterstrike Source (which has worse graphics than HL2 because of it's multiplayer qualities) at 800x600 on a crappy low end system, and try to compare them to Doom 3 at 1600x1200 on a high-end system with better...
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    30 New CS Source Pics (not's)

    NEWS FLASH: HL2's graphics are better than doom3 and farcry.
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    I feel bad for id DON'T COPY THAT FLOPPY!
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    MMORPG Decision

    Can we get back to the subject at hand please...
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    MMORPG Decision

    I watched a couple EQ2 movies, and now I'm interested again.. The graphics are nuts! I'm now thinking that although I love saga of ryzoms idea and concept, it won't have the variety and depth that I want. My question now is, out of those three, which do you think will have the most depth...
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    MMORPG Decision

    I'll take a look at everquest 2 again, but it didn't really spark my interest... I didn't really like the theme of it. I think i'm leaning towards WoW now... but it's a hard decision to make. Oh and to the people that say "dont waste your life" - I have a girlfriend, a job, school... I...
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    MMORPG Decision

    Between WOW and Saga of Ryzom, which would you choose? SOOOO HARD... I've beta tested Saga of Ryzom, and it's TONS of fun, i love the graphics and i love the concept.. so original. But on the other hand I am a huge blizzard fan, and WOW is looking really good as well. If you had to choose...
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    OmniExtremeEditFx 6800 - Ultra?

    It's like an e-lighter you can use to make your card go up in flames and never work again!
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    What proccessor to get?

    I'm building a computer, the budget is $800... just the PC (no monitor or accessories needed) After the video card thats gonna leave me with like $400/$500 for everything else. I'm positive I want to go AMD. What CPU & Mobo should I get in this price range that will play doom3/hl2 at...
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    I got doom3, LOTS OF PICS and impressions

    Guys, he said 9700pro @ medium details.
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    Friend recommended these pci fans for my card.

    Would be cooler if they channeled the air out of the back of the PCI slot.
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    Half-life 2 engine experience!

    You are not realizing what happens in a resolution change, the actual image of the game stays the same, the computer just builds it with more pixels, allowing more detail. Having a higher resolution does not change the size of the in-game image at all, it just increases the amount of detail...
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    6800GT&Farcry @ 1600x1200? No Problem!

    Yeah, that's cool, because the poster said nothing about beating an ATI card, nor did he say anything about comparing his card to others. The point of this thread was the posters satisfaction of his card, not for giving other people an "accurate benchmark."
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    What 1 game would you get if you could only choose one?

    Starcraft Brood War or Civ2 I'm not sure.
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    Ati pricing point on 9800xt and x800

    No, not really. You'll probably get around 5-15fps more in the games you play, if that.
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    Agp not going to last that long 12-18 months at most!

    There's a lot more to it than the speed, read a couple posts above at what ZenOps said.
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    X800 Pro --> X800XT [H]ard Mod

    Well does it hurt to try?
  31. H , new ATi cards will not support shader 3.0?

    I think Doom3 will be out a couple months before ATI's new cards. But I think they ATI will be on the ball if they see a sales drop.
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    How do you learn what your limiting factor is?

  33. H , new ATi cards will not support shader 3.0?

    And ATI will probably have something else out for that generation of games.
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    UT2k3 Fps?

    I'd say it is, go for a 9800pro in a couple weeks, they'll be cheap. or a 5900 or 5950...(in a couple weeks)
  35. H , new ATi cards will not support shader 3.0?

    My view on the whole situation: Nvidia has ps3.0 capable hardware out very soon, ATI has new hardware that is not ps3.0 capable. ATI's speed difference will probably make up for it, or at least come close. The 6800 might be better this round, but, ATI will come out with a ps3.0 card very...
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    UT2k3 Fps?

    I usually get between 60-120. Oh wait, 9800pro =]
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    WoW on Linux

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    WoW on Linux

    :/ I just thought some people on here might be interested. Personally, I use windows, but I'd consider linux if more games got out on it... I should probably make the switch cause all I play is ut2k4 anyways..
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    Darn. My kid shredded my Half Life 2 coupon

    Uhm, yeah, my thoughts exactly.