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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    Thank you, much appreciated, that would be an option for sure. EDIT: I made the stupid decision to buy two 5870M from ali express "pulled from a working system" and all I got was 2 duds both giving me graphical errors and didn't even post. I tried flashing the BIOS on both but fuck me couldn't...
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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    thanks buddy, but it seems they're all OOS :(
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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    rookie numbers....gotta bump
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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    Thanks bud, please, do not forget about this thread :)
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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    bump still looking
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    WTB Alienware M17x R2 nVidia SLi ribbon cable

    Hello Shipping to SWEDEN. PayPal. Thanks for looking!
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    Buy used 1080 or Vega 64?

    Just buy one or the other ffs. What's the big fucking deaL Almost same perf, other has price, the other has perf. Fucking quit these threads already, There are plenty Jyust fyucking buy one or the other
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    oh you got it all backwards... older and wiser big boys don't take it up the ass.
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    What's your fucking point? Just because "everyone" is doing it we should all just give up on privacy and bend over? Fuck that noise...I'm going to make it as difficult I can for those cunts.
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    AdLib soundcard Original 1990 with Box

    oh think if I hung on to all the stuff I've owned since the 8086 I had I could be a thousaneer.
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    AMD Announces Ryzen 7 3700X, 3800X and Ryzen 9 3900X

    member when intel said 10GHz...i member...maybe incorrectly
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    Games in which the player has the option to use nuclear weapons?

    today is a good day to die
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Why the fuck does a quadcopter have network connectivity in the first place?
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    Back to green team after a long run with AMD

    Wow, this is truly a fantastic story.
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    Bethesda backs off of making games exclusive to their launcher

    Because they're not Steam exclusive
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Yes that is the questtion everyone asks.
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    OK that did not help me 99% of the time.The point is Ubuntu worked 100% of the time
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    yeah it's a ROG G751're not kidding abuot the incompatibility.What I find strange is that it was working, and a reboot later it wasn't. I'm not really looking for an answer as Ubuntu works just fine.
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    Electronic Arts Stock Falls 14% After Missing Q3 2019 Earnings Estimate

    Member when EA was good? Like NHL 95 good? I member
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    Manjaro did work until it didn't. There is nothing wrong with my comps.
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    One of the Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working with the FBI

    What the fuck is wrong with your country
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    I went for Manjaro and it borked my gave a few errors but it flashed too fast for me to register. Now running Ubuntu 18.10 with 4.20 kernel, latest nvidia drivers. My main rig is running the same but latest Mesa drivers. I don't know why the Arch based Manjaro distro fucked up but...
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    Mouse Infestation!

    Yes, to answer your question, you should stop drinking right now. And stop browsing ebay.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    don't really know wtf...but I have burned through a few keyboard membranes in my day
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    Apple: You Can't Sue Us for Slowing Down Your iPhones Because We're "Contractors"

    All this information about Apple is out there. I have a hard time understanding why ppl still buy into it. I have a iphone4 at work and it seems that everyone in the office has the same ringtone just to rub it in every customers face "we have iphones you know" makes me wanna puke
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    GameStop Just Gave Up on Trying to Sell Company

    We were blessed with a Gamestop shop at our brand new shopping mall at the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. I bought some generic USB controller with analog thumb sticks and shit that was a bit tricky to install, but worked and I can't complain, but I believe it was shut down after a couple of...
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    Let's hope she won't be cameltoe-ing it either.
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    Activision Is Selling a Single Dot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $1

    Yeah all of them are in working order, I am not the original owner to any of them sadly. My first was a Spectrum rubber key 48k and I remember I was constantly swapping out the keyboard membrane due to overheating (of the voltage regulator 7805 not the Zilog z80)
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    Hackers Attempt to Extort Money from Law Firm

    Good. Now burn all people included in banking. With fire and napalm.
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    Activision Is Selling a Single Dot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $1

    'member when getting a black eye asking for a quarter, and then walking through a blizzard, bare feet, nothing but a wet blanket smelling of urine, while dragging your baby brother on a piece of plastic bag, and then giving blowjobs at the bar to get quarters? Yeah me neither. But I've dropped...
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    Denuvo's Negative Impact on Performance, Loading Times Revealed in Benchmarks

    so for more bucks you'd been a cunt?
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    RTX Tensor Cores are Unlocked

    Yes I get your point and , as it stands no one truly cares if there is no product that can handle it...we can talk about quantum computing for comparison edit Of course not the same fucking thing if any moron is watching but point is, if there is no product for consumer it might aswell bee on...