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    DELL XPS or Alienware?

    Yeah, Alienware is a company built on the business model of numerous parents who are tring to buy their child's love.
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    Removing Thermal Pad from XFX 6600GT?

    I've seen it done somewhere- just use some isopropal and you should be fine.
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    My wife's new rig

    1 gig is most likely enough. If it's cheaper (I imagine it is) to by 2*512 now, and if you want to upgrade later, another 2*512, you might just want to do that.
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    Upgraded RAM: I have a problem plz HELP ASAP!

    we're looking for stuff like motherboard model, other dimms installed and BIOS Version.
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    New PC Setup - Suggestions?

    I would get an aluminum case rather than a steel/plastic one, but that's a matter of opinion.
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    what do you think of this design?

    It may not be the most visually appealing mod, though it is very orignal.
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    Quick XP usage legality question

    I believe that certain institutions sell their retail licences of XP below the cost they paid. When a large university buys, oh, 10,000 licences, I would imagine they'd get a better discount, too.
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    operating system not found

    Try going into the bios and switching the boot squence on the hard drives. Check if by temporalily unplugging the new harddrive allows the computer to boot. Most likely, it is looking for the OS on the wrong drive. If you cannot properly change the boot order, a good program is Smart Boot...
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    How old are you?

    I'm 15, the first game I played was Twisted Metal, when i was 9 or something. I really first started gaming on the PC, though.
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    Worth waiting for X2? (Help with build)

    I some how doubt that the X2's will reach a reasonable price (i.e. near the current price of the 3500) within a year after their still unnamed release date
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    Is this a good motherboard for a first time builder? This one is very good as well.
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    Seagate 200GB Hard Drive $80.14

    I'll be swapping up one of these...
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    New O/Cing comp help - read ...

    For a mouse, I recommend the MX1000, if you are willing to spend that much. I have a 19" CRT monitor, the Samsung 997DF, which is really quite nice, and inexpensive.
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    DHCP Thread

    I would agree with above posters; at home I use a dchp to address static addresses to my pc's based on their MAC address, which works well.
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    Your 5 "Mandatory" pieces of Software

    1.XMMS 2.Firefox 3.Xine 4.OpenOffice 5.Gimp
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    best sli board for non-oc?

    MSI has seemed to have excellent reviews, and I've got a friend who loves his msi sli setup, so I'll second what TRex has said.
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    LCD TV? Need an LCD with inputs like coaxial,s-video, composite and such.

    Samsung used to have something like that, but it was slightly closer to a tv than a monitor.
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    does it matter which core i chose if i dont overclock?

    Venice does have the advantage of a much improved memory controller, but that only will really matter in high RAM setups.
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    where to buy ram waterblocks?

    It's not just you. Note the DISCONTINUED.
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    Morons or lies?

    Moron- who needs to list their monitor in order to demonstrate their fp/s?
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    This too hot for my pc??

    Yep, the temperatures processors maintain are rather high, 50C is a good target, although my PII doesn't touch 40.
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    What Linux Distro for a Linux Newbie?

    Precisely my thoughts. SimplyMEPIS isn't bad either, but out of those three, I would choose ubuntu because of apt-get. I started with RHEL3, which was a bad and overly expensive idea.
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    help me customize my linux desktop

    You could get widgets with the gDesklets package.
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    Old Machine, What Linux To Run

    To someone just starting out, I would recommend a debian basted distro without a gui. For my gui-less systems I use a -server install of ubuntu.
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    Installing programs

    apt-get is the most wonderfulest application EVER. :)
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    Why might one choose a Venice over San Diego?

    That's my plan, too. I was about to say... The venice has a better price to performance after overclocking ratio than the sandiego, I believe.
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    3700SD or 3800venice?

    There happens to be a 3700 s754, but the sandiego is s939. Choose the 3700, it will pay off in response from what I hear, and will more than compensate for the 200mhz if you decide to overclock.
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    Is this a good price?

    I would agree with you on Dell Desktops. Notebooks are an entirely different story. EDIT: I am refering to quality.
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    Recommend a PSU Please...

    In that price range, I've heard positive things about this one.
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    Looking to upgrade to A64 system, need some advice first.

    If you need a new psu, you can probally cut corners by getting a 6600GT for a few bucks less
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    Looking to upgrade to A64 system, need some advice first.

    Save yourself a few bucks and get a pair of these: TwinMOS SP
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    Why is stuff so expensive?

    Pizzas and PC's are, err, funamentally different. My standard of a 26$ pizza is not that it can perform billions of operations a second or that it packs 50 billion topping into a few square centimeters. Since pizzas are not required to do these things (their goal is very different), pizza...
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    About to cry

    Ha! My graphics card has twice as much memory as yours! :p Oh. Wait :o
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    my 3000+ venice o/c testing

    I envy you :(
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    System build help. Scrap or rebuild?

    I would reccomend you spend your money on a cheap Athlon64, i.e. 3200+. The performance difference speaks for itself.
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    Need to buy a keyboard/mouse DietPepsi sucks.

    The mx1000 is an awesome mouse. It recharges fast, has a long battery life and is very ergonomic. The price is high thouh, especially when you realize that the value of your mouse is higher than your computer (see below) :o
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    Who's got the best heatspreaders?

    I'll have to side with polished copper, like the vantec spreaders
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    Corsair XMS PC4000 question?

    No, if the ram has a rating of 500DDR it will be fine until 2.5gz. Any further, you will be overcloking it, and you will need a diver at some point.