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    Please help ID this keyboard

    So, I've been looking for a KB with a slanted first row of keys for comfort (screw the OEM profile) and after giving up I stumbled on one in a recent YT video. I think the mice had a razer logo (looks like a kit) but couldn't find the KB on their site or googling. We do see some logo above the...
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    An App That Lets You "See" Wireless Networks?

    Were is the edit button? I meant to write: the wifi adapter records the signal strength while the gps logs the coordinates.
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    An App That Lets You "See" Wireless Networks?

    Actually, they way I could see this work is if the wifi adapter records the signal strength and the GPS to record a map of the signal strength while you walk around and then use this data to create an overlay using augmented reality on top of whatever your camera shows. So basicly this would be...
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    Drone Delivering Asparagus Crashes And Bursts Into Flames

    Yep, a human was driving, no wonder it went to hell with all that fog.
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    AMD freesync

    From what I read, its not a software solution. They mentioned there would still be a 10 to 20$ extra hardware cost to build a freesync monitor but instead of an add on board or some extra controller like gsync, it's simply the cost to support the vblank vesa standard which allows to "flash" the...
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    NZXT Announces The S340

    Nice video, sadly none of the technologies displayed were ever used to make this case :/ A forged case would be cool :)
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    Sprint Sells A Plan That Only Connects to Facebook or Twitter

    sprint deserves to loose money for bringing this sh... back from the grave.
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    Former NSA Director Wants $1M A Month For His Services

    With that much money, hes probably planning to get results by bribing hackers. lol.
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    Sprint Sells A Plan That Only Connects to Facebook or Twitter

    What a load of crap, Id rather get 500mb and decide what i do with it. If I were one of those website's owner I be pissed at sprint for charging directly for accessing my site.
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    Ambitious AI Project Operating in Near Secrecy for 30 Years

    This is it boys, robots are going to kill us and they will be responsible.
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    China Bans Microsoft Office on Government Computers

    But... my guess is they are switching to wps aka kingsoft office.
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    China Bans Microsoft Office on Government Computers

    Its true about the piracy, but if they pick up libre office as their new standard it could give that office suite the push it needs to become more mainstream.... in turn microsoft might be forced to stop screwing with their file format... god damn thing has gotten so out hand, cant even keep...
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    Verizon To Reconnect Data Plans For Chromebook Owners

    Lol, good one. But in all seriousness.. who wants to bet that there was more than a "small group" of people affected? Who wants to bet that it was more like all of them and they are playing pretend in hopes people's ignorance will cover up for them once again? Ya my money is on that...
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    Is Linux Mint 17 the Ubuntu Killer?

    Obviously i meant the left... tought night, kids didnt sleep so well :p
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    Is Linux Mint 17 the Ubuntu Killer?

    No. Unity isnt that bad... locking the task bar to the bottom left is BAD, locking the windows controls on the left is BAD, locking a stupidly redundant bar (top panel) at the top of the screen that severs no purpose but steal screen real estate and clutter our ui is BAD. Its a nice idea...
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    Pay-To-Win Beats Out Multiplayer

    Dont worry about this crap. Its total bullshit. In the times we live in with our internet people actually want social games aka multiplayer. So even if they think its a good idea they wont have a choice but give us what we want in the end. you know, the end when your wallet runs out of money and...
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    Ten Minute Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

    Looks pretty good actually. If the openness of the hacking is as complete as the video suggest this could be very interesting. Also, this is a new franchise, so I'm not surprised people are cautious about a 1st day purchase. I have a few friends involved with this game and trust me when I...
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    Symantec Calls Antivirus 'Doomed'

    Good judgement is the only reliable tool. When that fails that's why you haven an AV, but as far as I'm concerned, they all pretty much suck and the reason is that a lot of them are outsourcing virus definitions. Microsoft's AV solution was going strong when it started but it started to loose...
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    UPS Delivers $400K Drone To Wrong Person

    I just hope they will not be pissed at the guy for posting pics of their drone online. Then again, there isn't much going on there. Its old tech. One good thing came out of that tough, now we know were Nintendo got his idea for the Wii U controller. Or maybe they are the ones making the...
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    Symantec Calls Antivirus 'Doomed'

    I've been in the business for over 15 years... the only adjusting and adapting Symantec needs to do is go bankrupt. Its been in the business of ruining every software they put their hands on and like all their software their Antivirus solutions are so bloated that its the first thing uninstalled...
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    SensaBubble: A Chrono-Sensory Mid-Air Display

    Come on guys! its not a next gen console but its still pretty cool. I cant believe a single one of you wouldn't like to receive notifications that way. Someone went... hey man wouldnt it be cool if... and they built it. Gotta love weed.
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    Nintendo Sued For Patent Infringement Again

    Getting sued for dual monitor setup?! god damn. That company needs to get a life. Next up: Unfrozen cave man sues the world for using toilet paper. Came up with the idea 10 billion years ago. :rolleyes:
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    Futuristic Firefighter Helmet

    Slap an occulus rift in there and Ill take two! Heck, ok forget the occulus right, I still want one! :D
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    Grail To The Thief Kickstarter

    A very cool project! I am lucky that everyone in my entourage has excellent vision but I can only imagine what it would be like to have a blind child or father. This is going to make a lot of people happy. Can you imagine being able to play a game for the first time? Keep at it guys, I'm...
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    Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

    AWESOME! I hope they rap* the $"%T out of Facebook.:D
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    Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

    I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate this i hate this I hate...
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    Homeland Security Busts Child Abuse Ring That Relied on Tor

    Seriously man, think a little bit further next time you talk/write stuff online. We all hate the government, but this is one thing they do right. You probably don't have kids. I do and I can tell you if someone did this kinda if crap to them Id spend the rest of my life finding the mofos. Lets...
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    Our Robot Overlords Can Now Make Wanted Posters

    This is nothing new, 20 years ago I went to walt disney's Epcot center and there was a robot doing the exact same thing.
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    Unintentional Processor Deal of the Day

    Actualy im pretty sure they cost the same to make. Its probably the same CPU with features disabled to make a 2500k. Allows them to sell cpus that would otherwise be deffective if sold as 2700k (defective hyperthreading componenets or unable to reach higher mhz) I wouldnt be surprised in fact...
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    Antec Announces the Eleven Hundred Enclosure

    "Where EPIC happens" LMAO! POuHAHAHAHaHaaAHHA. :rolleyes: Damn you antec, were not 14 years old. That case is ugly anyways. And after 30 failed antec power supplies within 4 months at my job I'm staying away from that brand.
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    Foxconn Suicides Are Officially Out of Control

    No but... seriously dudes lock the fu@#!%g access to the roof and install cameras! Are they retards?
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Easy Cleaning System
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    People Think Mobile Phones Are Too Complicated, Survey Finds

    I think the real problem is related to bad interface designs. Not a lot of people know how to do it like apple. Too often we see on cell phones options that are hidden deep in a series of sub menus they are also in the wrong "section/category" of the menu. I think a lot of UI developpers dont...
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    Falcon 1 Launch Video

    Might as well say screw you nasa :eek: while your at it since this is a private organisation.
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    Creepy Speakers

    NICE! Just give it an orange paint job and youve got yourself a Kenny Speaker!
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    Falcon 1 Launch Video

    Awesome! congrats to all the Falcon 1 team. Now, were do I sign up for starfleet? :D
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    EA Sets Deadline for Take-Two Buyout

    Amen to that bro. But I also hate EA for taking down Westwood and Sierra. I really wouldnt mind if EA went down. Its gotta stop, they ruin everything they touch by overusing game franchises. Not only that the games are rushed out and to put it plain and simple they suck. Ubisoft is caught up...
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    Psystar Now Has Videos

    I dont see why you guys make such a big deal of them using miss matched screens and used tables. The setup is clean and the video shows the goods. Of course everything can be faked but been this fancy about the corporate image is kinda dumb. They are a startup company after all id prefer have...
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    Redesigned 8800GT - Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP

    The guy posts in big letters DONT BUY IT and the next few posts points out the pros of the card.... ok so which is it buy or dont?