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    A Bad Lip Reading Of 'Star Wars'

    NOt nearly as funny as some of their early videos... They're getting paid big bucks now, and getting lamer... Sad...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Beats the fuck out of waterboarding!!!! ;) CIA is on the phone with this guy now...
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    Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Claims Source

    It's simple... He finally found a company MAKING and not bleeding money, with a real R&D dept... Score for Samsung...!!!
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    Beats Solo HD $110

    I laugh at all the douchebags at the gym wearing bigass "beats", connected to even bigger smartphone trying to be "cool"... Dumba$$es...:rolleyes:
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    L16 52-Megapixel Camera Features 16 Lenses And Fits In Your Pocket

    Maybe two of those images look "OK", but my standard. The skateboarder and the portrait lady... Rest of them are pure garbage, with lots of noise, and signs of the software trying (any failing miserably) to play catch-up to shitty optics... This is iPhone level crap.. Nothing exciting to see...
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    [H]OT 6700k 319.99 @ Micricenter

    ^ yup... Not [H]ot at all for MC...
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    Pittsburgh Mayor: Verizon Broke Agreement To Provide FiOS To Entire City

    If he was really that "pissed off", he (and the other of the city leaders mentioned) would have already reached out to Google for Google Fiber, instead of sending some BS petition to Verizon... Money talks....
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    Thousands Of Photos By Apollo Astronauts Now On Flickr

    \not sure if seriuos.... If so...
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    Thousands Of Photos By Apollo Astronauts Now On Flickr

    Take that Moon Landing conspiracy theorists...!!!!
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    Clean Your Damn Console!

    Came out of this guys house:
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    Talk me out of building a budget AMD gaming rig?

    Why would anybody even consider a DEAD-END platform of AMD over Intel's offering now....???? Get him an i3 now, which will give him the SAME gaming performance as 8320 or 8350 in 99% of games out there. A year from now, he'll have some money saved up, and can spring for an i5 or even i7...
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    Manned Multi-Rotor Super Drone Flying Machine

    Pilot after getting off that thing: :D
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    Xeon E5 2630 v3, unlocked?

    And where did you hear that? AFIK the only way to "OC" this Xeon is through BLCK, if your motherboard supports it... PS
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    Canon T5i + Lens + Printer $399 @ ebay

    Deal is from Buydig, which happens to be one of the most reliable e-tailer out there.... So no worries...
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    Google Maps Now Shows You Where You've Been

    It's HUGE news, as this time they're sharing that data with YOU TOO, as opposed to just selling it to the highest bidder...;)
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    Why People Pirate Video Games

    Again, you're somehow giving "gaming" a status of a "god given right"!!!! Access to games, or lack there of, due to your financial situation has NOTHING do do with public institutions you mentioned !!!! Access to library != "right" to pirate games....!!!
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    Why People Pirate Video Games

    Why don't we (the working people with morals) give them (the "poor" people with no games) a new apartment, full fridge, new clothes, TV and PC/game consoles along with the free games they so much deserve(!!!), so we can all live happily ever after.... :eek: Hell, why don't we throw in some...
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    Why People Pirate Video Games

    When did gaming become a "right"?!?!?! The first few "excuses" were basically; "Hey, we ain't got no money but we DESERVE to have these games"... I'm like:
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    Another Overwatch Gameplay Trailer

    Is it just me, or is [H] try to really "hard" (pun intended) to plug this game???? What gives... ! And it's a "meeehhhhh" game at the most.
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    DARPA Derps

    LOLed while talking to my boss on the phone.... Couldn't explain "what was so damn funny?!?!?" :eek::D
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    Fallout 4 Vault 111 Location?

    ^^^^^ x 1.e+30 !!!!!
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    China to Spend $182 Billion to Boost Internet by End of 2017

    In related news, U.S. Government will spend the exact same amount in court battles with Comcats, Verizon and ATT over the next three years...:rolleyes:
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    Ark: Survival Evolved Lets You Domesticate Dinosaurs

    They had me at DoDo bird!!!!!! :D
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    Deconstructing Videogames For The Purpose Of Art

    5min of a "truck backing up" beeping...!!!!! WTF Steve!!! ;)
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    AMD's Radeon R9 490X will reportedly arrive in 2016 with HBM2 and 14nm

    That means 390x will most likely suck a$$ is they feel the need to spin some PR with that kind of announcement...... Too bad. :(
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for $89 - microcenter

    CPU or motherboard.
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    Newegg: XFX R9 280X - $189.99 after rebate

    Got that card and a 7950 in Crossfire... Rips through all games I play on highest settings no problem....
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    Can you upgrade CPU in this system? Or is it BGA.
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    LG Split Screen Drastically Reduces Security

    LG is using the same SuperDuper Windows root account/password that allows NSA to spy on you....;)
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    You need to get out more buddy... :eek: :D
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    Korean 1440p IPS monitors - $200 or less [REFURBS]

    Just got my Topsync. Took less than a week to deliver. There are a few light scuff marks on the bezel and the stand, but the screen itself is pristine. There was however a screw lose inside the monitor. I could hear it rattle upon taking the panel out of the box. Took it apart before...
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    Samsung plans to by AMD?

    This could be good or really, REALLY bad for PC market... Doubt Samsung really cares about that segment...
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    AT&T Drops Gigapower Prices in Raleigh

    Hmm.... Competition does that???? Brilliant!!!!! :rolleyes:
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    Warm? 300G raptor @ egg: $49.99 shipped after code ESCAPAP25

    This 1TB drive is still priced above the rest at $200... But I do believe when it came out, the original price was around $300...;)
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    Warm? 300G raptor @ egg: $49.99 shipped after code ESCAPAP25

    Awesome....! For the money, these are great "secondary PC" hard drives. I already have one from a year ago, and is still going strong in my "fart around" AMD rig, where load speeds are not a priority. My main Intel rig though is all SSD's..;) Thanks OP.
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    Want Fiber? Do More To Get It, Google Exec Tells Cities

    WHAT DA FUCK are you talking about....!??!? I lived in KC and had Google Fiber. It was ~$70 for Internet only, and $120 for Internet + FAR superior (quality wise) cable channel lineup....!!!! And do you really think ATT would be offering their Gigabit service for the price you're paying...
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    x79 motherboards on clearance at microcenter

    Definitely not because of Fry's... Houston has 3 Fry's locations and Micorcenter is still going strong... They actually build a new, bigger store 2min from their old location. This city is a major cluster@#$, but having Fry's and Microcenter within 30min drive make it more livable...:cool: