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    Science Confirms That Bluetooth Headphones Are "Mostly Terrible"

    Also: They never ever fucking ever, just work. You always have to jiggle the handle juuuust right to keep them working trough the day. I wish i could go back in time and kill Bluetooth in the cradle. Whatever would have came instead, couldn't be worse.
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    Apple iOS 12 Disables 'GrayKey' iPhone Hack Used by Governments Around the World

    Good! Its every good citizens duty to fight the criminal behavior of rouge states like the USA, Russia, NK, Iran, China, Turkey, and similar collections of lowlife scumbags.
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    Fake Adobe Flash Updater Installs Crytocurrency Miners
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    Google Will Continue Hiding "WWW" but Not "M" in Chrome 70

    They should remove the .google. too. And all those unsightly dots and semicolons and slashes and hashes and shit no one uses anyway. mail com mail u 0 ui 2 view btop ver fh436bfu search inbox th vmk38jngn cvid 3 There you go, all nice and clean now. And get those ugly pillars away from...
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    Sci-Fi Series From George R.R. Martin Coming to SyFy This Fall

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." ? ( AKA: Hey visitor to our site... FKC YOU, don't LOOK at me ! ! ! )
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    Magic Leap Shows its AR Prowess Off...Finally...Maybe

    I would like something that emulates the feel of wearing old-timey VR-glasses from the 1990's. Is that at all possible?
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    Perfect for the next Mac Pro.
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    New 2018 iPhone Models to Come in Gold, Grey, White, Blue, Red and Orange Colors

    And of course: Lemon yellow (only along the edges)
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    Allegedly Passed Out Drunk on Bay Bridge, Tesla Driver Claims Car Was on “Autopilot”

    So we are already at the point where artificial intelligence can replace non-artificial stupidity. Next step: Artificial intelligence replaces non-artificial intelligence. Next step after that: Artificial intelligence replaces replaces non-artificial intelligence with something less annoying...
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    Glass-Bodied iPhone 8 Shatters Repeatedly in Drop Tests

    Useless! They should be legally required to repair any broken glass at no cost to the owner, for the lifetime of the phone. Any one who want to make a phone out of fucking GLASS, should do so at their own risk. Durable, you say? Prove it. Prove it, with your wallet.
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    Ex-Tesla Engineer Creates a Cure for Hangovers

    So its a jar of bullets?
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    Facebook Sued For $1B For Alleged Use Of Medium For Terror

    What about the utility companies who supplied the electricity to power their computers? And the novelty-shops where they buy their salami swords?
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    Man Says Tesla Car Started And Crashed On Its Own

    And that's not all. It also sucked down the entire content of a bottle of scotch that was stored in the glove-compartment! And there wasn't any air at all in the spare-tire, just useless white powder! Don't buy Tesla, unless you like to get screwed.
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    20-year-old Military Weather Satellite Apparently Exploded in Orbit

    Clearly the work of the fascist gay EU-loving American CIA regime in the still non liberated parts of The Ukraine. Time to step up the humanitarian heavy truck-deliveries across the border.
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    Computers, And Computing, Are Broken

    Such colossal EPIC irony, that the text is published on I honestly couldn't be bothered to even try reading through it, when I realized that the link took me to that sinkhole of shitty usability that is , the Windows Vista of websites. (please scroll ONE MEELION pages...
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    By 2020, You Could Be Using an Optical SuperComputer

    So in the future all computers will have lots of blinking lights? Just like predicted, in every old movie?
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    A Facebook Vulnerability You Don’t Wanna Miss

    "Think about it like this: you download an app that promises to do one thing, but actually comes from a hacker who wants to seriously invade your privacy by mining your data. " Like 90% of the stuff om Google Play.
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    Device That Translates Dog Brainwaves Into Speech

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    PSA: Young Children Should Avoid Using Tablets

    An Apple a day , keeps zombie jObs away.
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    Your iPhone Uses More Energy Than A Refrigerator

    Do they count the energy needed to make the stuff that you put in the fridge too? Like they do with the iphone...
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    iPhone Explodes in China, Injures User's Eye

    Good thing Google Glass and similar devices will soon make phones redundant.
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    Dad Builds Functional 737 Cockpit in Kids’ Bedroom

    Functional? I doubt that very much, unless the function of the cockpit in a 737 has nothing to do with the 737.
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    PayPal Accidentally Gives Man $92 Quadrillion

    Id quickly use some of the cash to buy paypal and close it down before they knew something was wrong. And just to make sure, id also buy the whole planet and make myself the emperor too.
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    Opera Browser for PCs Reborn as Opera Next

    Is anyone testing designs on Opera anymore? I stopped a couple of years ago. Since Opera seemed to have almost as many rendering bugs as older IE. Fx text looking huge, elements moving around, etc, even though the code was flawless. I got fed up when i noticed more and more pages...
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    Unintentionally Funny Picture of the Day

    Aaap aap, aaap aaap aap. Aaap aap, ap, AAAAP AAAP AAP! (Dont worry, our planet is your planet. Line up for friend group-photo!)
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    Internet Advertisers Kill Text-Based CAPTCHA

    Here is how you fix this thing: Offer micro-payments, for every submit, as an alternative. Give the poster (or whatever the form is for) the choice between solving the CAPTCHA or whatever, OR allowing a tiny sum to be transferred from their account (pay-pal or whatever). Make the...