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    FS Batman Arkham Origin's Steam code $23

    Update----now $20
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    FS Batman Arkham Origin's Steam code $23

    I have an extra Steam code. I can do Paypal or Amazon to verified accounts only.
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    FS/FT Batman Arkham Origins CD key

    Actually I sold it but the guy I sold it to claims that it was already redeemed. So I am trying to get a new code from Newegg or Nvidia. So lock this one up for now.
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    FS/FT Batman Arkham Origins CD key

    I am unable to use Amazon payments unfortunately. I've tried contacting them but it's been several days and no response. Apparently the info I gave them doesn't match what they have on file. So I still have the code, I was waiting for a response from a buyer and it's been a few days so I am...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    I have a EVGA 7900GTX 512mb card that I used for about 5 years before upgrading my entire system.
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    FS/FT Batman Arkham Origins CD key

    I got a Batman Arkham Origins Steam code from ordering a new Nvidia 780GTX. I am not into Batman so would like to sell the code for $25 or trade straight across for a Saints Row: IV Steam code. I can do Paypal or Amazon payments.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked 1280 MB x 2 $120ea shipped

    I have to 570 GTX's I run in SLI that I am selling to upgrade to a new set of cards. These cards were bought in 6/2011 and are in perfect condition. I have had 0 issues with these cards. They are kept nearly dust free inside my lovely Silverstone FT-02 case. I even have the original boxes as...
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    MPAA Says Piracy Damages Can’t Be Measured

    It's like that old joke, a movie theater was robbed of $250 last night. The thieves stole 2 large popcorn combos and some Twizzlers. I was just reading an article where they said that the reason, at least with movies, there is so much pirating is because there is such a long delay between...
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    Play Super Mario Bros. In Your Browser

    I'll stick with my MAME32 thanks. :D
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    Delta Six FPS Gun Controller Finalized

    The only thing that weapon can protect is the users virginity.
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    Intel On GTA 5 PC Release

    I hope the wacky camera angle gameplay doesn't carry over from the last one. It really turned me off to playing it.
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    How Old Is Too Young To Go Online?

    I don't think there is a real age limit with proper supervision. It's all about the parenting in my book.
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    Skype - how to disable auto login?

    I think you can just go into msconfig and disable it there, no? If you're not familiar with using msconfig just use a program like CCleaner and they have a startup tool where you can enable/disable programs from starting up when you log into Windows. I had a friend complaining about Skype too...
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    How strict were your parents on violent videogames?

    My father was adamant when it came to violent video games. He had to play first. Damn computer hog that he was. :) He could care less about how violent games were. He knew that's all they were was a game, nothing more.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Logitech G-15 keyboard Razer Naga Molten mouse Razer Goliath mouse pad
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    My Latest "Old" Case

    Same here. I don't think I could even fathom where to start or how to get that aged look. Very nice work indeed.
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    Favorite Recent Case ?

    I love the Silverstone FT-02 still. I've had mine about 2 years and it's the best case I've ever owned. My only real beef with it was there is not a lot of room on the back of the mobo side for wire management. Maybe another 1/2" wide would have been perfect.
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    Project: Dark Armor

    Looks like a great project. I like those plates you had made. How much did those things cost? Just curious.
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    Modding not popular anymore?

    I think a lot of people might be on a tighter budget and seeing as there are so many pretty decent cases that look awesome and have great features, people just go with a stock case. I think also when people are on a budget unless they are very handy with tools and such, they might not want to...
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    New build, first SSD

    Yeah, definitely keep your platter HD unplugged. Windows likes to go rogue now and then. ;)
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    Ratpadz still in business?

    I placed an order last week, got the confirmation email right after the order was placed but have no idea on the status of it. I tried to contact them but all they have is a message form webpage and when I submit my question, it comes back as "sending failed". I can't find any other contact info...
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    Crucial M4 drives failing in droves at 5200 hours of cumulative operation!

    The error hit me as well. While the data remains intact, the problem is affecting other things. Such as my front USB inputs stopped working as well as my DVD burner. It also affected the speed of the drive. So I thought maybe there was some kind of corruption. I unfortunately did a clean install...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I could replace a very old Nvidia GTX7900!
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    Anyone have these problems with Logitech G930?

    I have a Verizon Fios router. Even if I shut it off with the headset and transceiver within 12 inches from each other, I get the same problem. I have a set of Logitech Clear Chat USB Wireless that I have no problems with at all. Logitech has deemed the unit defective, so I RMA'd them to Newegg...