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    Flexible fan holders: gooseneck, or like soldering third hands

    I've used photography bits and pieces for that sort of thing before. You can get articulated arms with ¼" thread on each end, and clamps that have ¼" threaded holes on them. Cheap ones tend to be poor quality, but good enough for holding light things like fans.
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    Monitor "Overdrive" response time damage or reduced lifespan ?

    This may be technically true, but other parts of the monitor will wear out long before the transistors in the panel do, so effectively it's going to have no effect on monitor lifespan. There are so many factors that affect how long a monitor lasts that there's no way you can say that a faster...
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    My monitor's power supply creates spikes on the outlet, will it burn my house?

    Can you see how long the spikes are? I would guess that it's just measuring noise (which power supplies can produce a lot of).
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    10gbe m.2 adapter gets hot.

    For comparison, the Asus XG-C100C uses the same AQC107 chip, but has a heatsink that looks to me at least 4x bigger.
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    Your most played games?

    None of the games I play have usage tracked, but the list will surely look something like this: Unreal Tournament (1, 2003/4, 3) Diablo 2 X4 Skyrim There are lots of other games that I probably have >100 hours in, either because they simply take that long to finish, or because I've played them...
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    Why manufacturer remove ATW Polarizer if it solves one of the biggest IPS problem?

    Depending on how big the monitor is, and how far away you sit from it, you might find that the edges are affected slightly by IPS glow. I've not used a monitor with an ATW polarizer so I can't say how much difference they make to this, but there is definitely room for improvement.
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    Weirdest Game you Ever played?

    Zeno Clash: I don't know who you are, or what's going on, but I'm going to punch you in the face. At least I think that's your face. The Path: I dont even
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    MN21 12V rechargeable battery

    After a bit of searching, it looks like there simply isn't any such standard. The ones you've seen were probably custom made for whatever reason. What do you need it for? According to Wikipedia, it's really close in size to a 10280 lithium-ion battery. If you have enough room and can do some...
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    Power delivery difference between PCI-E 1X, 4X, and 16x

    I happen to have a copy of the PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, which says: So it can be 75W for any slot, but 1x slots might be only 25W. Cards are supposed to query the slot for how much power they are allowed to draw.
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    Trepang 2 Inspired by F.E.A.R

    I played this through just after it was released, and I thought it was really good; the best FPS I've played in a long time. I can see why it's compared with F.E.A.R. but it's not really the same sort of game. F.E.A.R. was a horror game first, and an FPS second, emphasizing the atmosphere and...
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    Are you using ECC with 64 GB+?

    NamelessPFG's post made me check my logs, and there has now been 1 corrected error on my PC, which happened in April this year, not long after my previous post where I said this machine had never had an error. With just a single error over the 3 years since I built it, it's unlikely to be...
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    Games with great stories.

    It's hard to distinguish between games that have a great story from ones that have great storytelling. There are plenty of games that have a plain old Hero's Journey story, and yet feel great because the characters are so well developed that you can empathize with them, and the world is so...
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    5950x and Memory Overclock Fail

    In case it helps, my experience with RAM overlocking with a 5950X and an Asus CH8DH is that it will fail memory training if I set both the timings and the clock speed at the same time. I have to set the timings, reboot, then set the clock speed.
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    Are you using ECC with 64 GB+?

    Ever have any unexplained crashes? Ever verify the integrity of a game on Steam and have it fix a problem? Or run sfc /scannow and have it find a problem? How would you even know if any other files became corrupt? For instance if you have a collection of photos, do you open them all to check?
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    Email - do you use software or web based in a browser client? How many emails do you have as well ?

    Old thread, but since it has been resurrected... I use Thunderbird because I like having local copies of all my emails rather than leaving their preservation in the hands of a 3rd party. I've been using local email clients for a long time, with the oldest email I still have archived dated...
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    Games that made you cry (NO SPOILERS).

    I'm far too manly to actually cry, but if I was that sort of person, then To The Moon would surely have caused me to sob with a bittersweet mixture of fulfillment and loss.
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    Time Keeper Case Mod

    The way the clock face is textured by the 3D printing infill actually looks nice. I wonder if that will become a deliberate aesthetic in the future, like woodgrain or carbon fibre weave are now?
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    Yes. Windows' cache doesn't count as "in use" because Windows will immediately free it if an application needs more RAM. It's good that the total in use + cache fills all your RAM, because as acquacow mentioned above, it's wasted if it's empty. The different memory metrics are certainly...
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    I just want to complain about memory not being enough

    The 27GB cached is in addition to the 36GB in use. You can see this in task manager by hovering the mouse over the "memory composition" chart - the two dark portions are in-use, and the lighter portion to the right is cahe. If there was any memory free, there would be a second lighter part on...
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    Time Keeper Case Mod

    I was going to say that this is great because it's actually functional, unlike a lot of mods which just have decorative parts tacked on. However, I can't see any connection between the clockwork and the hands - is it just a standard AA battery clock mechanism doing the timekeeping? Nonetheless...
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    Wondering about the viability (or even possibility) of turning off speculative execution.

    If you want a modern-ish CPU without speculative execution, you can try a Raspberry Pi. They certainly aren't fast enough for gaming, but they work for everyday use.
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    Does anyone here actually use their TOSLINK port on their MOBO?

    The most frustrating thing about this is that there were TOSLINK transceivers capable of 125Mbps available in the past, e.g. the now-unavailable Toshiba TOTX1701. That's way more than needed even for something silly like 10 channels at 24/96 (23Mbps). It's just that no one bothered to...
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    My Simple integrated desk case

    Neat! I haven't seen a case with UV lighting for quite a while. I think I can see one exhaust fan beind the rear IO in the photos, and the PSU to the left of the GPU presumably also exhausts air. Is that all the ventialtion, or is there an intake fan too?
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    Does anyone here actually use their TOSLINK port on their MOBO?

    I do. I use it to avoid ground loops. It's also nice that the cables are extremely small compared to HDMI.
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    zenbleed AMD security bug

    If I'm reading AMD's own page about this right, the long delay is only to get the fix into BIOSes. The fix is available right now as a microcode update, which has already been added to Linux. I don't know about Windows though.
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    How do you guys organize all the cables that plug into the back panel on your motherboard?

    It's an Akasa AK-CBUB52-50BK the just uses the USB headers that are already on the motherboard. It was hard to find one that had both USB type A and C. If you can't use one of those because the headers are already used up for front IO, then you might be able to use a USB 2 version, since a lot...
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    How do you guys organize all the cables that plug into the back panel on your motherboard?

    Have a case that places all the IO at the top where it's easy to reach. Velcro everything. By keeping it all neat, it's much easier to access free ports. There's a PCI bracket with some extra USB ports which are far away from the cabling jungle at the motherboard IO. This makes it much easier to...
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    That doesn't look normal at all. My G7 doesn't do that no matter what settings I use. When you say "the VRR option", do you mean the one labelled "FreeSync Premium Pro", or the one labelled "VRR Control"?
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    Minimum recommended video ram for a new video card ?

    If it really is just that game, then the official requirements say 3GB. That surely won't be a pleasant experience, but you asked for the minimum, and that's it. For more general use, I wouldn't even think of getting anything less than 12GB, and more is better.
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    Compares Asus motherboard "heatsink" vs. Gigabyte motherboard Heatsink

    Because the electrical conductivity of the silicon used to make the memory cells increases with temperature, making it easier to write to.
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    Laser-based CPU usage monitor

    Have you ever wanted to know what your CPU usage was, but not wanted to use simple software like Windows Task Manager because it doesn't have enough lasers in it? Then you might like this thing I made, seen here inside my sister's PC: It starts off with a Hall-effect sensor (the thing on the...
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    Are you using ECC with 64 GB+?

    I use ECC RAM wherever possible, including on my current PC with 64GB of DDR4. It's just a normal desktop PC with normal unregistered DDR4. There haven't been any errors recorded to date, except ones from when I was experimenting with overclocking the RAM (where ECC is useful because it lets...
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    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    I think the answer is "no".
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    MSI Also Working on Motherboard With Connectors on the Reverse Side

    There will still be a lot of stuff sticking out on the front though. So the next step will be to move the memory, CPU and GPU over to the other side, then it will be nice and clean on the front.
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    Anyone ordered from this UK business?

    I've not ordered from them, but a good way to check if a UK business is legit is to look for a VAT number. It's suspicious if they don't display one somewhere. Then you can check here that it matches the name and address:
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    Seeking Electrical Advice: Carrying a PC PWM Signal a Long Way

    Yes, it should be fine. Consider that you can get things like >50ft long HDMI cables, and those will connect ground at both ends via the shield without any problems.
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    Seeking Electrical Advice: Carrying a PC PWM Signal a Long Way

    Voltage is relative. In order to send a signal over a wire, there must be something that the voltage is relative to. This is normally a ground wire, defined as 0V. You don't need the two devices to be connected to the same power source, you just need to connect that 0V reference together for...
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    Seeking Electrical Advice: Carrying a PC PWM Signal a Long Way

    If they are normal 4-wire PC fans, they will be ~25kHz.
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    Seeking Electrical Advice: Carrying a PC PWM Signal a Long Way

    Current must flow in a complete circuit - it can't just go from one device to another and then stop without returning. If the two devices are both earthed, then the return path for the current will be through the earth wiring in the walls. If they aren't earthed then the current may be able to...
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    What happened to Graphics Card box art babes?

    I wish more GPUs came in plain unprinted cardboard boxes, with cardboard padding instead of foam. I know it's only a tiny part of the massive amount of resources used to make the card itself, but at least the packaging would then be fully recyclable.