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    USB drive plugged in prevents POST

    Issue solved. The drive was set up as a GPT. No idea why that would prevent POST, but alas.
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    USB drive plugged in prevents POST

    So I need help with this issue. I've scoured the internet and everyone says 'check boot order' or 'disable legacy USB support'. I've triple checked the boot order and my internal HD with the OS installed is set to boot first (at least while the drive is not plugged in). When the drive is...
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Mine had an open box on sale for $299, with a 2 year warranty extension for $30. Felt like I couldn't go wrong...
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    HA! Yes. That's the exact problem. Now what...
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    Ok so here are the results: I have two monitors (TV and Playstation 3D Monitor). 1) When plugged into TV, computer boots fine and if I unplug and then plug into PS 3D Monitor, works just fine. 2) When plugged into Playstation 3D monitor, computer wont boot past the BIOS screens. If I unplug...
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    Weird. I'm so confused why this worked. The driver/monitor combination was actually causing the boot to fail, cause I plugged it into another monitor after it was already on -- nothing. However, when I restarted the machine with it plugged into that monitor, boots just fine. What a bizarre...
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    That's the problem. No integrated graphics on the mobo, and it wasn't a card switch. I just finally got a 3d compatible display so I tried the 3d drivers and boom, this happens.
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    So I tried installing a new 3d graphics card driver for my new 3d display. When it prompted me to restart, I did. Now, I can't get it to boot at all. It will display the normal BIOS related startup stuff, but when it comes time for Windows to take over, it just shows a gray screen with...
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    Would appreciate a guest pass if you dont mind. :)
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass

    Would like a guest pass if someone has one available. :)
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    Valve's new pricing scheme. Don't be a jerk, get stuff cheaper.

    Uh, guys...this has been done for decades in the business to business market. It's called customer segmentation. Those customers who pay on time and in full, accept delivery on time, do not fall outside of SLA's, etc. are given the best bottom dollar price and best pricing terms. Those who all...
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    FFXIV Beta?

    So odd. I registered a FFXIII code that specifically states priority access to the FFXIV beta and I've yet to receive an email. Awesome.
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    Razor Venom: WTF!?

    Make sure you check out with the Razer Venom. Quite funny.
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    New Releases - Midnight @ Wal Mart?

    Well I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone say "I'd rather give my money to Wal-Mart". Heh. In any case, WalMarts are usually the biggest infractions when it comes to breaking release dates -- several big release games are pushed to stores a few days early and sometimes sold a...
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    Quantum-Logic Clock 100K Times More Precise

    I love the number of keyboard scientists we have here at [H]. If I say big words, can I be accepted into the group as well?
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    New Chrome Build Supports Javascript Control

    If you could export your NoScript db, I'd be happy to use Chrome.
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    Final Fantasy 1 & 2 are coming to the iPhone

    *sigh* Why can't we live in a peaceful world with iPhone users and Android users. I love my iPhone, but I wouldn't mind an Android phone.
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    Mass Effect 2 - PC - $41

    hehe, I did the same thing a while back. They had the Guild Wars trilogy on sale for like $20 and I posted yet the filter blocked out the URL. :(
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    Mass Effect 2 - PC - $41

    It's because they illegally advertised on here a few times and Kyle had enough.
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    Looking for a good uncharted type of game Did someone say not colorful? /thread
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    Star Trek Online Open Beta opens tomorrow

    Why not just try it for yourself? I'm sure more beta keys will pop up before launch. So far, I really like the graphics -- but I havent had a lot of time to play. I will report back with my findings once I do.
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    Star Trek Online Open Beta opens tomorrow

    Any chance of grabbing an open beta key online somewhere or is it a true open beta where anyone can try?
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    Bono Calls for Tougher Download Controls

    Well played. I only read about 3 posts in this thread, but the intro sentence to yours made me stop and lol.
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    New Heavy Rain trailer (NSFW)

    I don't know what all the complaining about QTEs is. I'd much rather do them than play Simon while watching a pivotal story sequence like Indigo Prophecy.
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    10 Twitter Safety Tips To Protect Yourself

    *shrug* Twitter, like Facebook, has its own market. Sure, we may not use Twitter because of a seeming lack of purpose, but they probably think equally bad and incorrect things about message boards full of tech geeks.
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    Anyone else disgusted with feminine male characters in Japanese RPGs?

    If anything, I'm disgusted with the stereotypes in JRPGs --- the 17 year old male hero, the love interest 16 y/o heroine, the big muscular monk, the scrawny wizard, etc etc. I just find it interesting that guys in this thread find men that are less than brawny as "feminine". If you are...
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    If you find one, let me know. I've been looking for one as well. PS sorry I havent been on recently. Finals just wrapped up so I should be on more now!
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    FS: Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse 5600dpi

    can I ask why you're selling?
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Added -- my name is Psylion Lowind. Will PM you ingame if I see you on.
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    Best game we've never played?

    That's strange. They already made 2 Western themed games in the style of Commandos...:confused: EDIT: Ah -- I see what happened. Helldorado is the third in the Desperados line.
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Note these were all from the Nightfall Xpack, hence the African theme. Here are some cool shots from Factions, the second one. Some favorites:
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Check out these screenshots, btdubs...
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    I have to disagree. The OP purchased the Triolgy which is a HUGE amount --- I MEAN HUGE amount of PvE content that only gets better as you move up. Like the OP said -- if he starts in Nightfall, he'll get the absolute best PvE experience GW1 has to offer, which is a pretty awesome experience.
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Honestly though, I like that feature. Gets you ingame faster. *shrug* So I forgot to mention, this week is finals week. I'll be in game pretty rarely but should pick up at the end of this week.
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 earphones - $99

    Actually it's $99.99 AR. $150 pre-rebate.
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Actually, that goes for anyone -- hit me up if you're still playing this game.
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    Just getting into Guild Wars

    Hey Space! Let's meet up in character is Psylion Lowind.
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    Google Wave invites

    would love one! Thanks!