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    FS: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Excellent condition

    Price drop! 465 shipped (Ground only, US. Anything else and we can deal.)! Boxed up and ready to go, I can get this thing sent out same/next day. Common question: How old is it? This is from the launch in Sept '14, so its a bit over a year old. Not a single issue in all that time.
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    FS: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Excellent condition

    $475? Who's in need of some synchronized G's?
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    FS: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Excellent condition

    Post-christmas bump. Who's got cash to spend? $490.
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    FS: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Excellent condition

    Price drop, $500 takes it.
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    FS: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Excellent condition

    This is a great panel in excellent shape. No stuck or dead pixels, smooth uniform backlight. Silky smooth 144fps with gsync, great color from a full 8-bit panel... honestly you all know what this monitor is. Lightly used, the entire monitor is in excellent shape. Comes with the power brick...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your tip #8 fixed the hum in my set which was driving me nuts. The two larger 35v caps is what did it.
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    FS: Intel i7 2600k

    For sale: i7 2600K with original retail packaging and unused intel HSF. Good overclocker, ran at 4.6Ghz with 1.35v on water, never higher. No need to push it too hard because its so fast. Stepping SR00C (if that matters). Asking $225 shipped to US.
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    FS: NIB Verbatim 64GB drive

    Exactly how many hours of intimate videos would i be able to have on this drive? This is important.
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    Wtb Win95 on floppies! or a dell lattitude lm cdrom!

    Why not install linux over the network? It would run a lot faster anyway...
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    Cleveland Area: Large 1-topping Papa johns pizza 23 cents! HOT

    Haha... best use of the HOT tag yet. Wait, its Papa Johns; you better change it to [Slightly-warm/soggy].
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR - $199

    Damn.... thats a steal.
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    FS: Watercooling bundle

    Oh, cool. Is the 120 G1/4 thread?
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    FS: Watercooling bundle

    Hey did you get that pump fixed?
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    Quick Question re: 8800 GTX DDen cooler

    I don't think you're going to fit an second card in there even with the DDen. I cannot recommend EK enough over DangerDen. What kind of card is the PCI-card?
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    3007wfp vs 3007wfp-hc vs wait (3008wfp)

    Don't forget the HP LP3065. Much better than the 3007-HC
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    FS: Ratpadz XT

    Haha, I like the part where you're reselling the pad on the creator's own website. Way to slap a man in the face. On a more serious note, ratpads blow.
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    Project: Beast 2.5

    I dare you to open up that DangerDen block. You don't think they went with an opaque cover just for fun, do you? I nearly vomited when I took the top off mine... Impressive build as always.
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    High flow fitting vs. perfect seal fitting

    I hate the perfect seal fittings. They're a massive pain to get hose onto and I always feel like I have to put way too much pressure on the fitting to get the hose on.
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    Need thermal tape for 8800GTX

    No, any sort of paste wont work. there is a very large gap between the heat sink and the memory. I've probably got a dozen tubes of AS5 laying around, the problem is I need something thick between them.
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    Need thermal tape for 8800GTX

    I put my 8800GTX on a full cover waterblock a while ago, but now I have to use the air cooler again while I rebuild my water loops in a new case. The thermal tape on the stock cooler fell apart when I pulled it off, and I can't find anything even close to the thickness that they used on...
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    Worth it to WC Evga 680i NB and SB?

    I had blocks on my nb/sb and had to pull them off and put the fan back on while I'm redoing my loops. That tiny fan is easily the loudest thing in my whole setup and its extremely annoying. I disconnected the fan and I'm running it passive for the time being. It seems to be ok for now, mainly...
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Haha, wow. I'm never using AC fluid again. I've got 2 bottles of FluidXP Extreme coming, along with 20 feet of the UV blue hose from Jab-tech that will work with my 3/8" barb system. We'll see how well that works (after I blast all the junk out of my big-ass radiator, that is)
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    EK or Danger den 8800 gtx block?

    ^^ Heheh. I'm also going to suggest EK.
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Hahaha, I have some of that coming with a Twinplex SLI. About the FluidXP...l can you even add that to the cart? I cant seem to do it.
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. I just finished cleaning the hell out of all the parts. I'm going to try running FluidXP, and possibly look into remachining those stainless steel parts with some sort of acrylic; that would at least take the 3rd metal out of the loop. Anyone...
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Haha, no, I'm not doing that. My radiator is pretty easy to clean once its out, since its 2 pieces. When I first popped it open, it was in a lot better condition than I thought it would be. You can still see the sludge buildup in the channels, especially on the corner. Its kind of cool...
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Here's what's left of my bottle after doing both loops (about 1 liter combined) and one loop a second time: I did have a ton of blue motion in there however. It didn't seem to glow very much even under blacklight, so I kept adding it. I'm going to try white vinegar and maybe listerene...
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Yeah, I was going to get some FluidXP, but no one had it in stock with some other parts I needed. Anyone have any tips for cleaning out the inside of a BlackIce 240GT?
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    Shoggy: The goop in the block looked very similar to that. Mine wasn't that bad, but I bet it would have been if I had let it go any longer. This loop was only running for 2 MONTHS! Are you saying I should avoid the AC fluid? I have a bottle of similar stuff from Innovatek that would probably...
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    D-Den 8800 quality and corrosion (pics)

    the material in the center should be flush with the clear top, so even without a gasket hardly any water is going to get in there. I don't know why D-Den went with a center gasket, maybe to keep water from sitting in the center and corroding? And yeah, imagesocket is horribly slow, I'm...