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    Solution for data backup & sharing

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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Is that... dust on the keyboard? :eek:
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Glad to hear you like it! The desk itself is called "Silkeborg" and it's from JYSK :)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Now that I finally took some pictures of my desk, I thought I'd post them among others in this hopefully long-lasting thread :)
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    The usual "long time lurker, first time poster". Always thought I would not post since it's going to change anyway, but I guess nothing dramatic is going to happen anytime soon except the monitor arm which I've considered purchasing :) I've also thought of putting a some kind of plant (or some...
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Damn that looks just comfy, though those wires could be taped (with black tape :D) or zipped to the table leg! Some full-room pictures might also taste yammie :cool:
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    Which Need for Speed games are worth it?

    My favorite is Carbon. I bought the latest Hot Pursuit recently (cost 6,80 € on Steam), and I got a bit disappointed, not really worth the price imo. It sure has taken over 10 hours of my time in past 2 weeks but still... Bad things in this game are for example loading times and unvarious...
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    This is just something.
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    Question about 120hz monitors

    LG W2363D allows to set 120, 110, 100, 60, 59, (30 and 29 "interlaced") Hz. I can highly recommend it for gaming and other stuff. Picture is very smooth and input lag is 0 with THRU mode (picture must be full-sized), but sometimes there seems to be little tearing with movies and gaming. Don't...
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    what gaming mouse do you use/love?

    First I had MX310, then G1, Intelli 1.1 and now 3.0 I've also had plenty of other mice beside those four but MX310 was the best of all :)
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    Best 120hz Gaming Monitors as of today?

    I've had the W2363D for about a few months now, and I've been more than happy with it :). I could not move to 75Hz LCD after my SyncMaster 997MB (19" CRT) so I had to pick up 120Hz one because I play fast FPS games, and I'm not regretting my investment. I just hope there would be bigger ones...
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Your setup is so peaceful and just congenial, though I don't like that glaring case on top of that beautiful desk! Would you mind posting some full-room pictures since your room at least used to look pretty comfy ;)
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    Post your workstations 2011

    I don't think it's necessary to quote 12 pictures :)
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Imo that's a little huge downgrade compared to your old setup, which I remember from 2008-2009 maybe? If I may have a guess, you were living with your parents at those times?