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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I'm leaving for China for a few months on Friday. If anyone wants to drive to Allentown, PA (Wednesday or a Thursday) and pay me $20 (it is a b*tch to move down two flights of stairs, so consider it a moving fee ), it's all yours. I have no idea the condition. I bought it maybe 10 years ago and...
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I have been one of these sitting in my attic that I want to get rid of. What is the best way to get rid of this monitor? I don't wanna throw it away, and I spent good money on it, but it's just collecting dust in the attic. Ugh!
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    FS/FT: Galaxy Tab S w/ Accessories [-$20]

    I have a Galaxy Tab S 16GB and accessories that I've barely used. I bought it three years ago, used it for about a month or two, then it went into storage. They're esentially new. Galaxy Tab S and bluetooth keyboard have original packagaing. Heatware: eqtakeoffense Items [sold together, no...
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    S24D590 vs. P2314H

    So, as the thread suggests, which is the better monitor: S24D590 or P2314H? I'm going to be using this for general office usage. Very light gaming, but honestly, the thing I care most about is readability. I'll be working on office documents most of the day, so I'm mostly concerned about eye...
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    Apple Music Is A Mess

    I really don't understand the love for Spotify. It seems that people love it... but I honestly don't know why. What exactly does it do better than Apple? Spotify is so concerned about 'Following' playlists. I don't care what's popular. I want to listen to music that I like, not what 1,347,584...
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    Apple Music Is A Mess

    This is exactly my point. Spotify doesn't force anyone to use its social networking features, but it does heavily promote it. I don't desire or need social networking features. I don't want to go through the hassle of finding someone with similar tastes in music to me. What I want is to open...
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    Apple Music Is A Mess

    The fact that social networking is even integrated at all into the app is a huge turn off for me. I'm completely against social networking and hate it when its baked into apps. Plus, Spotify doesn't work for me in the country I'm in. So, there's that as well. Apple Music is the only service...
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    Apple Music Is A Mess

    I really enjoy Apple Music. Honestly, it's biggest selling feature for me is the lack of social networking. I absolutely abhor how Spotify is so social network oriented. I don't care what my friends are listening. All I want are great curated playlists to discover artists, and that is exactly...
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    Internet Security Needed?

    Thanks for the replies! You hit the nail on the head. My biggest concern is that I'm considering getting a tablet, maybe Atom based and I'm concerned that AV would slow things down considerably. I used to use Norton ages ago, and it was a pain in the ass. For the past few years I've used a...
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    Internet Security Needed?

    Is a more powerful AV necessary for a savvy computer user? I was reading a report that said Microsoft Windows Defender in 8.1 is pretty average when it comes to AV. I consider myself a pretty savvy user of the internets. Don't click on websites you don't trust, don't run a .exe that is fishy...
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    FS: Complete Mid 2011 MacMini Setup, 250GB PS3 w/ Movies & Games

    I'm looking to sell my MacMini Setup (including monitor, keyboard, mouse, everything). Here are the specs: Notice that the Time Machine disk is in Raid - 1 meaning you get two 750GB Western Digital external drives for Time Machine backup. I'm also including a Magic Mouse and an Apple...
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    FS: iPad 2 16GB Black WiFi w/ Smart Cover and Plastic Shell Case

    I'm looking to sell my iPad 2 16GB Black WiFi w/ Smart Cover and Plastic Shell Case. Excellent condition, no scratches, no dents, nothing. I barely used it to be honest which is why I'm trying to sell it. Heatware: x0vash0x $300 + Shipping, OBO.
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    AT&T Customers Try to Block Merger with T-Mobile

    Nope. No sarcasam. Not sure what outlandish fees you're talking about. Their prices are nearly identical to Verizon. If you're talking about 'hidden' fees, never got charged any. I check my bill every month, and never been surprised by any charges ever. I'm with AT&T on this one, seems kind...
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    AT&T Customers Try to Block Merger with T-Mobile

    No idea. Been with them for four years and never had an issue, ever. I for one hope this deal goes through. I'd love for AT&T to get bigger.
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    Well, laser printers will be able to print the most pages per roll of ink. If you don't mind black and white printing, I'd suggest a laser printer. Ex: HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer (CE657A#BGJ)...
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    Will using iPod Dock hurt iPad2?

    It's not a big deal.
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    Windows 8 Video Preview

    I can not stand Windows Phone 7's interface. Those 'Tiles' are way too in my face. I understand the idea of having access to information quickly like weather, but I like widgets much better, and I love Appel's Dashboard on the desktop front. I don't understand the need for in your face 'Tiles'...
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    Wake on LAN

    I have a relatively simple question. I have a media server that I want to wake from sleep whenever there is an internal LAN connection to it. What's the easiest and simplest way to do this? EDIT: Never mind. It was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be.
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    The iPad Circa 1994

    I think whoever made the video was a fortune teller. @7:01 the top news stories are, 1) Showdown with Iraq expected later this week 2) China warned not to veto U.N sanctions on Libya.
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    The iPad Circa 1994

    I find it odd, that for being able to predict the tablet remarkable well, they didn't predict touch screens. Notice how everyone is using a stylus?
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    Best PS3 title for singleplayer

    Um.... Mass Effect 2 anyone? I agree with the general consensus: Demons Souls, Red Dead Redemption. I enjoy Little Big Planet 1/2 alot, but it's really a multiplayer game. It's so much more fun with a group of friends, especially if you're all drinking, than it is by yourself.
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    Netflix is a Streaming Company Which also Offers DVDs

    I've had Netflix for over a year and have NEVER got a DVD by mail.
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    netflix subscribers with an iphone/ipod...

    Thank God I'm grandfathered into 3G unlimited data. This app made my 3G usage explode. Nearly 500MB in less than a week.
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    iphone 4 good for hardcore gamers?

    The question was 'Hardcore gaming'. There aren't really any games out there for the iPhone that have the depth, story, and gameplay to compete with PSP. I think the iPhone competes nicely with the DS, but that's about it. On top of this, every non-casual game (not Bejeweled, Plants vs...
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    iphone 4 good for hardcore gamers?

    No. Right now, it's mostly casual gaming. In terms of game library, I'd compare it with the quality and type which appears on the DS (it has a port of Chinatown Wars). I think the gaming abilities of the iPhone will only grow though, and in the future it might contend with the PSP...
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    Mafia II PhysX

    Nothing to see here folks. Again, PhysX is used to make the game look marginally better. It does nothing for gameplay. Have a game where having PhysX on changes how one can play the game, and I might be interested. Until that day PhysX is nothing more than a gimmick.
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    Building My First PC.

    Without having more information (look at the sticky) like a budget, this will definitely be 'Fast, Fast, Fast!'
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    Router Recommendation for Network with Multiple PS3s

    I would stay away from D-Link routers. For the past year their firmware has been shit. I loved my DGL-4500, until I upgraded to 1.22. I've been having slowdowns and issues non-stop. I sold it on EBay and bought a WNDR-3700. From the sticky recommendation thread:
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    S/PDIF In Question

    All depends on the audio chip you have. I highly doubt the onboard toslink will do what you want. If you want to spend $150 you can get this: I'm sure there are other products out there as well.
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    5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition Running My 5x1 Portrait Setup (Videos)

    Although it's awesome, I personally HATE bezels. For the price you paid for that setup, you could easily get a 1080P projector and be playing those games in excess of 100". I'd rather have a huge ass picture than five small ones joined together with a piece of plastic between them. Just my...