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    Compro VideoMate U900 Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    Given the assessment that the remote simply did not work, and other problems with the device, was any attempt made to work with the support side of the vendor to rectify any of the issues? I like the prospects of the [H] expanding the review to "gadgets" and other tech items.
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    Alienware Aurora 5500 Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    Can someone please clarify the shipping discrepancy below? What shipping method was chosen and paid for during the order process?
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    Dell refurbished systems

    I've purchased 2 desktops and a laptop from dells outlet. I have not had an issue with any of them. Most recent was a Dimension 4700 (3.4ghz, 1gb ram, radeon x300 pci-e video) that I picked up to play BF2 on, works great, has a warranty, allows me to eventually upgrade the video card, and was...