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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    Also list is Greg Street "Ghostcrawler" who hasn't been with the game for over a year now. Just being listed in the credits doesn't mean he had any significant role in the design of the game.
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    Microsoft Unveils First Look At Windows 10

    least it isn't Windows X
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    Woman Is Live-Tweeting Her Father's Death

    A lot of fucked up opinions in here, Let this person grieve in anyway they see fit. If you don't like it then don't read it. This is no different then an account of someones death in a journal or any other written communication.
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    I'll take one if they're still available.
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    MS May be Upgrading the Specs of the Xbox One

    Still $100 more and mandatory 3D spy camera and microphone
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    Microsoft Is Removing Xbox One DRM

    Still $100 more expensive and mandatory 3d spy camera
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    Google Developing System to Eradicate Child Porn

    Bye Bye Reddit, good riddance
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    Banned! Google Glass Prohibited at Shareholder Meeting

    This isn't news, I'm sure you'd find the same terms in the shareholder meetings of most companies including camera companies like Nikon. I don't see a problem here, just Google hate mongering
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    Pokémon X and Y

    While the idea of a pokemon MMO sounds great. Nintendo and Gamefreak would do the same thing every other kid friendly MMO does, no chat or a very basic one with pregenerated phrases and all sorts of censoring. no thanks
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    Hotel Keycard Firm Issues Fixes to Keycard Locks

    I don't need a hotel room to sit around being nude
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    Is my power supply dieing?

    not overclocked, no to the cmos thing Operating system: Windows 7 Professional System specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Mobo: MSI 870A-G54 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12Gb (2x2Gb and 2x4Gb) DDR3 GPU: GIGABYTE GV-R585OC-1GD Radeon HD 5850 PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series...
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    Is my power supply dieing?

    This morning I was surfing the web like normal and suddenly my desktop turns off. I turn it back on get booted back up and about 10 minutes later it turns off again. At first I thought it was heat so I open it up and clean all the dust out of the fans and grills and heat sinks and shave...
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    World of Warcraft... The Movie?!?

    That's retarded, you don't retell the story of the mmo and it's expansions, that would alienate every player who in their mind they and the friends met along the way are the heros/heroines of WoW. You tell a new addition to lore or you use part that hasn't been capitalized ingame. Tell the...
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    How Much is Each Facebook User Worth?

    actually There's a pretty good opt out, Don't use their products/website.
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    Mass Effect DLC Character "IS" On The Disc

    both sides of this argument are full of drooling retards.
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    Nerd Hot! The Art of Computer Programming vol 1-4: $155

    no prime shipping :(
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    Please Don’t Kill Yourself Retrieving Mass Effect 3

    ofc they figured this would happen. it's a PR stunt nothing else, and if some lucky fan gets a copy and spreads good word then even better.
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    First PC Screenshots From Max Payne 3

    more of the same bland grime ridden filth. Sure it's ok if the gameplay ends up being ok but I am getting sick of developers trying for the exaggerated real look. Give me a game with a awesome stylized look anyday.
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    The Babes of BlizzCon 2011

    I'm suprised they didn't "accidently" add the tranny in the sindragosa costume to this list.
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    Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System

    Where did I even hint at a god in my post. Here's a hint...I didn't Look at how dumb you are
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    Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System

    something worse will pop up to kill us if we ever cure aids.
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    You Know You're Fired When...

    oh BS if some company in UK( or anywhere in the world ) did this people would be doing the same.
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    Ikea Heralding the End of the Printed Book?

    Books will be around for many many lifetimes still. Printing, Binding, etc. tech may change but the concept of a physical book with pages will probably last forever.
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    Domino’s Shoots for the Moon

    it'll happen eventually, I don't see the problem. Infact the first company to do this will probably make shit tons of money
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    Why Most People Don't Finish Video Games

    what do they consider finished? 100% complete all the side-missions and other bullshit. or the completion of the main story?
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    Questions about Logitech G930

    I had these for about 8 months, after around 3 months though the charging cable had trouble staying plugged into the headset. The female connector inside the headset and become bent out of shape. I took a needle-nose pliers and gently bent it back into to shape. The cable fit snuggly for the...
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    Hope you have business class T1 for Origin software - "Download in Place" bug

    devs have said multiple times swtor will be using it own downloader/patcher and won't be using origin for downloading.
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    Antimatter Belt Discovered Around Earth

    it wasn't, it's just way more controllable. oh and it doesn't hyperevolve the ships crew into horny space salamanders
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    Zombie Genes the Secret of Longer Life?

    Medical companies do not plan for long term profits. This whole myth of hospitals and pharmaceuticals milking sick people instead of curing them is retarded.
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    Should DNF be given a golden pass just because?

    haven't played won't be playing it . if anything a 14 year development should mean it should be under even more scrutiny then your average fps
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    'NSFW,' 'ZOMG,' and 'Twittersphere' Added to Dictionary

    you people do understand that languages evolve right?
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    Facebook CEO Promises to Eat Only What He Kills

    Think of it this way He's probably inexperienced in processing a carcass without doing stupid shit like puncturing an intestine or gall bladder which will ruin the meat, it better that the meat is processed by someone knowing what they're doing.
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    Hacking Traffic Alert Signs

    all you really need to avoid that is to have a green fluorescent vest and maybe a hardhat.
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    Students Face Child Porn Charges For Sexting

    While I agree with a school's right to search any and all Items brought onto their property, And actually wish they'd search more especially cars that students drive. The idiots who bring drugs, knives, etc.. to school and leave it in their vehicles could be more easily found and expelled...
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    Anyone still playing EVE?

    my account training a carrier pilot is still active but I haven't played since february 150 days to go, I miss ghost training
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    The Portal 2 Thread **Warning May Contain Spoilers**

    why?:rolleyes: all it is are hats and other visual things only for your co-op bots it has no effect what so ever on gameplay.
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    Chinese Censors Ban Time Travel TV Shows

    over-under on how long the Chinese gov. can keep doing insane stuff like this till it citizens start pushing back hard
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    Nanostructured Battery Charges in Seconds

    lets hope this gets developed into something instead of being bought up and sat on so big oil can squeeze every penny out of us
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    The Official HardCraft Thread

    can I get whitelisted please Shufflee