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    Dual Channel kits a rip off ?

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    FYE Wii Bait & Switch

    Im not sure why people knock the way, the maker of the video, spreads his message. The media type used to inform others of horrible business ethics, hardly invalidates the message. Its the principle of the matter that is up for discussion, not a hard concept to grasp. Perhaps before calling...
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    XBOX 360 has everything a PC has..Why cant you load windows onto it?

    Why would you want to put windows on it. I would think anything beyond a proof of concept would just lead to even more instability in the machine.
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Take a look at the makeup of the current Blizzard. Are the leaders, who worked on the titles Blizzard is known for still there ? If you want to call, cold hard facts ... "hating" so be it.
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    A guy buys and smashes the xbox360 at a Best Buy launch...

    Ya this act is pretty old. There used to be this guy with long curly hair "Galager" (sp?) or something that would smash stuff with a hammer, mostly water melons. Its old and played out ... like sega.
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    X360 to have more MMORPGs

    I have seen concept sketches of the keyboard / controller. I dont know if they are going to go with the one I saw, as the final design but the keyboard was small and fit between the two pontoons (for lack of a better word) on the controller. I dont think it is a matter of them just not...
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Blizzard is no longer the same company that brought us some of the greatest titles such as: rock and roll racing, lost vikings, warcraft, warcraft 2, starcraft, diablo. Vivendi made sure of that.
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    A guy buys and smashes the xbox360 at a Best Buy launch...

    Dude its Canada, home of BC bud, it helps keep you warm. :D
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Doomsday scenarios are moronic, the only thing that surpasses these "sky is falling" rants, is the ineptitude of the inquirer. Sequels are fine, people need to stop bashing them. WoW is a sequel, albeit a new format, but a sequel never the less, and it seems to be doing ok. As did Halo 2...
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    HDTV-On switch on the Xbox360 CABLE

    Im going to bet the people still complaining about a lack of AA, are having this very problem.
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    Do you think Xbox360 will be easily attainable before Christmas?

    Basic marketing. Limit the supply, increase the demand, thus increasing buzz on the system. Just in time for christmas you ship a mass supply of 360s, which makes everyone happy that they have a 360 under there tree, and in turn max. profits. Microsoft has three of the largest...
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    WoW and AMD

    I believe the game has to be programed with dual cores in mind to see any perfromance gain. I do not believe that WoW was program that way.
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    XBOX 360 VGA and Optical 5.1 Audio Question

    I really want to know the answer to this as well. I have heard different things. Someone told me there is only a s/pdif (looks likea headphone plug) and it only does stereo. Someone else said there is infact an optical out from the VGA cord. Someone please settle this once and for all.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    As much s I hate the O-RLY bird, I have to say I got a little chuckle out of that one. I have nto seen it before. You may want to snip the bottom copyright thingy tho.
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    Buy the first x-box 360 now on ebay

    Gotta love semantics ... check the sig.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    e-peen+++ your cookie is in the mail. :rolleyes: There is always someone bigger and better, in this case it is Carmack. You must have missed the memo from Carmack where he put off developing for PC because he thought the 360 was much easier to program for.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    And where did you get this tidbit of info ? the inquirer. Not only has no one been able to compare the two, but the R500 isn't even in a production card, nor is it slated to be in the next generation card. Im calling shens on this FPS bs, because it is just not possible, as there is no...
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    If he is correct, then why are some of the biggest names marching with the XBOX banner, saying the XBOX360 is easier to program for, like Carmack, over the PC? I will take a tried and true developer. Over some PC anus !!!!!! reviewing the 360 with the sole reason of bashing it. Yeah critics...
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    Another person who still doesn't understand the process of upscaling and displaying 1080 signals. :rolleyes:
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    Buy the first x-box 360 now on ebay

    By screwing others over. God, I never thought so many people had such a shitty moral compass. I guess that explains why the hell teh world is in such a bad state.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    Are you honestly making the comparison between you and Christ ? Get off your high horse, I stopped reading right there, as it is clear you are sooo full of yourself.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    I hope you know you are wrong. In terms of which has a higher number yes the 520 does have that extra 20. It terms of performance and power the R500 > R520. :rolleyes:
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    WoW Graphics Problem

    Are you sure its not your "max viewing distance" slider that is doing that.
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    EB games/Gamestop need to be banned/class action lawsuit needs to be addressed

    QFT. You tried to order 5 boxes, knowing that people would have a hard time getting there hands on one. Your whole intent was to create a shortage yourself and then charge people more then what they are supposed to pay for a 360. So in essence you tried to screw people, and you got screwed...
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    Who said Warlocks were gimpy? (World of Warcraft)

    Oh please .... :rolleyes: Grow up. People like you are the reason I stoped playing my hunter, let me guess you also like to spam the O RLY bird. Let us know when you balls have dropped. You say learn 2 play yet you seem to be clueless in this area. In end game each class has its role...
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    Got to play the 360 today.... (yes, yes, another thread)

    A mock of the PC graphics chip ? what ? Im sorry you are wrong. The graphics chip in the 360 is superiour in about every way possible. Not to mention the fact that the next generation ATI cards will use a GPU similiar to what the 30 has already. Another false statement. The very nature of...
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    World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit

    The sad part is SWG is still going to suck, ever after the next combat upgrade :rolleyes: , and Sony managing to increase hacking in competitive products like WoW.
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    Been away from wow for a while, how should I spec my warrior?

    The one thin you have to worry about when switching out weapons, is the 1 sec global cooldown, that warriors and rogues now suffer from, after the last patch.
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    Been away from wow for a while, how should I spec my warrior?

    Spec arms / fury for now, mostly arms for MS and all the stance switching stuff. Its good for PvP and PvE grinding. Once you hit 60 you get to make a choice though if you want to be a wannabe rogue, or protection spec, like myself. Just be careful once you go protection spec you suck at PvP...
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    FragBox 2 Failure Ruffles Falcon Feathers

    Two things, this is not the experience the avergae person would have, as the average person does not get to speak with the president, and customer service was not able to follow through and RMA the product so it is not an effective evaluation of customer service either.
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    is there a free trial for WOW?

    Great timing. I Just read on the login screen today, that US subscribers to World Of Warcraft will be recieving guest passes in there in-game email inbox, in the upcomming weeks. So you are in luck, soon there will be a rash of 10 day trials people will have access to. I would give you my 10...
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    [WoW] Auctioneer Broken since last patch

    The op said he has 900g, 900g is the exact cost of the epic mount, so infact blizzard did intend for that amount of money to be farmed. In addition, no where, does he say he is selling the gold, it is infact a playstyle he enjoys. Some people play alts and never make it to 60, some people...
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    How do you guys rack up points in BF2?

    50% of the games lol ya right. Besides all the good games, come from other companies anyway. Playing sports games on a PC is like playing FPS games on a console.
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    Thinking of playing WoW again, need advice.

    Sounds good on paper, never happens in the game. And why would a warrior bandage any other time, then the exact same time a paladin is casting heal ? In addition heavy runecloth bandages are 250health a tic, only takes a few tics to heal up, real quick. The only way you get full health is if...
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    Thinking of playing WoW again, need advice.

    I have a level 55 hunter,47warrio, and 20, paladin. The whole point was that if a paladin is shielding and healing, there is a large portion of time when a warrior can use a bandage fully, before the paladin even has the chance to attack. Saying a warrior cannot bandage is like me saying a...
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    How do you guys rack up points in BF2?

    After seeing the amount of points to get the second unlock for BF2, I quit. They are incredibly unrealistic numbers. This coupled with the lack of true widescreen, and a very poorly coded game, will make me never buy a product, in any way associated with EA.
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    Thinking of playing WoW again, need advice.

    The paladin cannot attack while shielded, so im not sure how they are doing hammer of justice.
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    Thinking of playing WoW again, need advice.

    As a warrior I always ruin paladins. Paladins are a very low DPS class and they just cant go 1 on 1 with a warrior. Sure paladins can heal, but when they put there shield up and start to cast heal, that is a warriors cue to use a heavy runecloth bandage and get all his health back. Also...
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    Thinking of playing WoW again, need advice.

    Make sure to pick a race to benefit the class you chose. Each race has racial benefits, that can give you a very slight advantage. For example a tauren warrior is a good choice, as one of taurens racial traits is the ability to war stomp. Basically stun enemies for a little bit. This is a...