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    Aaryn Flynn steps down as BioWare General Manager; Casey Hudson returns to fill the position

    They will have to work very, VERY hard to erase the bad taste that the last ME game left in my mouth. ME-1, epic in every way. it's been a long slide downhill in my opinion. ME-2 was good, but wasn't as epic. ME-3 was blah. ME andromeda put me to sleep. The plots have been trending...
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    Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling

    LOL! Old times, man what a blast. My house was the LAN party house, not because i had a lot of space (it was a small house), but because i had a pile of 10M ethernet hubs. Yes hubs. But i had fiber linking them together, and the fiber links were 100M. So yeah, a lot of memories of CS and UT...
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    Thinking about buying more games on GOG instead of Steam, whenever possible ?

    I prefer GOG to pretty much everything, simply due to the fact that they release everything DRM free. At least they used to, i haven't purchased anything from them in a while. Not because i dislike them, the opposite is true. I just haven't purchased many games recently. And the ones i have...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Engineer is simply a title. PE actually means something. I am an engineer, but not a PE, and i would never claim to be a PE. I don't have the right, because i haven't done the work. But that does NOT mean i am not an engineer. That's the whole point of having PE's. If there was no reason...
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    Social Just Warriors in Space....and Beyond

    Exactly. As in real life, it's how you use what you have, that matters. Hell, i played a fighter with an int of 18, and a strength of 13, because i was going to min/max a dual class. Ended up never happening, as the campaign never had an opportunity for me to switch classes without fucking...
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    What's been the most relaxing game you've played of late?

    Astroneer. Kinda like minecraft, but in space. It is strangely addictive. Plus, it's pre-alpha on steam, but it does not have any real major "deal breaking" bugs. And they are pretty active in releasing new versions. Been playing for months, and it's just fun.
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    The trailer for Tides of Numenara looks REALLY good

    I backed both Tides and Sins 2. So yes, i expect it to be a VERY good year. Andromeda i am not very excited about, as the first Mass Effect is the best IMHO, they continually went downhill as the series progressed. Wasteland 3 is also in development and is moving along quite briskly, as the...
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    Who Is “The Last Jedi?"

    I don't know what the plot will be, but i know what the title for the last movie in this new trilogy will be. Lets recap from the top: The force awakens. The last jedi. From his nap. :LOL:
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Will probably buy. But IMHO, ME-1 was the best of the series. None of the follow ons managed to capture that epic feel of the 1st one.
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    Been gaming since there were computer games. That being said, great games are great games. There were amazing games made in the past, and there will be amazing games made in the future. There are games that are old as hell that i still play today, but that doesn't mean that new games aren't...
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    HBO Slaps Takedown Demand On 13-Year-Old’s Painting That Used “Winter Is Coming”

    The problem is, if you own a trademark or copyright, you HAVE to defend it. If you do not, the courts can basically nullify your trademark or copyright. I have had to deal with this in the past, and while it sucks to have to squash some kids dream, who had no intent to harm, it's necessary...
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    Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki Calls AI CG Animation "An Insult To Life Itself"

    Some things just need to be hand crafted. Not because machines can make a better product, but people making things has always been part of our creativity as human beings. No current machine has creativity, no machine can dream. This may happen someday, and it probably will, given that nature...
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    Amazon's Grand Tour Most Pirated TV Show In History

    I miss the "star is a reasonably priced car" segment. That was awesome, and it showed a non-professional driver in a basic car, trying to go fast. That's what the average person is going to do, not every one can own an expensive sports car (never mind a supercar or hypercar). But we can own a...
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    Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K IPC Review @ [H]

    I'd honestly like to see a completely NEW CPU, utilizing a better "infrastucture" than the x86. There are so many transistors "wasted" to get around the limitations of the x86 architecture it isn't even funny. If a company sat down and actually devised a new instruction set, with the idea of...
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    Netflix Explains Its Mediocre Movie Selection

    The real reason, is if they own the IP, they make boatloads of money. HBO doesn't make content because they want to, they make it because it makes them boatloads of money. Why pay for other peoples work, when you can make your own and profit greatly. To be honest, i LIKE a lot of what Netlfix...
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    Ghost In The Shell Official Trailer

    Gotcha. Your original post had me thinking that you thought of the entire premise to me "overrated." Glad to see that you agree that the relevance of the topics explored in the film are important. At least i hope i am right in reading that into your post. GATTACCA is another film i think...
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    Ghost In The Shell Official Trailer

    I strongly disagree. The themes and ideas explored in GITS is extremely relevant, as it asks questions not asked in any other medium, other than books. AI will be a reality, it's only a matter of time. We are also fairly close to mind machine interfaces. GITS explores what that might mean...
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    Hi-Tech Cast For The 21st Century?

    Not really that big a deal. In fact, IIRC, slight flexing of the break is actually a GOOD thing. In fact, some breaks are not even able to be put into a cast, and the bones heal just fine. I have broken my collar bones 4 times in my life, and you can't cast that. And trust me, those bones...
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    Personal Jetpack Test Flight

    Haha! I've been thinking about a system like this ever since i saw some really small turbine engines (several years ago). Figures someone with the money to actually develop such a thing had the same idea! lol.
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    Wasteland 3 Funded In Just Three Days

    To each their own. I really liked Wasteland 2. Fallout 1 and 2 it wasn't, but it's the closest thing i have played in a long time. I have pledged on WL3 because i WANT more games based on this formula. I have always liked isometric turn based combat, it is almost always more tactical than...
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    Video Games Are Better The Second Time You Play Them

    It all depends on the game. Bioshock 1 was amazing the first time through, because it was telling a story, and i wanted to find out what happened. Plus i explored a LOT and found most of the additional audio logs and other stuff that wasn't necessary to finish the game, but made the world come...
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    Stop Preordering Videogames

    This right here. I don't pre-order, never saw it as an advantage to me. But kickstarters are another kettle of fish entirely. That's not pre-ordering, it's financing the development of the title. In essence, the kickstarters are a collective publisher. I love the idea of kickstarter, and...
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    IBM Watson AI Saves Woman From Leukemia

    Not really news. Fact is back in the 90's, a study found that expert systems of the time (in conjunction with a human doctor), had a much higher ability to correctly diagnose patient issues. Fact is, no human doctor can hope to keep up with the changes and advances in medicine. Expert...
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    Shatner: Star Trek Wouldn't Exist Without Star Wars

    I think a lot of the people dissing TOS, didn't live through that era. It was groundbreaking in so many ways. The only way they got it green lit past the exec's was to call it "a wagon train, in space." Cashing in on the westerns of the era, and our first steps into space (which were...
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    How Old-School Floppy Drives Worked

    All the floppy hate up in here. Back in the day, those of us stuck on tape based systems LUSTED after floppy drives, and would have killed for a 5MB "winchester." Winchester was what most hard drive systems were called. Usually the HDD system was bigger than the actual computer using it (for...
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    Live-Action “Futurama” Fan-Film Trailer

    I also think this could be funny, as long as they play it correctly. If would have to be very self aware, otherwise it's creepy, like others have said. And as far as the lines being badly performed, these are fans, not professional actors. I'd expect the acting to be less than stellar.
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    Japan Making Its Last VCR This Month

    Still have my JVC SVHS machine. As well as a laserdisk player, video switcher, stand alone DVD player, etc. Had quite the setup back in the day. I "inherited" a professional deck (one of those AG-1980's that was in the editing wall pics) from work, because they were going to throw it away...
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Holy shit. I forgot about this as well. Wondering why the game ran like absolute ass at places. Just turned settings down till it was playable again. Just checked, and SLI was off. Why the hell NVidea thinks that is a good idea, i'll never know. If it's selected on before the upgrade...
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    Tyranny - new Obsidian RPG

    Well, diablo isn't an RPG. It's basically an isometric shooter with character and equipment grinding. RTWP is probably the best compromise solution, but some games should just be turn based, and some should be real time. But there are people out there to whom turn based is simply a no go...
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    Tyranny - new Obsidian RPG

    I never understood the hatred many people have for turn based combat. It allows you time to think, instead of being a click fest. If you want real time, go play a shooter, that's the best fit for real time combat. Some of us like to think about the best strategy to use, and would like the...
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    Fallout 4

    That article hit the nail on the head. No skills?!? No tags? Anybody wanting a more "old school fallout" feel, try Wasteland 2. It has everything that FO4 is missing.
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    Dude Makes High Tech Replica Of Thor's Hammer

    I was thinking watch would be easier, but a ring would rock too. A thumbprint scanner is kinda obvious, whereas an RFID type system would be pretty easy to hide. Still, this is a fun use of technology. This dude may eventually develop some awesome device or technology. I like to see people...
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    Divinity Original Sin 2 Kickstarter 11 days left

    You've heard of the concept of voting with your wallet? This is an extreme version of that. These kinds of games a niche games, they aren't AAA titles. Since i personally want MORE of these types of games, i support the developers by, yes, glorified pre-order. While i might object to the...
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    Conan Talks About Other Facebook Buttons

    I don't even faceplace or mybook, and that's some funny shit right there. :D
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    Ford Is Launching An Adaptive Steering System

    While i don't see a need for this, your statement about "they could do x, it's easier and lasts longer" could be applied to a wide range of vehicle options that we take for granted today. One that pops into my head immediately is the automatic transmission. The initial ones were clunky, slow...
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    Only Apple Can Make The Perfect Stylus It Once Spurned

    Doesn't matter. The apple fanboys and fangirls are always eager as hell to line up for more koolaid. They will buy anything with an apple logo on it and swear up and down that it's the best thing ever. I simply smile and let them continue spending like lemmings on devices that usually...
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    Xbox One Exec: No Doubt We Have The Best Exclusives This Holiday

    Fuck them and fuck their exclusives. Promoting that crap should be grounds for open season on the executives that do this shit. So freaking tired of "you must buy our shit to play this shit." If it's done because a certain platform has capabilities such that the game can't function on a...
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    Wireless Technology Aims to Kill the Power Cord

    This right here. Wires are better. Hell, even my wifi hotspot is usually plugged (tethered) into my laptop, as it works better. That and it doesn't kill the battery. We need to make things MORE efficient, not less. This only benefits people who are too lazy to plug something in. Stop...
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    Master of Orion is coming back

    I'd like to know where they are getting these numbers. I don't know anybody who ever played MOO that used auto resolve. Except maybe end game where the human player quite often so outclassed the computer that even auto resolve couldn't fuck it up. In any case, i still frequently play MOO to...
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    EFF Told to “Shut the Hell Up” About SOPA

    “For instance, in this recent missive, EFFer Mitch Stoltz uses the acronym SOPA seven times in the first four paragraphs, which might lead the reader to think that the subject of the article has something to do with SOPA. Of course, it has nothing to do with SOPA,” Newhoff writes. “They say...