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    Congress Cannot Be Taken Seriously On Cybersecurity

    As awesome as this is, pretty sure it would require bypassing/violating the protections under the Constitution and Bill of Rights regarding 'cruel and unusual punishment'. So to bypass that, delcare them as 'enemy combatants' first and THEN send them to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and THEN do the...
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    U.S. Government Wins Millions From Kim Dotcom

    Because the laws of the US are completely right and just and always have been. Just like slavery in the pre-Civil Rights Era... Just like the bans on homosexuality that still persist today in many areas.... Yeah, because the law is always 100% right you filthy arrogant twits. >_>
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    RSA Conference Bans Booth Babes

    These faux-hookers are not wanted or needed at a professional event. Let them stay at the auto shows and fashion shows where they belong. Or perhaps in an alley in Vegas turning trix :P
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    Teens Texting And Driving Even Worse Than We Thought

    Guess what? Adults do this shit far worse than teens. And more than half of you have done this shit at one point or another (especially at a red light). I don't like ANYONE doing this shit, regardless of age. I don't care how safe of a driver you claim to be. And the worse offenders? Fucking...
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    Best deal on AA Eneloop batteries?

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO DO NOT get those, they're going to be terribly overpriced. Do what I did and get some Duracell Rechargeables. They're basically much cheaper rebranded Eneloop batteries. I rarely use my rechargeables even though I got a nice battery charger (that drains and then...
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    Upgrade from PhenomII X6 1045 to ?

    With my current motherboard & system, it is PCI Express x16 v2.0 and all the newer cards are x16 v3.0 so even IF I replaced my GTX 560 Ti GPU it wouldn't run at full performance but would be downclocked automatically due to the limitations of x16 v2.0 So yeah :)
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    [Help Wanted] GPU Replacement (Sub-$150) Requested

    Very quick update. The fans arrived today so now I get the fun of replacing them. UPDATE: Replaced the fans and they are AWESOME! Both of them are running beautifully and I even have an extra wire bracket that I didn't need. Just realize the replacement part has a significantly shorter wire...
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    Upgrade from PhenomII X6 1045 to ?

    @Mr.Bluntman: I have self-control and I purposefully set aside chunks of my paycheck for things more important than gaming. 10% to charity (yes, each month); 30% for savings (and tax benefits from the IRA stuff); 10% for anything I want, and the remaining 50% goes to bills and expenses only...
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    Upgrade from PhenomII X6 1045 to ?

    Please don't upgrade. Just keep your current system until you're ready for a FULL upgrade. I'd honestly recommend waiting till the newer tech (DDR4 memory and so on) starts dropping down in price; January 2016 post-holidays is a great time to pick up the post-Xmas deals. I'm personally on a...
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    Latest PhysX Source Code Now Available Free on GitHub

    So does that answer your question? Obviously they're doing their best to make sure that only authenticated game developers are the ones who get access to the source code. You know what an easier way is? Since PhysX is part of Unreal Engine 4 and UE4 is now completely 'free' with full source...
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    [Help Wanted] GPU Replacement (Sub-$150) Requested

    **UPDATE** So I decided to hold off on replacing the GPU and will go for replacing the fans. I found the part that I needed on ebay (Part #PLD08010S12HH) for $8 and will get it in a week. That sporadic issue with the (only) running fan was fixed with some lubricant, for now. I'll repeat the...
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    DX11 vs DX12 in 24 seconds.

    Vertical videos are bad for your health. Can someone tweet that video link to those devs? Srsly >_> Also let us please stop using Steam as a benchmark for 'this is what the market is like'. Yeah Steam is installed on over half of gaming PCs but that doesn't mean EVERYONE uses it. I'd wish...
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    What's the overall coolest running card?

    Before the fans died on me (after going for about 4 years), my trust MSI Geforce GTX 560 Ti (OC version) was pretty awesome. About 25C idle and barely 50C under intense gaming load. Crysis and all the rest, it chewed em up and spit it right back out. A very underrated card despite the 'low'...
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    [Help Wanted] GPU Replacement (Sub-$150) Requested

    Here is the current (running) build that I'm using Only difference is I'm using the non-EVO version of that Cooler-Master CPU cooler, but that wasn't listed. My MSI GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card finally had the fans die on me (first one, then the other sputtered and died as well) so I'm left with...