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    My new Parvum Systems S1.0 Acrylic Case

    I fall in love with this case the more I see people with it! Looks awesome with the two switches. Does Parvum include the switches, or do you purchase those yourself? How are you planning on mounting the slot-loading drive?
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    Going nuts...(stuttering)

    This is a long shot, but: At the basement LAN's I frequent, one of the games we play is FEAR: Combat, and I've noticed over the years some framerate issues among as many as half the people there relating to "HID-Compliant Device" in the device manager under human interface device. Systems...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    My desk setup :) Pretty terrible compared to some of the setups in this thread. That's an Auria 27" 2560x1440 IPS panel next to an eight-year-old Dell 15" LCD. The only reason the Dell is hooked up is to be able to access the BIOS, since the Auria won't display an image till the desktop.
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Before I had the proper cable, I was limited to 1080p, and I noticed the monitor looked pretty damn good at that resolution, so why not just turn it down? (I was using the mobo output, and was limited to HDMI)
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Would like to add that I am an owner of this monitor and so far I LOVE it! I'm going on approximately a month now. The colors, pixel density, and viewing angles are phenomenal. Best $400 I ever spent on a computer part. I do notice a slight degree of input lag, but so far it hasn't thrown off...
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    BluRay backup/Handbrake issues

    I went ahead and downloaded the latest "nightly build," and despite crashing the first time opening, I was able to encode my copy of Dark Knight Rises at nearly 100fps. The output is just under 9 gb, full 1080p, DTS Passthru audio, and looks phenomenal. Maybe it was just a weird fluke, but I'm...
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    BluRay backup/Handbrake issues

    Anyone having problems with the newest version of Handbrake? (0.9.8) I'm trying to back up my BluRays to an MKV file format, and encoding was stopping maybe 2% in. I went back to an older version (0.9.5) and it seems to be encoding properly, but it is going extremely slow. I remember my...
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    my i5 3570K oc like crap + other related questions

    I was able to achieve 4.5ghz on my 3570k @1.295v (cpu-z and Asus AI suite both show 1.296v), and I am more than happy. Sure, some chips can hit higher on less voltage, but I have no need. Using a Maximus V Gene motherboard, and a Hyper 212 Evo HSF.
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    6870 Audio and Dolby

    If I am correct, I don't believe graphics cards do any audio processing at all. Usually they pass through from the onboard soundcard, or whatever device you are using. I don't think you would get any sort of surround sound via the monitors headphone jack, because the monitor would only be...
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    Who remembers these?

    I can't even remember what video card was in my first machine. 1) Pentium 166mhz, 96mb of system RAM. Used for playing Duke3D Co-Op with my Dad over serial cable haha. Windows 3.1, then 95, then 98. I even tried installing XP on this beast later on, but took about three hours to install. 2)...
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    Disappointed with 3dmark, games, etc on new rig

    The latest drivers (285.62) as well as the latest beta drivers (285.79) have given me nothing but headaches in everything but Battlefield 3. I was getting artifacting in both Bluray movie playback as well as World of Warcraft, and constant driver crashes when playing WoW, yet my BF3 game-play...
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    First Overclock - i5 2500k

    No problem. I, unfortunately haven't tried the offset feature yet. I'm running a straight 1.320v across the board. If I have a day to play around with it, I might get into it. That link helped me understand it too. Just remember, stability at idle might become an issue, which would require...
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    First Overclock - i5 2500k

    If you have the voltage set to "Offset," it will scale by itself with the multiplier. This allows it to throttle down the vcore when the CPU returns to the idle 1.6ghz. You Screenshot shows this, idle vCore of 1.05v. Using offset lowers power consumption at idle, but it can be much more time...
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    2500k. Stable 4.4ghz@1.315, lots of questions :)

    I'm rather new to overclocking, so please bear with me. I'm running a 2500k on an ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z motherboard, using a Hyper 212+ HSF. I replaced the fan on the 212+ with an Akasa Viper PWM fan that moves 83.63 CFM at it's max 1900rpm. 2.98 mm H2O max static pressure. Arctic Silver...
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    Which itx mobo will support ivy bridge?

    Ok, OK! We'll settle on... "different." Deal? None of the chipsets are lower than the other, just each offers a different set of features, different price points, and caters to a different market. I stand corrected!
  16. J

    Which itx mobo will support ivy bridge?

    I wasn't aware the lower chipsets would even support Ivy Bridge! I stand corrected! This suits you well, too, considering you don't have a desire to overclock!
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    A real gaming system with Z68 and mATX form factor

    Also thought of something, flipping the PSU so it sucks air in from right above the CPU cooler might not be the best idea. It is so close to the fan on the cooler that it might lower the cooler's airflow, due to them both fighting for air. I think the Armor A30 is am ugly case, and they tried...
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    A real gaming system with Z68 and mATX form factor

    I still think that's running too hot. Perhaps try reapplying thermal compound? I've only been a Sandy Bridge user for three days, so I may have no room to talk, but I have a stable 4.4ghz overclock at 1.320v, and AI Suite shows a max around 55° C. This is using a Cooler Master Hyper 212+, with...
  19. J

    Which itx mobo will support ivy bridge?

    The only two ITX boards with the Z68 Chipset seems to be the ASRock and the Zotac, and both companies seem to push out very few BIOS updates. The Zotac board is lacking a lot of features that a BIOS update is needed for, and a lot of customers have complained about it. I wouldn't take the...
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    A real gaming system with Z68 and mATX form factor

    Isn't 87° C a little high? I'd be worried beyond belief if my CPU reached those temp levels. My second question is, has anyone gotten an discrepancies between what AI Suite and Core Temp/Real Temp/HWMonitor shows? AI Suite shows a temp almost 10° C cooler than the other three programs. AI...
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    ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I am curious too as to when the gen3 is coming out. My Gene-Z should be arriving via Brown today, assuming it doesn't require a signature. If it does, ill have to drive and pick it up from the local UPS facility. Perhaps I jumped the gun too soon. And should have waited? Does pcie 3.0 add any...
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    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    I'm starting to think I screwed something up with my geminII cooler. Intel burn test maxed out my PII 955 at stock 3.2ghz at 74 degrees Celsius. Debating whether to use it on new build. Looking at the noctua dh14, or noctuas horizontal cooler. I think the geminII has a terrible mounting system...
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    GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Dual Graphics questions

    That is correct. The middle blue slot is physically a x16 slot, but electrically a x4 slot. (x1 if the physical x1 slot is also used) The outside two x16 slots operate at x8 in SLI. This forces you to use the two outside x16 slots. Amazing for keeping the top card cool, terrible for case...
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Bah I ordered my TJ08E and 3.5" Fan Controller two days too early!!! I would have JUMPED at this!!
  25. J

    BF3 beta by yourself?

    I'm still debating whether or not this is a good idea, as far as teamwork goes. You should not have the ability to spawn immediately into a jet, you should have to run to one. The reason is you get a lot of people who refuse to spawn at all, until someone gets shot down and a new jet spawns...
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    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Both the Asrock and Zotac Z68 ITX boards looked promising, especially the Zotac with the onboard wifi and dual gigabit Ethernet, but looks like they both have a list of problems. I'm shocked ASUS hasn't come out with one yet.
  27. J

    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Have the major closed-loop companies made any for gpu's yet? There might be a market for that!
  28. J

    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Sg03 and 04 limit CPU cooler choice, but they are small and portable! I think Ill be happy, or at least content with the tj08e. I think it would look amazing with a rotated "L" shaped window :) can't wait to see what cooling is like with the 180mm fan and positive pressure.
  29. J

    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    I was already considering the ft03, but blueray slot loading drives are hella expensive, and the sides come off too easily to be a LAN party rig. I was considering it though. Are the internals changing on the sg08? Or is it just a new bezel and a new part number?
  30. J

    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Hey, careful Zap, I have a sensitive picture of you in a hotel room that hasn't seen the public yet! ;) And losing a DVD drive and using a lighter case is thebinly option I have, because I wish to continue using three hard drives. I could use a lighter PSU, but not if I plan to SLI. Parts...
  31. J

    Silverstone SST-FT03-Mini (Mini-Itx)

    I agree with the PSU mounting, they could have raised it up, so it would protrude farther than the I/O plate. Combine this with a right-angled plug and the PSU could be very close to the plastic top grille. I agree with the ODD look, however, as skinny as the case is vertically, placing the...
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    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    As always Zap, thank you for the suggestions. I'm sure you're wondering why I posted on a second forum. I just wanted the opinion of a much larger, SFF-focused audience :) That is a very nice choice, and although the steeper price tag of the ASUS makes it harder to justify it's purchase, the...
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    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to stick with the mATX form factor. Especially considering the near-nonexistant selection of itx Z68 boards. The only question is, which case? Anybody using the TJ08E? I'm digging the features, and the 180mm fan. I may swap out that fan for...
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    Assistance Needed! Torn between ITX and mATX.

    Right now I am using: Case: Antec Mini P180 PSU: Silverstone strider 700watt fully modular. CPU: Phenom II X4 955 (3.2ghz, no O/C) MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H RAM: 4x2gb DDR3 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 GFX: EVGA GTX 570 HDD1: OCZ Agility2 60gb SSD HDD2: WD Caviar Blue 640gb HDD3: Samsung...