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    9800 Pro AIW NewEgg Refurb-$240

    Will this play Hogwart's Legacy?
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    Plex Hardware Transcoding options

    Yeah check the settings. To test, Autoplay = OFF, Play smaller files = on, video quality = maximum (for testing purposes but adjust to match your bandwidth after). Also make sure your server upstream bandwidth is fast enough with lots of head room as well as the downstream of the client...
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    Plex Hardware Transcoding options

    There's been a patch out for a while that removes the two stream limit from all cards and it works perfectly. I personally will be getting either the 1650 SUPER which now uses the Turing NVENC or a 1660 with 6GB. I'll also use these cards for some mild gaming too as my Plex server is not...
  4. J

    Doom: Annihilation Gets a Trailer

    Back in the day if I saw this trailer at a theater, after it ended I would yell, "rental".
  5. J

    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    Every Whole Foods I have shopped at had extremely slow cashiers, and I mean painfully slow. It was as if they deliberately went slow. When I called them out on it they look at me as if I am nuts. Apparently verbally complaining to their faces about their performance is shockingly offensive. Omg...
  6. J

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I've been watching it but still waiting for an actual Star Trek show to be presented. This is something else. Meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying the best Star Trek series to air in a long time over on Fox. It is called The Orville.
  7. J

    Facebook Is Allegedly Working on Custom Machine Learning Hardware

    Nvidia rules the ecosystem currently. There software is way ahead and better supported than anyone else, but if it is in house that won't matter for these companies with the massive resource they have. Xilinx with their FPGAs are a nice crossover between the general purpose and app specific...
  8. J

    SoftBank Dumped Its NVIDIA Stock

    Not sure if reported here but FYI Softbank bought a ton of collared options to hedge against NVDA crashing. They sold covered calls(they own the stock already) to pay for puts. This protects against losses but limits potential gains. They sold all their shares and the options(or exercised and...
  9. J

    Analyst: NVIDIA Lied about Its Cryptocurrency Earnings to Avoid Stock Crash

    Well this report (written by Mitch Steves of RBC) was issued on Thursday and NVDA was actually up on Friday. Unless everyone just missed it and reacts to this one article then it shouldn't affect price until there's additional info corroborating the claim.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing: i9-9900K CPU Testing @ [H]

    Yeah I am fully aware of that. This is exactly what expected years ago when I had a discussion with some gaming friends friends about ray tracing, that it basically would start out being partially implemented and go from there, kind of similar to how Wolfenstein 3D & Doom started out not being...
  11. J

    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing: i9-9900K CPU Testing @ [H]

    Meh, sure the launch was a bit rushed and it's not quite fully ready for widespread implementation, especially in multiplayer, but Ray Tracing had to start somewhere, and frankly I don't think many people ever expected it to arrive as soon as it did. Ray Tracing isn't going to go away and will...
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    NVIDIA Releases Its Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2019

    Share volume of Nvidia for trading on Thursday: 21,017,716 Share volume of Nvidia for trading after hours : 7,497,702 Pretty sure this drop is legit. The guidance was pretty terrible. Hopefully it doesn't drop too much more. It's going to to take around 6 months before this inventory problem...
  13. J

    NVIDIA Releases Its Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2019

    I get why some of you guys are happy, but a lot regular people like you and me are losing a lot of money, myself included. Nvidia is doing just fine regardless of the stock price. In fact they'll be buying back billions now that the price has dropped a lot.
  14. J

    FPGA Startup Claims to Have Solved the Deep Learning DRAM Problem

    If Nvidia doesn't compete at the hardware level, meaning they need to improve dramatically in some areas, then the APIs will develop among the competitors and Nvidia will lose significant market share. I really hope Nvidia ramps things up with their hardware, especially in inferencing. There are...
  15. J

    Newer Tesla Vehicles Are Getting Upgraded 'Summon' Auto-Parking Features

    Oh man I would hope that this setup would be more adept at navigating and parking than real people, but if it isn't I am going to be annoyed. More importantly, will it be able to recognize when someone else has dibs on a parking spot?
  16. J

    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    Those high tax rates in the mid 20th century are very misleading. Almost nobody paid them and there were numerous ridiculous exceptions put in that would exempt many of the rich.
  17. J

    Huawei Announces Ascend AI Chips

    It says "cluster capacity" so no, not 200+ TFlops on a single chip.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    Nvidia's stock often drops more than this for no reason at all, and this news isn't really a surprise. I have a lot of their stock and my concern has more to do with their datacenter AI solutions than it does gaming, as the the GPU is proving to not be that great at inferencing. Google's TPUs as...
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    Amazon Hits the $1 Trillion Milestone

    Amazon is not the second public company to reach 1 trillion, they are the third.
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    Roborace Autonomous Hillclimb Run at Goodwood

    It didn't hit one apex...
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    Don't Expect New GeForce GPU for a Long Time

    This is punishment for Kyle forcing them to shut down the GPP...
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    NVIDIA AI Techniques Teach Robots Through Human Movement

    Abolish labor unions, the minimum wage, employer FICA taxes, etc etc and you'll save more jobs for a few more years.
  23. J

    Playing Old PC Games in 4K

    What's up with the third person Half-Life? I didn't even know you could do that, an dI doubt I ever would have.
  24. J

    Swype+Dragon Keyboard Discontinued

    Been using the paid version of swype for nearly 8 years. Going to stll use it until I can't or I find something better.
  25. J

    Google Removes View Image Button

    I used a small image on a company's website I built in 2003 that was listed in a public domain site. Twelve years later that company got contacted by Getty telling them they infringed on their copyright and had to cough up $800 or get sued.. I attempted to communicate with them and it was like...
  26. J

    Plex Goes VR and Allows You to Watch Together

    Why do you need VR to watch together? Let us do it on the TV too.
  27. J

    Net Neutrality Your Way

    Net Neutrality is just more government regulation in an industry that absolutely does not need it. There wasn't a problem when it was enacted just a couple years ago and there hasn't been on since it was repealed. Many big corporations want it though, especially ones that dish out a ton of...
  28. J

    Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi

    "I must admit, I don't understand the appeal or the need for a product like the Google Home" How are you a writer here yet don't understand this?
  29. J

    Windows Systems Performance Impacts from Spectre and Meltdown

    My parents each have Q6600 and E8400 CPUs respectively. Yes, ten year old old CPUs but just fine for their basic needs, though updated and newer software does tax them more than in the beginning. These patches, if they are even released for these CPUs, will make these CPUs useless with today's...
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    "Star Wars" Franchise Crosses $4 Billion, Eclipsing Disney's Lucasfilm Price

    Sadly none of the latest Trilogy movies are very good. TLJ is a little better than TFA, but really, it's just a mediocre action movie with special effects. The plot stinks and the acting is almost as bad as in the prequels. Rogue One was decent. There's just something missing in these new ones...
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    Elon Musk’s Tunnel Through L.A. Just Happens To Go From His House To His Office

    I was going to comment about the safety of a tunnel during an earthquake, but apparently when designed well they are much safer than above ground structures.
  32. J

    Amazon Seller Lost $400,000 in Sales After Being Attacked by Self-Proclaimed 'virus of Amazon'

    Really annoying how the author used the story to rip capitalism over and over. He's an idiot.
  33. J

    Supreme Court Rejects Samsung Appeal of Patent Loss to Apple

    Yeah Apple is so innovative... EDIT: haha I hadn't yet seen you posted this earlier.
  34. J

    WMO: Carbon Pollution Touched 800,000-Year Record in 2016

    I question the data first of all. Second, so what? The planet will survive this. Its destruction will be from something far more dire. Plus, cold weather kills way more people than hot weather.
  35. J

    Citi, Oxford: 80% of Retail Jobs at Risk from Automation

    This is the reason socialism will win out, sadly. Without jobs being available there will be no other option other than extreme civil unrest. Even with socialism, wtf are people going to do ? Just watch Idiocracy to find out lol..
  36. J

    Why Madden 96 Never Released on the PlaySation

    I stopped playing when they stopped making it for the PC...
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    Man Who Hacked Lottery Sentenced To 25 Years

    I don't get it, they kept trying to cash in winning tickets anonymously even though Iowa doesn't allow that. And he bought the ticket himself in a convenience store. Idiot !
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    Bionik Labs' ARKE exoskeleton with Amazon Echo integration

    Yeah, no latency in this design...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Leaked Benchmarks: GTX 1070 Killer

    Jen-Hsun has made me very, very rich. Please keep sucking him off...