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    The Raspberry Pi 4 is here

    This is very cool. Glad to see they finally dealt with the internal data transfer issues with the USB and Ethernet. I've have an original Pi set up as a little GIT server that works decently well (like a few MB/s transfer rate to and from), but one of these would be a massive speed improvement...
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    GOG Ends Its Fair Price Package Program

    I do like GoG as well, though I cant justify much time spent gaming these days. When there is something I want to pick up that I can put a bit of time into I check GoG first. The last one I picked up was Last Blade (SNK game).
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    Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now

    They need feature parity to even stand a chance. As someone else mentioned, backing up files so they don't have to be completely re-downloaded is a big deal (especially with ISPs and their 1TB/mo caps and just the fact of how long it takes). At this point, they need a better system in every way...
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    YouTube Announces Stricter Criteria For Monetization And Partnerships

    I have a few Youtube channels. My biggest one about photography/videography ("Photography Banzai") has ~1900 subscribers, 1.5 million lifetime views, and around 65000 minutes of view time a month. That one is okay for now... What if Youtube decided to make it 3000 instead of 1000, or 10000? I've...
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    Microsoft Says It’s Time to Kill Off the Password

    The main issue is that we have one set of biometric data each. Once that data is acquired by someone who should not have it, we are probably screwed. Multiple types and ways to obscure authentication could help, but in the end it seems like it could be a huge issue.
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    AMD Sales Outpaced Intel's for the First Time in a Decade at Germany's Largest E-Tailer

    They did until they split the business up. It's GlobalFoundries now, but I assume AMD is one of their biggest customers. Yeah, that probably gives AMD more mind-share in Germany.
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    Star Wars: Jedi Challenges First Look

    Disappointed the videos didn't have a virtual training droid.
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    Star Fox 2 Official Releasing with Super NES Classic

    SNES is the only system I collect and that will have quite a few of the pricey ones I'd like that are missing from my collection (obviously not a replacement for the real thing but an official offering is nice). Still, at $80 for 20 games it seems a bit pricey. Not to mention will it even do 3...
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    Mozilla Releases the “Best Firefox Ever"

    I'm seeing extra snappiness just from the first few sites after the update. Can't complain so far! Just do a before and after of The difference should be noticeable. Their front page is so bloated now, but with 54 it seems to scroll a lot smoother with those videos...
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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    Ah yes, an attractive 20-something girl from Walmart shows up in a nice seemingly new and expensive car. Yeah, that's exactly what will happen. So these people likely work entire shifts and then have to drive around for another few hours delivering packages? Makes a lot of sense.
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    Evidence of a Decline in Electricity Use by US Households

    Switched to LED bulbs as early as I could justify it. Started when they were pretty pricey, but it's nice to see the basic ones drop in price a lot (just be careful of disposable ones, I've seen a few recent ones marketed with tiny lifespans compared to the traditional long lasting LEDs). Same...
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    Data Recovery: Hard Drive Platter Swap [Video]

    Nice video. I've taken apart enough drives when I've scrapping them to recognize the pieces, but didn't know all of their their purposes or that the platters have to stay aligned.
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    Standard Tegra X1 “Confirmed” as Switch's Processor

    All things considered, the Switch was probably a bit of a rush job considering the processor and low-ish amount of release content. They wanted to get in before Sony/Microsoft get their mid-life-cycle systems out (and also drop the Wii U they had no way of saving). Like someone else mentioned...
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    Kdenlive Video Editor now has a Windows Version

    Back years ago when I was using Linux as my main desktop, Kdenlive was the best editor by far that I could find at the time. Looking forward to trying this out. I could never get audio working well in Linux among other issues like library version hell (programs I needed wanted various specific...
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    Can Netbooks Be Cool Again?

    The clam shell design doesn't make much sense these days with a touch screen. It would be a lot more appealing to me if it had a hinge like the Dell 3000 Series 2-in-1. I have one of those, and it's pretty nice all things considered. The main issue is that it's somewhat slow for the content...
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    Adobe Pulls The Plug On Creative Suite

    I agree with you on the subscription thing. However, I picked up that Affinity Photo in December and returned it after a few days. I think it needs a few years of development before being a direct replacement. It has no photo browser or manager. It also took seconds to load a single photo on an...
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    The whole thing? Absolutely. That zero fan mode sounds great.
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    Official NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Announcement @ [H]

    I had a fanless 9600 GT for the longest time and used it in two or three component upgrades. The thing was good enough for the few games I played. I finally put together an i7-6700 system and gifted my i3-3220 system to family (minus the gpu, they don't anything more than integrated). I'm kind...
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    As others probably mentioned here (this is a big thread), Pcper's analysis seems solid. The problem is with that continuous draw through the motherboard connector over spec. This guy was having abrupt shutdown issues with an older cheap motherboard (basically the safety feature kicking in)...
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    Chinese Firm Claims Apple Copied Its Design For iPhone 6

    Cute? Man up? Trying to make back handed insults won't help your argument. I don't disagree that we are in a massive trade deficit, though I don't think it's necessary to become a full on martyr. If you opinion is that small choices don't matter, fine, but I disagree. Obviously, a single...
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    Chinese Firm Claims Apple Copied Its Design For iPhone 6

    That's why amdgamer said "when possible." Being at least assembled here means there was some of the cost of the item returned to this economy directly in the form of wages, on-site building expenses, business taxes, or whatever else. I've been doing a lot of PC upgrading recently and went with...
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    NSA Releases Over 800 Pages Of New Snowden Documents

    The government is made up of people, and there are people who never learned morality or become corrupt from the opportunities a position of power can hold. A lot of us would probably be disgusted by things the Government does that are not public (we are already disgusted by various things they...
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    AMD Live Webcast From Computex 2016

    Directly on AMD's site it's going to be $200 for the 4GB version. I wonder if the presentation's benchmarks were the 8GB or 4GB version. If it was the 8, then that's a bit underhanded to keep talking about $200 but then show off the 8GB version. I think I'll be looking at their card directly...
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 Specifications Leaked?

    Twiddling my thumbs with an old 9600GT. I was hoping for something quiet, decently fast, and efficient in the $100-175 range on the new 14/16nm processes. I'll consider the AMD $200 card if it's hitting that high of a performance level and is still efficient. Though I'm curious to see tonight if...
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    The demo was showing the equivalent of a GTX 950, right? Ah, I see. Trying to skim through this huge thread, it reminds me of the intense debates car guys have over super cars when 99.9% of the ones discussing it will never own one. In the grand scheme of things the 1070 and 1080 starter prices...
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    What happened to that apparent sample of Polaris running a Star Wars game at 86 watts vs. 140 watts when the two cards were capped at 60fps? There is no way I'd drop $350-600 for a video card, but $150 for a decently fast and highly efficient card to replace my 9600GT would be great. haha. If...
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    Windows 8 Users Must Upgrade To Windows 10 Now

    For me personally, 10 has been the best OS I've used not regarding the privacy issues and downgrade of Windows Update control (though it looks like telemetry is on 7 and 8 in some form). I think we need to continuously push MS about things like that. Anyways, 10 has been solid for me and I feel...
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    Teens React To Windows 95

    The way they talked about WIFI and other technical things was comical. This video seemed more along the lines of "Young non-technical people try to use an old computer."
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    Why Don't We Shoot Garbage Into The Sun?

    What a stupid idea. As others have said, there needs to be more research on recycling material in landfills rather than the gigantic waste it would be to remove it from the planet.
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Probably Won’t Be Cracked For A While

    Is this Internet needed thing specific to UHD, or is it something that would be the case for standard BR disks? I'm not seeing much in a quick search about it. I finally bought a BR drive late last year and have a few movies now. Though I have the player hooked up to WIFI to try out the apps...
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    HP Tries To Reinvent Computing With Elite x3 W10 Phone

    The only way I'd see it as groundbreaking was if it had an x86 processor and could run win32 applications directly on the phone without some type of web-service.
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    Morocco Unveils Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara

    Any addition of solar is great in my opinion. I'm hoping it happens a lot more throughout the world. I'd like to see solar panels on every single-family home in the USA along with something like the Tesla powerwall to further augment a large distributed grid. Sure, it wouldn't likely 100% of the...
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    EU Clears Western Digital Acquisition Of SanDisk

    It seems like a good move on Western Digital's part. They both release decent gear, so I don't see any issues moving forward.
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    Seagate Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Failing Hard Drives

    I think the only Seagate I had was a Barracuda ATA IV that had "Fluid Dynamic Bearings" and foam padding to reduce noise. It died after a few years. Can't say I've had perfect luck with other brands, but I didn't give Seagate another chance after that.
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    Recommendations for OS vs Data SSD drives?

    I recently upgrades to SSD drives in my two main computers (desktop and laptop). For the laptop I added a PNY CS2111 XLR8 480GB and in the desktop I have a PNY CS2111 XLR8 240GB for the OS and a few apps I forget to install to the second drive along with a Mushkin Reactor 1TB for most of the...
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    $25 Portable Standing Desk

    These cheap one-off hipster inventions bother me for some reason, haha. That said, I'd like an actual convertible standing desk at some point.
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    Google's Creepy Plan To Kill The Password

    Excluding the thought that Google would be monitoring and parsing a lot of personal information (no thanks), authenticating based on bio-metric data along with whatever other properties they want to record seems like a bad idea. That information would need to be stored somewhere and used to...
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    NASA Accepting Applications For Missions To Mars

    If only I had 1000+ hours of jet flying experience. :D
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    Independence Day: Resurgence Official Trailer

    It seems solid so far to me. I'm looking forward to it. The F-22 accident is plausible enough and they are going to have a lot of the other cast members back (a conference video last July shows a bunch of them: ). I don't think they need him this time...
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    Germany Fires Up Bizarre New Fusion Reactor

    Really awesome that they started testing with helium and will be using hydrogen next month. From what I've read, that design should allow the plasma to be sustained a lot longer that the Tokamak design. With that they might achieve energy positive fusion. Tokamak ones have fundamental stability...