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    Building a mini ITX Ryzen - advice?

    My 3930k + RIVE in my sig is just having too many problems these days. It's been moved from NY->CA and within CA multiple times, and I have a bad component in there somewhere. I have all sorts of crashes separated by months of no issues. Sometimes fixed by reformat / reinstall, sometimes by...
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    7970 Grey Screen of Death After Move - Oven trick?

    Recently moved apartments and boxed up my system in the box from the case. It's nice and secure but I didn't remove the sensitive components as I did during my last move. After setting everything back up, one of the fans in my H100 fell off but seemed to reattach without issue. After a few...
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    iPod Touch 4th Gen 64GB, 32GB Bundles!

    Near Mint iTouches bundled with original boxes, charging cables, cases, etc. 99c, no reserve ends a week from today. 64GB: 32GB:
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    AUCTIONS! HD 555, HMDX Jam & Jam XT, iPod Nano, Leap Motion

    All ending next week, Nov 2nd. Will combine shipping. Starting at 99c Apple iPod nano 4th Generation (PRODUCT) RED (8 GB) Leap Motion Controller Sennheiser HD 555 Headband Headphones - Black/Gray HMDX Audio HX-P23OGY Blackberry Gray JAM Portable Wireles HMDX Audio HX-P430 JAM XT Extreme...
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    24 rolls of scotch tape! BIN - ~$28

    You obviously are the type of guy who could use some scotch tape. Buy this scotch tape and PM me and I will send you a small tube of super glue as well, because you obviously are the type of guy who needs to make things stick together...
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    How to add DDWRT router to apt to increase wireless strength

    Hey all, I recently moved into a 2BR/2BA and I'd like some help with the internet situation. The apartment has AT&T U-Verse, and the 2Wire router is in the master closet. The router has hard cabled ethernet through the walls and has ports in the master br, the 2nd br, and the living room, and...
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    16 GB White Verizon Iphone 4 - Ends 1/8 @ 8PM EST Auction Some body scuffing which is covered by the case. Screen is perfect, back glass is probably the best I've seen on a used phone. Comes with 3 cases, charger, USB cable, stylus, additional screen protector.
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    Small Business Saturday - $25 AmEx statement credits!

    American Express sponsors "small business saturday" which is the saturday after Black Friday. You can register every Amex you have, and you will get a $25 statement credit on each if you spend $25+ in a single transaction at a small business on their map...
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    Etymotic Research hf3 Noise Isolating Headphones - $95 Shipped

    Great noise isolating headphones NIB!
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    3007WFP and updated GPU, can't get native resolution

    I recently upgraded from one rig into another, but didnt have a GPU upgrade. So my new 3930k rig started with my old 280GTX. Last week, I finally upgraded to a Asus 6950HD DirectCU II. Then yesterday, I picked up a used 3007WFP for a good price. The owner gave me a single link DVI cord by...
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    Warm: Intel 320 Series 80GB (SATA2) -- $149.99-$50MIR-$20IR = $79.99 Use promo code IntelSSD (expires 1/15) for the $20 instant rebate. $50 Rebate in the form of a prepaid card, offer expires 1/14. This is $1/gb and potentially less if you have one of those $40 for $20 gift cards for Newegg.
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    PowerColor and/or Asus HD 5450 $15 ($20 MIR)

    Saw this on slickdeals, good card for an HTPC. Silent, fanless. Benchmark score of 313 so don't plan on playing recent games with it, but a nice upgrade for a parents rig with integrated graphics or similar. Also edges out the onboard graphics of an i3 2100K, but worse than i5 2500K. Can use...
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    3 GNC Stainless Steel Water Bottles for $9.99 Shipped

    Might be a little girly, but great value on these things. Can checkout as normal or pay through paypal or google checkout. With tax my total came to $10.80. EDIT: 3/25 @ 2PM EST -- NO LONGER FREE SHIPPING ON THESE...
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    Dell Outlet -- Sales & Coupons -- Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops,

    Lots of stuff on sale at the Dell Outlet: Link
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    Today Only -- Dell U2410 $449 Shipped

    Dell Small Business has the Dell UltraSharp U2410 24" 1. Link @ $599 2. Instant Savings : -$100.00 3. Coupon Price : -10% | Code : JM1$2G7?MGZBV5 ( Exp : 05/07/10 ) Final Price : $449.10 Shipped
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    WMP54G goes Code 10 out of no where

    I'm using a Linksys WMP54G v4.1 (PCI Wireless adapter) on Win7 64-bit There are no 64-bit drivers from Linksys for this adapter, and when I first got Windows 7 last year it took quite a bit of searching to find a work around. Windows does not come rolled with a driver that works correctly, so...
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    5 SATA Cables for $2.49 + FS @ Mwave Good price w/ Mwave club joining!
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    Choppiness In Vista

    I just got a new computer w/ Vista 32bit Home Premium. It has a Q9450 and GTX 280 and 4GB ram. Originally my mouse cursor was sort of choppy, but updating my GPU drivers fixed that. Now I have choppy audio that is not based on CPU load that occurs every 30 seconds or so. I tried updating the...
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    Sharing a ExHDD through Small home wireless network?

    I know this should be simple to do but it's just not working out for me. I have a laptop and a desktop that are both connected to the internet via a wireless router. There is a third desktop that is my parents' that is also connected to the wireless network but I don't care about in this...
  20. J

    Wireless HDD

    Is there any way to make a External harddrive wireless? So that it would show up in 'My Computer' when not actually tethered to the computer? I currently work on a database that I save to my external HDD because of size constraints on my laptop, but I'd like to be able to do live updates from...
  21. J

    Which pre-built refurb?

    I'm looking to buy a prebuilt Dell XPS refurb. I will be buying off ebay so prices will be as listed - ~30%. Which system gives the best CPU/GPU combination for the best price? Consider the possibility that I might overclock, but nothing extreme.. novice stuff. $1600 $1550 $1500...
  22. J

    Which card for XPS ?

    I'm looking to buy a refurb XPS Desktop but there are so many varying cards and I haven't been keeping up to date with what comes out. I was hoping I could get a quick list in performance order as well as a recommendation for the following cards: 512MB nVidia GeForce 9800 GT (also, is this...
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    Best CD Copying?

    I just need a quick, simple, freeware CD copier (or two separate ripping and burning tools). Recommendations?
  24. J

    Vista loads to blank screen w/ mouse pointer

    I am taking a look at a Dell laptop for a friend. They were 'downloading' iTunes (i'm not sure if they were actually downloading or trying to install iTunes) and their laptop froze. On restart they got the 'computer was not shut down correctly' menu, and starting up in safe mode (w/ command...
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    About to Reformat, any Must have software I might be missing for my fresh drive?

    I'm about to reformat so I just downloaded all the installers I'll need for the programs I want/need and threw them on my external hard drive, but I was wondering if there are any programs that you guys find indispensable. They can be any type of programs, simple software that you couldn't...
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    Windows emulator for windows? Multiple instances

    Hey I'm looking for a program for windows xp that will let me run a separate instance of windows. I used to run a program for work on my home computer. I installed something else and since then, whenever I run the original program it immediately crashes, doesn't even open. Something I...
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    Can I lock my wireless card to a specific signal?

    When I'm on the 2nd story of my house with my laptop apparently we get some signal from a neighbors linksys router.. and my connection will drop. I used to have this happen and the wireless icon would show itself not connected (with an x) and then trying to aquire network address to the other...
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    Is this possible?

    I have a computer that's on a wireless connection. i have another computer that at the moment doesn't have a wireless card installed, but I need it near my wireless system, and I need it to have internet. Is there anyway I can set up a wired connection from the computer that has wireless to...
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    woot BoC?

    Servers are fucked, maybe BoC?
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    Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker for $14.99 ($4.99) Shipped

    This flat panel portable speaker has gotten excellent reviews, check amazon or cnet. At $14.99 it's a pretty good deal But if you use google checkout, it becomes $4.99. Only valid for new google...
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    Crash zapped Firefox favorites?

    My laptop just crashed and when it restarted, everything worked fine. Still have my buddy list, still had my winamp playlist, but all my firefox bookmarks and tabbar favorites are gone. WTF MATE?
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    Proxy Problem in Australia

    I'm an American study abroad student in Australia, and the way they manage their internet is very strange. Everytime you open firefox or IE, you get a login box, as you login through the schools proxy. Once you leave the domain of the school (same as the proxy), it keeps track of the traffic you...
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    BOGO Cold Stone is Back - Legit Coupon

    This went up and then down on their site during the holiday season, but now it is back on their site expiring 2/28/07 Enjoy! Also, 2 for $9 quarts: And $5 off ice cream...
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    Free Verizon Ringtone for New Years - Legit

    All info can be found here: text 'TONE' to 2007 on your verizon wireless phone for a text with instructions
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    Free Registry Mechanic

    Apparently it's not the newest version, but it certainly gets the job done.
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    WTGFF: Coke drinkers

    Want to get for free: Coke codes / mycoke reward codes. Any bottle of coke with a red cap and the inside of 12 pack fridgepack boxes have a 15 alpha numeric code on/in them. If you're not doing coke rewards, please PM me your codes, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    quick question

    My girlfriend is getting ready to order a MacBook Pro. I think she should downgrade the 'stock' 1x1gb to the optional 2x512mb and save $100. Her dad wants her to spend the extra $100 for easy upgrading later. Her dad trusts and values my opinion, but has basically said "thanks but no thanks"...
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    Sandisk Cruzer Micro 256MB w/ SKins $9.99

    Got 4/5 Stars At Amazon obviously 256MB isn't a big drive but for $10 (+ship :mad: Unless you sign up for Amazon Prime 3 month trial and get free shipping on all orders) it would make a nice emergency replacement. Got one for me and one for pops. Enjoy!