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    Zotac 1050ti works vertical but not horizontal

    OK, this is the weirdest issue that I've come across. I have a Zotac 1050ti ITX that works when the video card is vertical (and the motherboard is horizontal). But when the computer is put vertical and the card is heatsink side down, the computer does not see the card. Other cards work in the...
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    Strange x99 taichi behavior (4f then off)

    I have an Asrock x99 Taichi with the POST code LED. The board begins POSTing running through different codes. When it hits 4f, it shuts off. I've reseated the CPU and tried different RAM, video card, and PSU to no avail. If I take the RAM out or put RAM in the wrong slots, I can get the...
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    Project Reclaimed 2.0

    I have a lot of old wood laying around, so I created another wood computer. I tried to refine my design from Project: Reclaimed into a much tighter, cleaner design. Core i5 4570TE MSI H81TI 2x 4gb Corsair DRR3 SODIMMs ADATA 120gb M.2 SSD mini PCIe b/g/n wifi card 750gb mechanical harddrive...
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    Project: Reclaimed

    I've been wanting to build a wood case for like 20 years and finally had the time to build one. Almost everything from this project is reclaimed except for the allen head screws, the harddrive bay, and the video card. It's not perfect, but it's my first time building something like this from...
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    Is Hot Flashing still a thing?

    Long story short, a BIOS update failed and ASRock is not responsive for help. Back in the day, we could boot up a system, pull the BIOS chip, put in the bad one and flash it with the appropriate BIOS. It seems like UEFI might have killed that. Has anyone tried this recently, and what tools are...
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    AMD RX 550 memory not ramping after sleep

    I just got this card (doing a low-profile card round up thing): The first round of benchmarking looked really good for the setup that I'm running. I came back today and all of my scores were...
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    i7 7700k $280 at Microcenter (in store only)

    I went to pick up an i7 7700k at Microcenter because they had em for $300, but when I got there, they had lowered the price to $280. It has since been updated on the web site too. /edit: The i5...
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    nevermind, e-wasted

    I'm in need of advice from the masters here (thanks in advance!). I have a Corsair TX850 that is basically dead (and no warranty possible). If the computer has been unplugged for a while, it will power up for a half second or so. I have removed it from the computer and tried to start it with a...
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    Quick weekend project retrofitting Shuttle SB51 with mini ITX mono

    I recently moved and due to the reorganization of electronics, I needed a new rig to do Netflix for the bedroom. I had an old Shuttle SB51 with a bad mobo sitting around, so I wanted to do something with it and keep the project as cheap as possible. So this isn't going to be as pretty as most...
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    Do S.M.A.R.T. reset utilities exist?

    I have a Seagate 7200.11 drive that is giving me a smart error, but when I run the Seagate diagnostics and chkdsk, it says the drive is fine (except for the smart error). I'd like to reset the smart status and see if it comes back up. (I should also mention the drive is an OEM in an HP so I...
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    Free Dual Processor P3 Servers

    I have a Dell Poweredge 2500 and an IBM Netfinity 5100 pair of dual P3 servers. They are pretty much gutted, but they do POST and include the CPUs and at least 512meg of RAM. I believe the IBM is 2x 733s and the Dell is 2x 600s. These are free if we can arrange a local pickup or meeting in...
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    The lesser of three evils?

    So I just put together a little rig with some of my older parts to get a HTPC going. Specs are: AMD X2 3600+ ATI 3870 Abit NF-M2 nView mobo NEC SATA DVD burner Seagate 320gig SATA drive So of course the last piece of the system is the PSU. And as my budget is nonexistant due to holiday...
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    Anyone have any experience with Foxconn 45GMX?

    I just came across this board on the egg and it seems like a decent board for $40. I've got an SG01 that's just sort of been sitting waiting for some lovin and I don't have a ton of cash to get a system going. I figure this and a e5200 would make a nice little system.
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    Warm/hot Dell SC440 $199

    As part of the "Dell Small Business Days of Deals", they have an SC440 for $199. Can be found through the following link: Base config: e2180 512meg RAM 80gig harddrive No OS Upgrade I'd consider: 2gig RAM...
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    Any of the experts know anything about NZXT power supplies?

    I was just over at a friend's house and his computer was acting odd. He's got this case and power supply...
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    Macbook trackpad button. Spongy?

    I just bought a MacBook for my girlfriend and the trackpad button feels really tight and unresponsive... almost spongy. After using my MBP for years, am I just too used to its trackpad and the MacBook just like that or did I get a bad trackpad button?
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    EVGA 112-CK-NF72-K1 minireview

    So I picked up the above mobo for a little build I've been working on. Here's the setup: EVGA 112-CK-NF72-K1 (nForce 7050/610i) e2140 2x 1gig DDR2-800 OCZ platinum MSI 7800GT SilverStone350w PSU General impressions: So far, it seems to be a nice solid little board for the price (<$50...
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    Lexmark C534n Color Laser ~$200 AR + Free CPU + FS OK, so this printer is ~610.00. If you get the NewEgg newsletter, you can apply a 10% off coupon bringing it down to ~$550. Then, there is a $350 rebate from Lexmark bringing the...
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    Recording live music from soundboard (outputs?)

    So I'm going to be recording a show my friend's band is doing tonight and this is the first time I'll be doing something like this. I'll be using Audacity on my MacBookPro. From what I've read, soundboards generally have either RCA stereo, 1/4" mono, or (unlikely) XLR style outs. Are...
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    Anyone have experience with MSI P4M890ML?

    I'm kind of getting sick of the Asus P5LD2VM mobo I have. It's pretty horrible that you can't run the board at 200MHz FSB when overclocking (even though 200MHz is a standard FSB of CPUs; see old thread). Plus, I'd eventually like to upgrade to a C2D. So I came across the MSI P4M890ML...
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    Warm: 7900GT $200 / 7950GT (256meg) $201 AR

    XFX 7900GT $199.99 -- no rebate involved. This is the first 7900GT I've seen non-rebate sub $200 at a reputable dealer. eVGA 7950GT (only 256meg) $215.99-$15 MIR-- a little higher stock clock speeds and HDCP support but you have...
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    Any experts out there on BSEL modding on socket 775 CPUs?

    I got a Pentium D 805 to play around with, but my motherboard (sig) has horrible PCIe locks, so I can't even set to 200FSB. With some tweaking of the busses, I can set the FSB up to 179, but no matter what I do, 180 will not POST. I'm 100% sure this is because of the bad locks. Anyway, from...
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    Disabling quads in ROM (6800)?

    So I have a PNY 6800 that one day just started not booting properly. If I put it in a system where the drivers aren't initialized yet (generic VGA), it runs fine. As soon as the drivers initialize, I get artifacts all over in a checkerboard pattern and the system essentially locks up. PNY...
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    Need a capacitor identified

    A motherboard of mine is acting like it has bad caps. I've replaced the normal caps and the problem persists. There are smaller unwrapped sold can caps (like on a lot of video cards these days) around the CPU socket that look a little odd so I want to try replacing them, but I can't figure out...
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    Computer in a playstation 2

    Well, here is the beginning of this project. It's all spare parts from years of working on computers. Components: re-capped Shuttle FV25 mobo 512meg PC133 innards of an old emachines microATX PSU ATI 9000 128meg VIVO Toshiba SD-R2102 DVD/CDRW combo drive empty PS/2 housing Not...
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    Asus P5LD2-VM overclocking? 224MHz limit?

    OK, so I've been playing around with a little system I've been working on based on the P5LD2-VM. Overclocking seems to be an issue. When I put the FSB at 224, the system POSTs and runs great. Totally stable. But if I go to 225, the system won't even POST. I've tried a 540J and a 640 CPUs...
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    Has anyone used the Toshiba MK6026GAX (5400RPM, 16meg cache)?

    I'm currently reassembling a cannibalized Sony v505DXP. I was looking at the Toshiba MK6026GAX 60gig 5400RPM 16meg cache harddrive. It seems to have pretty good features for the price (~$89 after shipping at the Egg). I was wondering if anyone has any good or bad experiences with these drives.
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    Rant/warning: Epox EP-5EGMI / Intel 915GL chipset / me not reading

    OK, so I recently bought the Epox EP-5EGMI: This is after going through a few other microATX boards that had no OCing options (Gigabyte socket 775 865 chipset boards). I have a 540J that really wants to be overclocked. So I...
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    Question about Shuttle ST20G5 review (I guess to Morry)

    I've played with a couple of mobos using the ATI chipset (one was the Shuttle ST61G4) and they both seemed to undervolt a bit. Did you happen to notice if this system was undervolting and perhaps that was the source of the instability? Also, I had a ton of issues with the first ST61G4 I...
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    Strange issue with Asus P2B-D

    So I bought a Asus P2B-D a while ago in a box-o-stuff deal and just recently got around to playing with it. Officially, the board revision that I have only accepts older PIII CPUs that have >=1.8V Vcore. I got a pair of PIII800s @ 1.7V so it wouldn't POST. But, there is a trick where you can...
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    Have LCD with G/G/B/Csync. poss to convert VGA in?

    OK, I looked in the FAQs and couldn't find anything. I have an LCD (I forget the model number) that has pin ins for R/G/B and Composite Sync. Is it possible to make this VGA in? Or is it possible to use the ATI component (RGB) adapter to wire into this directly? I already have composite...
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    My How-To stealth Shuttle G2 drive

    Here's a little rundown on how I stealthed my DVD drive on my SB65G2V3. So here's what it looked like to start (OK, but nothing special): First thing I did was marked approximately where the screws go through the SB65 bay blank (you can see the pencil marks): Second, I covered...
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    Fun project for the day: figure out chipset for Presario 5222 mobo

    I need to figure out what chipset a Compaq Presario 5222 has for a project I'm working on tonight. I can't find anywhere on the intarweb what kind of chipset this stupid thing has. Compaq doesn't seem to want anyone to know... /edit: mad props for anyone that figures it out.
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    P4-M in shuttle?

    Does anyone know if the ICE in P4 shuttle systems will make proper contact with the core of a P4-M CPU? (I don't have any doubt that the CPU will function properly, I'm just worried about HSF contact)
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    My woody (I mean 39 Ford woody) project

    My uncle just built a 39 Ford Woody pretty much from scratch (I come from a long line of hot rod builders) and his life has been pretty much enveloped by woodies (clothing, Christmas ornaments, models, etc.). So I figured, what's the last thing that he could expect that could be a woody? I gave...
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    So I just lapped my core...

    I've been playing around with a P4M 1.6 and it wasn't overclocking very well (IS7 mobo). In the BIOS, the temp monitor showed the CPU at 42C at stock speed (actually 12x100 due to the speedstep thing with mobile CPUs). This seemed like a lot, so I checked the contact between the HSF and CPU...
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    Low latency RAM for SN85G4V2?

    I bought some Corsair XMS-3200C2 for my SN85G4V2 only to find that it won't run at Cas2 in this system. Corsair says AMD systems require this RAM to run at 2.5, but in my hands it won't post unless set to 3. So basically I'm a little peeved and would like some moderately priced RAM with decent...
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    warm: Shuttle SN85G4LV2 $199 free 2 day

    Shuttle is having some sort of holday sale and their promotional prices across the board seem to be pretty good. Zipzoomfly seems to be using the shuttle pricing for at least the SN85G4LV2 (this is the model without the card reader, but saving ~100 compared to...
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    Powerbook Ti, new SV25 mod, [H]appy [H]olidays

    First the Powerbook Ti 400: specs really aren't that impressive, but if you've ever taken apart a powerbook, you should be impressed that I could get it back together (the stupid thing is glued together in a lot of places). It's been totally disassembled and each component has been individually...
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    Is there screen resolution software for OS X (like multires)

    I have a Powerbook Ti 400 (res:1152x768) in which I replaced the screen. Unfortunately, I replaced it with a screen from a DVI model powerbook (res: 1280x854) so there is junk on the right and bottom of the screen. There may be an issue with the interface, but I'd like to try to at least just...