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    2550K: Overclocking without an IGP?

    Are there any reviews out for this one yet? Does it overclock better then a 2500k?
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    Looking for a cheap laptop for school

    I'm looking to spend around $300 for a decent laptop just for school. No gaming or anything, just something that's easy to tote around campus for school work. A full size keyboard is a must since I have big hands. Any suggestions?
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    Mac Pro Classic

    This isn't strictly a worklog since most of the hard work has been done. WARNING!!! Low quality cellphone pics. I will update later when I'm able to take some real pictures in better lighting. I picked up an old PowerMac G4 case off eBay several years ago. Between various real life things I...
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    Is 1155 worth it?

    I'm looking to put together a MATX or a MITX SFF and I'm looking for opinions on whether or not I should consider a 1155 build or to build a 1156 one instead? I want to overclock so that's very important to me and it means I'll need to get one of the K series 1155 CPU's but I really don't...
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    Want to get a tablet, what are my options?

    I want a simple devices I can surf the internet with, watch some videos from time to time, pandora streaming from time to time and write notes occasionally. All things I already do with my phone, I just want a larger screen and better specs. Ideally I would get an iPad but they cost more then...
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    External Video Card w/ A Desktop?

    I'm planning on using an odd kind of case for an SFF build (old Apple G4 Cube) and I was wondering if it's possible to do an external video card to help with space limitations and heat down? Reading this on building one but that's for a laptop. I'm thinking that it could just as easily work...
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    Ultimate HTPC Build Guide

    Version 1.4 How low is too low? While it's possible to build an HTPC out of random spare parts (Frankenstein style), like all PC builds, there are things you need to keep in mind. For one thing, an HTPC is going to be 'on' most of the time in order to be accessible to everyone, especially...
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    Zotac NF610I-K-E Cool. :)

    Just saw this up on Newegg, I've got the older wifi version of it and I'm rather happy with it. It makes for a nice little basic system. Anyways, the 620i-K-E seems like the perfect basis for a WHS box. It's got onboard gigabit ethernet and four SATA ports, drop in a Celeron 430 and two gigs...
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    G4 iBook worth it?

    I found an old G4 iBook for $300; 21.1" LCD, 1.33GHz G4, 1 gig memory 40gig HDD, OS X 10.5. I have been thinking of getting another netbook to replace my laptop (bought a Dell Mini 9 for my little sis, my GF currently has my Dell laptop) and then I saw this. Is the G4 iBook too old? Is $300 a...
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    How To: ISOs in Media Center While I don't like ISOs myself I did see this link and thought some of you guys would like to check it out since it simplifies ISOs to the point where it actually makes some sense to use.
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    Wait. I guess I don't need My Movies now!!

    So, last week my WHS box took a dive and crashed hard (I'm sure it's something hardware related). So hard that I wasn't able to get it back up and running so I had to migrate the hard drives to systems through out the house and set them as network shares until I can get new hardware for a new...
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    Looking for new mobo, DDR2 or DDR3??

    I'm looking at two boards for my Athlon X4, one is DDR2 and the other is DDR3. Now, I already have four gigs of DDR2 800 memory (4x1 gig sticks) so it's going to be a lot cheaper to go with a DDR2 board and I know DDR3 isn't all that important for AMD's chips. The boards...
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    Steam - Escape From Monkey Island $4.99

    :eek: Steam has Monkey Island for 50% off! Check it out! :)
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    Tropico 3 Anyone?

    So, I installed the demo the other day when I saw it up on Steam. I've been playing it the last two days and I can't believe how much fun I'm having with just two maps! lol :D I can't wait for release day! Anyone else try it yet?
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    Replacement screws for laptop DVD drive??

    I'm trying to find out what thread size is used for laptop drives. Trying to mount a slot loading burner and I've lost the mounting brackets screws. :(
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    Hot? Scythe Reeven Cooler $26 plus shipping I order from them all the time, awesome place. Don't know much about the cooler other then it has a great rep. Usual price seems to be about $40, seems like a pretty good deal. :)
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    Blu Ray's Managed Copy Explained

    Engadget HD - Blu-Ray's Managed Copy Explained! While it all sounds awesome it doesn't exactly sit right with me that I'll have to pay extra for a movie I already spend nearly $30 for (that is if it's not bought from one of Amazon's awesome Blu ray sales. :) ) in the first place just to...
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    360 PSU power a PC??

    I'm building a mITX system and was wondering if it's possible adapt the 360's 203w power brick to power the PC? If so, what would be needed (as in, Pico PSU, etc)? System specs: E5200 or E7300 Zotac 9300 mITX Laptop HDD (maybe a desktop HDD) laptop DVD burner Either onboard IGP used...
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    LP 9800GT Woot! Woot! :)
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    Your next HTPC? Atom + 9400m

    Anand Article AWESOME! :D The only complaint I have is that it needs a Mini PCIe slot so I can slip in a spare wireless card in there.
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    Review: Hauppauge's HD-PVR

    Missing Remote Many come in here asking about HD tuners and what they need to get their HD cable/satellite signal into their PC. Well, this is it. :)
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    Upgrading: 7900GS & 5700U equal today?

    I'm thinking of upgrading two systems; a friend of mine with her 5700U AGP and my little brother's 7900GS. Cheapest options possible. She doesn't really game beyond the Sims much so I'm wondering what would be better, but cheap, then her current 5700 Ultra? When I had my 8500GT I believe it...
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    MSI IM-Q35 - mITX, PCIx16, s775 goodness

    ITX Depot has MSI's new Q35 (assuming it's new since this is the first I've seen of it) instock. It looks awesome, especially since I had just gave up on finding a mITX board to swap into my KPC (nice case, basic...
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    G4 Mac spare parts? Things like screws....

    I'm tearing down a dead Powermac and reusing the case for PC parts. One of the side panels has a worn screw so I'm thinking I'm going to have drill it out or cut it up so I'm wondering is anyone knows of places that sell parts; either a new side panel or replacement screws (or if anyone knows...
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    G45 falls flat as HTPC

    I'm so surprised this hasn't been posted yet, seems the G45 is still suffering from some of the same issues that plagued the G965/G33/G35. So, yeah. Intel has been saying "hope for a driver update" since the G965 to improve performance but I'm not going to bite until that update is finally...
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    Help: iPhone Wifi not working (unlocked/jailbreaked)

    So I just got my iPhone (it's running 1.1.3 if that matters) and I can't get the Wifi to work correctly. If I type in anything like "" it says that Safari can't find the server. If I type in the IP address "" then it'll load the page. As you can imagine this is a major...
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    Getting iPhone; which service provider?

    Just ordered an iPhone and I intend to JB it (since AT&T sucks around here and I don't want to use them anyways) so I'm wondering, among those who have JBed their iPhones, which servies provider and plan works for them with their iPhone? I'm not currently attached to a provider (had Cingular...
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    Looking to buy an Mini ITX LGA775 mobo, but where?

    I'd love to get an LGA775 mini ITX mobo but I'm having a hellova time finding one. I'm mostly interested in the iBase MI935 or the Commell LV-678. So, where do you guys get these boards at? The only ones I'm finding are the crappy VIA boards and the 945 series Intel boards but they only...
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    Where you get Touch panels?

    Guitar Hero 3 touch screen mod Okay, after this I'm wondering where I can find a touch panel for a mod I want to do (EeePC tablet edition). Anyone know where to find one?
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    AMD's DTX Sneak peak

    Anandtech Tech Report Hot Hardware So, having read only the Anandtech article I have to say I think Anandtech is becoming less and less relevant to my interests. Wait. Why is not having any DTX cases a problem when DTX was developed as an augmentation to the ATX spec and that all DTX boards...
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    Koolance HX-362 Rad, any good? I'm in need of a somewhat low profile-ish radiator, something that isn't that much larger then the 120mm fan used on it (and yes, I need it a single 120mm rad) and I saw this and was wondering how well...
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    iTunes: Open with fullscreen cover flow?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to launch iTunes (the Win version) to open up at fullscreen cover flow going?
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    iTunes and XP keep losing iPod

    Okay. I just got a pink Nano and it's not working. I've just reinstalled XP too but this problem had been occuring on the old install. When I plug in the iPod (the Nano and a first gen Shuffle) iTunes reads it and goes through the usual motions and then once it's done doing the initial update...
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    BTX heatsink; will any LGA775 heatsink work?

    I'm thinking of getting a PicoBTX mobo since I need something small, it's price is right (compared to other tiny mobos) but I don't if I can fit a regular LGA775 heatsink on this board or what. If not anyone has any links to some low profile BTX coolers?
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    Thermaltake's Lanboy @ Newegg

    Black Silver So, whose going to...
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    Question about PVR cards

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    In need of new headphones

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    Modding a phone