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    Backblaze Increases Upload and Restore Speeds, Adds File Sharing and More

    Got the email this morning that CrashPlan is abandoning their Home plans... ETA 14 months until they are all ended. So that's no longer an option!
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    Backblaze Increases Upload and Restore Speeds, Adds File Sharing and More

    I'm wondering as well. Backblaze is slightly cheaper ($50 vs $60 a year) but not sure that's worth transitioning all that data. I am curious about DOWNLOAD speed comparisons between the two -- I've never (/knocksonwood) had to do a recovery so I have no idea how long download TBs of data would...
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    What is a good inexspensive replacement for my HBA's?

    Can I ask what makes the current HBAs (AOC-SASLP-MV8) "shit"? (I'm not disagreeing as I have no idea, just genuinely curious as I have a couple and plotting my next upgrade)
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    Buying XPS 13 -- some build/upgrade questions

    Much appreciated. Sounds like this will be a good fit then. Ordered the i5 xps 13 as well as a 960 Evo to throw in. Looking forward to having a new laptop!
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    Buying XPS 13 -- some build/upgrade questions

    So my current laptop is getting more than a little long in the tooth... Sony Vaio VPCZ1 purchased in 2010, with several white lines on the screen, inability to install Win10 and lack of brightness controls (due to driver issues), and the "J" key works 1 out of 3 presses due to a dog jumping on...
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    Lab-Grown Meat Is In Your Future

    "Those who have tasted these items say they barely differ from the real deal." Many vegans say the same thing about crappy soy products too... I'd still try this though. Also relevant:
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    Star Fox Zero

    I bought it and have played it a bit over a couple days. 1) It does feel like you jump through several vehicles (basically 4 options) in the first couple levels, but that's really just an introduction and after that you're fine. It's almost all the classic arwing which you'd expect. 2) My...
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    Esports League Bans YouPorn’s Pro Gamer Squad

    Though Playboy has thrown money into a variety of series. And motorsports is still filled with scantily-clad women alongside the stars. And IIRC, the ban on tobacco sponsors had nothing to do with the series wanting to cut out that money (as losing that hurt motorsports a LOT), but due to...
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    Humble Audiobook Bundle : R.A. Salvator's Complete Demon Wars Saga $15

    Thanks for the post. Read a lot of his books but not these. I like having audiobooks for road trips.
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    FYI coupon says it expires today (YMMV): I just ordered one, though the shittines off their website made me want to kill myself. It refused to complete checkout on Chrome. Then in Internet Explorer, I had to manually refresh every damn page along the way to get them to appear. I hope only...
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    Two Free Pizzas for buying a $25 gift card (Papa John's)

    Thanks, I'm sure I'll use these by September
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    HP Stream Mini -- any luck reducing fan noise?

    I replaced my custom HTPC with an HP Stream Mini ( : (Discontinued) HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop : Computers & Accessories). I upgraded to 8gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD, Performance-wise, the device works great. At low load, the fan noise is near inaudible. BUT, when load ramps up...
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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    I've been wondering about a setup like this as well. The items you posted looks like they'd work for me (as I could use optical out), though curious as your original post said you wanted to do it via HDMI out.
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    Even beyond your highlighted section, that statute does not even come close to what bomni alleges it says. The "yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a marked crosswalk or at an intersection with no marked crosswalk" is far more limiting and is doesn't apply, for...
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    Free Chipotle Burrito

    They didn't charge me extra for guac when I went. I didn't see any exclusions on the coupon. This is the time to load it up with double meat, guac, and anything else you can think of :p
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    As Gamers Age, The Appeal Of Competition Drops The Most

    Yup. I'm still extremely competitive, but don't have the time to dedicate to be competitive at online games that I did 10 years ago. It's actually the biggest reason why I don't play competitive online games at all anymore, because I don't want to play if I can't be good at it :p I mainly...
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    Free Chipotle Burrito

    This is the also the reason that you should get a Hep A vaccine before you go... let's not pretend they don't ever get sick and contract diseases, they just don't give a shit about literally eating shit. That said, I loved the street food I ate when traveling through Thailand/Vietnam/etc...
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    The X-Files Returns: Inconsistent, Messy, And Promising

    I would just read a Wiki page before watching those. I've been doing a rewatch of the "mythology' episodes, but I ran out of time and only made it up through the beginning of Season 7. So I went and watched the Season 9 finale and the 2008 movie -- and was reminded that it was holy crap all...
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    Yahoo Class Action: $4M For Lawyers, $0 For Users

    I don't really understand why people complain about this aspect about class actions. The entire reason to bring a class action is that it is not worth bringing the cases individually. That means you would have gotten exactly zero dollars regardless. Does this stand out since it's $0 for the...
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    Plex, Kodi, Media Portal, Windows Media Center or what?

    I have gone from Mediaportal to WMC to XBMC (and Kodi) and I most recently jumped to Plex. I delayed going to Plex because, as noted by OP, the skins were limited and Kodi looks amazing (I liked the Transparency skin). ...unfortunately, XBMC/Kodi has also always felt like a work-in-progress...
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    Facebook Filters Out Sadness From Your Year In Review Photoset

    The company doesn't post ANYTHING until you click "Share". You click the link for Year In Review if you want to see it, and it then provides 10 suggested photos. You can then hit "Edit" to change them. When you are done, you then click "Share" (or close out and nothing gets posted). If you...
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    JBL LSR305 PAIR of Powered Monitors $199 @amazon

    As a potential buyer, I appreciate your honest feedback. I am very sensitive to irritating white noise (e.g., fans, hiss, etc.) and I'm sure it would drive me nuts as well.
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    Despite Windows 10, Windows Phone Is Doomed

    They failed to push out a quality phone to the enterprise market to supplant Blackberry before a majority of companies adopted liberal BYOD policies or just flat-out started providing iOS/Android phones. That would have allowed them to capture marketshare and then worry about the dearth of apps...
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    Cox Willingly Failed To Disconnect Pirating Subscribers

    I agree with you that that should be the standard. The Judge does, however, address this argument and states why he does not believe that is the standard. He found that: And the reality is that some of the emails from Cox employees are REALLY bad. They have emails where they admit that...
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    Augmented Reality Beer App

    Don't bother. :( 1) long load times (not just initial start) 2) entire app is in Korean 3) didn't recognize any beers I assumed it would sync to beer advocate or something similar, but no go. Not sure why Koreans need a beer review app -- their beers all taste the same :p
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    Verizon Adds Yet Another Activation Fee For New Customers

    From the article: That sounds more likely. Which means it has zero effect on existing customers. They may be doing it since, without contracts, there may be seeing an increase in the number of people hopping from service to service. Personally, I was a longtime VZW customer, and then left...
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    Report Says Uber Surge Pricing Has A Twist

    FYI, the default for Uber is NOT to tip. There's not even a way to do it through the app. So, unlikely taxi drivers, one should not assume that they are making any appreciable amount via tips.
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    Former New Delhi Uber Driver Convicted Of Rape

    This. There is an electronic record of every ride, including pickup point, destination, who the driver was, and who the passenger was. Versus a cab where there is literally nothing... I'm not saying they shouldn't tighten up their screening, but I'd say the fact that he was found, caught...
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    AmazonFresh Rolls Out Mandatory $299/Year “Prime Fresh” Grocery Membership

    I tried it when it first came to LA. I agree that, for me, it would be worth the $300 to save the hassle. HOWEVER, that is not a fair estimate of what it costs. At least in LA, the pricing of the groceries themselves were also significantly higher than where I typically buy produce...
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    Hulu Adds Commercial-Free Viewing

    I may actually sign up for Hulu now. I am actually fine with pre/post commercials -- it's the interruptions that are the irritating part.
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    Amazon Video Now Offers Offline Playback

    Very cool! I definitely hope Netflix follows this trend.
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    Uber Background Checks Missed Drivers' Criminal Records

    I have taken Uber a lot. Cabs are terrible by comparison. Ubers are cleaner and more comfortable. Your chances of getting an asshole driver who smells awful and is yelling on his bluetooth in some foreign language for your entire ride are nil with Uber. When you're in an Uber, your entire...
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    EFF Told to “Shut the Hell Up” About SOPA

    I like how the "filmmakers" complaining are people who have directed nothing worth pirating :p
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    "WMC support for Netflix ends September 15", apparently

    I bought a standalone bluray player a year or two ago to avoid the hassles of using the bluray drive in my HTPC. I prefer this when playing off physical discs. The drive is also quieter than the one in my HTPC. It also has Netflix (as well as a bunch of other apps I never use) and so I just...
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    400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

    Bummer, but good to know. Thanks and carry on :)
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    400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

    Recurring issue that only happens here. Makes it impossible to click on external links. Just says: Browser is Chrome. Has been an issue for years. Thoughts? Besides having to logout and clear everything ideally...
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    Streaming Music Beats CD Sales In US For The First Time

    And I still buy the occasional CD. I buy off Amazon. Prime is great, and autorip is nice. I still use streaming, but would never pay for a digital-only copy.
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    Streaming Music Beats CD Sales In US For The First Time

    How many people don't use the Internet? :confused:
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    Seems like a very reasonable price compared to what they charge with a cable package. Thinking they should price it LOWER than what they charge cable package bundlers is :rolleyes: This is obviously targeted at people that would be willing to pay what HBO usually costs, BUT they don't want to...