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  1. IdiotInCharge

    Introduction to audio interface / who buys sound cards?

    This is more a journey. It's one I've been slowly walking toward for some time and just recently started walking down; the purpose of this post is to invite discussion between those that find themselves in a similar position, those that have never considered an audio interface but perhaps could...
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    For those of you who like the color pink...

    Glorious has their Model O and Model O- (the smaller one) on preorder with matte pink for US$59. No referral here, just a nice mouse at a nice price for folks that like this sort of thing -- I have a pink O- on order for the wife, to go with her pink Ducky One 2 :D (image stolen from...
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    Surface Book 3 - Intel stomps AMD

    Over at Laptop Mag, the Intel-equipped unit is showing better CPU performance, better battery life, and surprisingly better GPU performance! From the article: "The Surface Laptop 3 for Business is better than the AMD version in every important way but the price. The Intel processor offers...
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    New Mass Effect Game

    Referencing TaintedSquirrel's post in the Andromeda thread, it looks like there's another one in the pipe. I stand in muted excitement.
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    How bad is Spectrum Wireless?

    Currently on Verizon with a paid-for phone, paying ~US$70/month for a sinlge line on the 5GB plan with an employer discount. Always have gobs of rollover data, but the lower data plans don't make sense. I'm also looking in the context of adding a second line, which looks like it would cost...
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    The very best IEMs for US$35 has the Linsoul Tin Audio Tin T2 IEMs on sale for US$35. These are well-balanced, spacious IEMs with a great cable and extremely comfortable tips- as in, they're perfect out of the box. They're relaxed for music with good bass and detail, and perfect for gaming due to the imaging and...
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    Hifiman HE-35X $90 Preorder at Massdrop

    See the drop here. These are open planar magnetic *dynamic driver headphones with 50mm drivers and a 19Ω impedence. Probably the cheapest you'll see a planar magnetic headphone new! *corrected, thanks atarione!
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    Linux and Audio

    Fuck me is this shit annoying. In wanting to get a more recent kernel, Ubuntu supporting 4.18 tops, and wanting an RHEL related distro, I put Fedora 29 on my ultrabook. This one has had audio issues before, which magically disappeared over time. And this is different. Now audio starts, then...
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    MSI RTX2080Ti Sea Hawk (hybrid) listed on the 'Egg!

    MSI RTX2080Ti Sea Hawk currently out of stock for US$1399. This is the card I would get to replace my 1080Ti Sea Hawk- if I were up for it :D.
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    So I've been piholing...

    Maybe three or four Windows 10 Pro boxes connected over the last five days...
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    Jumped the Ubiquiti shark- looking for a sanity check

    I've been meaning to move to something more substantial than consumer routers, primarily for personal learning. I can't say that what I have used has not been sufficient for my individual needs. So moving to Ubiquiti products is really just a choice for education. Here's what I have coming...
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    AORUS Radeon RX580 8G Graphics Card $379.99

    Link Here As of this posting, there are five days left to sign up to receive one of unspecified limited quantities, and the card will ship April 9th. I can confirm that Massdrop is a reputable vendor!
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    ASUS Q325UAR Secure Boot Issue

    Here's a fun one. Here is the laptop in question. Special details: it's Windows 10 Home x64, and Bitlocker is enabled on the main partition This happened while the laptop was left on hibernate in a bag. It came up with 99% battery with the error above, and the BIOS has been fully functional...
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    Z170/Z270 don't support Coffee Lake (ASRock Tweet)

    See the writeup at I was kind of hoping that they'd be compatible, but I also knew that that hope was far-fetched. [that's assuming that what ASRock's rep tweeted is true, of course]
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    DT 880 Premium All Black Limited Edition US$135 at the 'Egg

    See here, you may have to sign up to get the discount, and it's through a third-party. I picked them up to complement my HD600's, looking for something with a bit more punch without going full-on closed, and $135 is hard to pass up.
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    G-Sync First Impressions from TR Forums

    This guy won the DIY kit from TR- apparently the experience is pretty memorable. Also, the module wasn't hard to install. I'm looking forward to seeing G-Sync in IPS monitors. Updated: more pictures of the actual install and TR's own review of the tech with videos and impressions.
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    $50 comfortable wireless headset

    I find I'm using my laptop quite a bit in my room, where it's across the room plugged into a TV. I just picked up Logitech's K400r to replace a USB mouse/keyboard setup, which is working great, but now I'd like to add the option to have a headset and mic as well. What I'm looking for is...
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    To Captivate or to...?

    I currently have a Samsung Epix on AT&T. It's been a functional phone, but it's upgrade time, and I want your collective opinion. The poll lists the options I've considered, but isn't meant to be all-inclusive. I'm looking for a phone that both functions well as a phone and text messenger...
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    Spreedsheet Exploration of Relative Memory Timings

    Scroll down for the screen grab! <head> <meta name="Excel Workbook Frameset"> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <meta name=ProgId content=Excel.Sheet> <meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Excel 12"> <link rel=File-List...
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    Moving Vista 32 OEM Report - validation

    I know that OEM copies are supposed to be locked to a particular system, quite a bit to the motherboard I believe- and when my sister's board stopped posting properly when running a copy of Vista 32 OEM I was worried- but I decided to go ahead and try before I spent almost as much on a new OS...
  25. IdiotInCharge

    8400GS or 8600GT for new laptop

    For a new Dell laptop- 17" 1920x1200 screen, 8400GS 128MB or 8600GT 256MB, $100 difference? I do game, but I know neither will be much useful, not even close to what's in my sig- but would the 8600 be good enough for some things? Will the difference in RAM mean anything, given the...
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    New AIM 'Security Update' damages Vista

    This morning, I was prompted by AIM 6.whateverlastversion to install a 'security update.' Security updates are usually good, and AIM while annoying and a little resource hogging, it still tends to work, so I installed the update. Oh hell. I noticed two problems- the first, that my system tray...
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    Looking for... 5 1/4" Drive bay fan mount

    Currently have a P180, and I notice that with the side off, my cpu temps drop 10C. I'm sure this is normal, but I'd also sure like to feed it more air. This thing has 4 5 1/4" bays in the top, and I only need one for optical (till we get serious about Blu-Ray on the PC at least) and I'd like to...
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    2x2gb or 1x4gb for speed

    Looking at the summer upgrades, 45nm Penryn Quad to be precise, and jumping to 4gb and Vista64 (already have disc). -Which is going to be more stable, overclocking on a 680i (in sig)? -Specifically looking at timings, and your experience, which produces better CAS and Command Rates? Like to...
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    P5N32-E SoundMax driver issue

    Sound driver problem- when I attempt to install the drivers off of the CD that came with the board -or- the two latest 32bit Vista drivers available on Asus' website, I get a missing 'smwdm.sys' error. I have no idea where this file is; the error states that it should be in a folder as part of...
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    Gaming Keyboard

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    Gaming Keyboard

    I'm looking for a general purpose keyboard (not Z-Board) that has the specific gaming attribute of being able to push as many buttons at once as is possible, so at least 5, while registering all of them. Think a croutch-diagonal strafe-reload combination, or what have you. Currently looking at...
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    LaCie electron19blue IV

    picked up the link for LaCie's reconditioned stuff the other day, and decided that $230 shipped for a Mitubishi 930 clone was a good compromise. Impressions: yeah, this is the monitor I WISH I had bought (one with this tube) instead of the crappy P95f+ that I had from viewsonic. Sharpest...
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    It's time: 193P+ or 204T

    Moderator, please delete.
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    Samsung's new thin-CRT's

    I've been waiting for something like this for quite some time (around 5 or 6 years when originally promised), and picked up a link for Samsung's 'portal' site, then dug up the model number TXR3079WH for the 30" version. Now, I really have only one question: What resolution? Most, if not...
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    Research Project: Best timings at 2x1GB PC3200

    Not a memory guy here, other than understanding that faster timings == better. I am looking for experiences, or links to reviews/articles/products, concerning the fastest achievable timings at DDR400, in a dual channel configuration on any/all 939 CPU's, on Nforce 4 (or Nforce 3, assuming NF4...
  36. IdiotInCharge

    Looking for: 2x1GB PC3200, CAS 2.0 1T

    Looking at Shuttle's soon to be available SN25P- the NF4 Ultra for S939. Understanding that the timings listed in the title are the most important for speed, at 400mhz, I am looking for ANY ram that can do this- PC4400+ is fine, so long as it can pull these timings at PC3200 speeds. Again, this...
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    Soundstorm 2 Coming

    Link Here's hoping it's PCI-Express too.
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    Ok, I broke it, Now what?

    Have the card and monitor in the sig. When upgrading to 4.10's, Source started chugging and sound went to hell. And so I roll back. Fine for a while, and then I notice a problem with the monitor- it started shifting horizontally, maybe 1 or two pixels distance- the whole image that is. Not a big...
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    Hitachi Deahtstar PATA200GB; hard clicking and Meowing

    Just wondering if this is going to cause a problem, cause it to die soon, and do I need to RMA? this thing holds ripped movies, Anime, etc. on an HTPC. Got a Seagate PATA 200gb on the way from the Egg, just in case.