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    My Test of Cell Factor running with and without physX

    I just went to download the demo but it seems that they have pulled it. Anywhere else to get it?
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    FS: AMD Athlon64 FX-55

    Come on, you know you want it.
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    FS: AMD Athlon64 FX-55

    yes it is.
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    FS: AMD Athlon64 FX-55

    Selling my FX-55. Manufacture date of week 10 of 2005 Processor only. No HSF. Purchased new from Zip Zoom Fly in retail box Selling for $675.00 Accept Pay Pal ebay reference, klaasman1 Contact or,
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    MSI Neo 2 Platinum (voltage settings)

    The Neo2 doesn't report voltage readings correctly obviously. Look at your voltage settings from the hardware monitor in the BIOS. As far as your computer rebooting when playing a game, you will need to give us a little more info on your setup and whether you are overclocking or not. Maybe...
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    Newegg is making me nervous!

    I used to send motherboards back to New Egg in exchange for a different one or just get a refund before they started their new policy. I think you should be able to send something back if it doesn't work for you. How else are you supposed to know until you try it? Buying computer parts...
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    N C Q

    Yes, they will run fine.
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    Take $215 a8n sli today or wait for a8n ultra? Must decide immediately.

    Well, the MSI K8N with just one PCIE slot will be available at ZipZoomFly in a week or so for $189. It has 4 regular PCI slots.
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    When will the nForce4 come out?

    I think it just means that the chipset will support AGP.
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    Highly dissapointed in the athlon fx55 from my pc4 at 4170mhz

    I think you are GPU limited at this point. Wait till you can get an Nforce 4 SLI board with two GPU's and I'll bet you'll see a difference. Oh, and your Hyper Transport is set at 2x? What is your FSB set at? You should try to keep your HTT (Hyper Transport) running as close to 1000mhz as...
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    Asus A8n-sli

    HOLY CRAP!! $276 bucks.
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    The 4000+ and FX-53 review is up!

    Yeah but, why would someone pay more for the OEM which doesn't come with a HSF or a warranty? That's what I want to know. Are the OEM's better or something?
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    The 4000+ and FX-53 review is up!

    How come an OEM FX-55 cost $50 more than a retail version? I am seeing this price difference at New Egg.
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    You have to first enable that function in the keyboard advanced settings.
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    Steam has just been updated. Has some possible fixes.
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    FS: Cisco 806 Broadband Router/Firewall

    This thing rocks!
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    FS: Cisco 806 Broadband Router/Firewall

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    FS: Cisco 806 Broadband Router

    bumpity bump.
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    FS: Cisco 806 Broadband Router

    Full working condition. All related documentation, cables, power supply. Has 32mb ram. Has 12.2 Firewall IOS. I also have a newer 12.6 IOS but it doesn't include the Firewall feature. Price is $250.00 US. Buyer also pays $15.00 towards shipping. (Continental USA only)
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    1.3 FarCry patch and 6800GT with 66.81 drivers

    What is Blitting? Is that something that can be enabled in the registry without having to use RivaTuner? I have the hiccup thing as well and am glad it's not just my system. Couldn't figure what the hell would be causing it.
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    Question about program "SpeedFan".

    What kind of mobo do you have? What bus are the temp sensors on?
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    Just found this on ABIT's website: NF8 (NF3 250Gb Based AMD Athlon 64 Mainboard)

    As I understand it, DFI has hired some of ABIT's old motherboard engineer's that really know their shit. Maybe that's why ABIT sucks so bad lately.
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    How to config autorun.bat

    Disable USB 2.0 in the motherboard bios.
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    Windows XP shows HD's as removable storage devices with DFI Lanparty nF3 250GB

    HD Tach and EAC. And general usage. Loading games and such. Try em. It's easy to remove the Nvidia drivers and put em back later.
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    Windows XP shows HD's as removable storage devices with DFI Lanparty nF3 250GB

    No. I have found the default window's drivers that are in SP2 to be better.
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    Windows XP shows HD's as removable storage devices with DFI Lanparty nF3 250GB

    SATA drives are hot-swappable but you wouldn't want to unplug your Windows disk for obvious reasons. But if you have a spare, you can plug it in just the same as you would a USB device and Window's will recognize it.
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    Questioning the [H]ard reviews of the Abit AV8

    I agree. My AV8, which was a revision 1.1, does all those things you described. This was the THIRD Abit board I have bought recently that was defective right from the get go.
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    Post your MSI Neo2 Platinum results here

    There is about 1/2 inch. That's as fast as she'll go. Sorry. Just select a slower CPU multiplier to get your ram speed up. Don't forget to set the HTT to 4x or 3x.
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    Temperature monitoring

    Junk that CoreCell, it's crap. Try setting the bios Smart Fan at 50c and you'll be fine. You can also use SpeedFan to monitor your fan speeds and make adjustments too SpeedFan 4.15
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    New bios for MSI NEO2 939

    That's pretty good. Can you run any benchmarking programs with that setup or just boot into Window's?
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    Post your MSI Neo2 Platinum results here

    It's in my sig but since you didn't see it, I'll post it here in large print for ya. 420/1090 ;)
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    What ram have you had the best results with your Neo2 with?

    Yeah, 1/1. HTT at 4x CPU multiplier at 9.5
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    What ram have you had the best results with your Neo2 with?

    My Ballistix PC4000 runs up to 265 with settings of 2.5-3-3-10 and 2.85v.
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    Post your MSI Neo2 Platinum results here

    I've got my Ballistix PC4000 @265mhz, 2.5-3-3-10, 2.85v right now. Works great!
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    MSI K8N NEO2 PLATINUM + Zalman 7000A-AlCu = ???

    It will fit fine.
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    K8N Neo2 Platinum

    Best there is!
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    K8N NEO2 shuts down @ 1.8 Vcore

    What kind of overclock are you trying to get? Try setting up your CELL MENU like mine and see what happens.
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    K8N neo plat, CPU voltage issues on cold startup?

    The Core Center software sucks. The voltage readings don't even match what is reported in the bios. Try using Speed Fan.