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    Thought Controlled Bionic Arm

    My genetics Dr. is from John Hopkins. He has been helping me with my Muscular Dystrophy. I would love to have the use of a bionic/cybernetic body lol.
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    Haha thx, I win ^_^

    Haha thx, I win ^_^
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    George Lucas Threatens Laser Maker

    I beg to differ my friend ^_^
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    World’s Greatest Work In Progress

    Sweet jeezus hahahah I know what ya mean. My room mate had a smelly ass, ASS chair that had its own haha.
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    Man Accused of Extortion Through Hacking

    HAHA no shit man, I bet he did. I am a 4chan /b/rother but I have no way of telling if he did or not lol. Threads are like wildfire on that whole site and are changing every less than a second lol. Millions of posts a day haha.
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    National Pork Board Against Canned Unicorn Meat

    Screw this noise, I am going to order 500 cans of it now. No way I want to missout on my daily diet of unicorn meat. I love this stuff lol. Gatta have my sparkle intake and poop rainbows and marshmallows. ^_^ lol Epic thread/
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    YouTube Is Killing Children

    Lol what a funny vid, just nature's way of getting rid of the lesser intelligent people. ^_^ Lesson here is, being stupid does hurt. ^_^
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    Favorite GPU you have owned?

    For me it's the Geforce 256. I kicked ass in Unreal and Unreal Tourny. Lol Good old days ^_^
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    Whens [H] giving us a Phenom II X6 1090T BE review?

    ***sirmonkey1985 "" who the heck even uses stock cooling anymore..""*** I do, since my PC and the ones I make and give away to low income families all don't have med/high end coolers. All my PC parts and the ones used for PCs I give away are all donator based. I use what I am given and it's...
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    Galaxy-level scale game engine demo

    This is going to be HUUUUGE !! Wow I love it. ^_^
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    Help? Win7 won't stop bothering me with this message.

    I'd just format ^_^ With a fresh install it all evens out nicely. ^_^
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    Video-Game Summer Camp

    Agreed. My UBC here next to me is doing this ? I sooo want in on this hahha.
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    Sarah Palin E-Mail Hacker Found Guilty of Coverup

    Hahah Go /B/ ^_^ Damm I love 4chan ^_^
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Just the coolest set up ever ^_^ Wow ^_^
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    Where do you buy your computer parts?,, has both US and CAD pricing, and are both great places.
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    Ping Clothing Lets Followers Know Your Every Move

    Lol virtual rape has come to a new level haha.
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    COMPUTEX Bringing Back The Hot Chicks!

    Haha I second that notion !!!!
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    Ubisoft Games Will Require Constant Internet Connection

    It's like prohibition lol, it's doing more harm than good. ^_^
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    For Trade or Sale

    Bumpitty bump 287 views ^_^
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    For Trade or Sale

    Bump for 176 views now ^_^
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    Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun 20pk of 4.2oz packages for $13

    I live on Nong Shim. Best ever !! ^_^
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    For Trade or Sale

    118 views yayy ^_^
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    For Trade or Sale

    ""I am open to offers for money for them, or I am looking for a Paintball marker for trade.""
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    For Trade or Sale

    Logitech z5500 5.1 speaker system SOLD
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    I’m A Mac Ads “Might Be Done”

    Dammd skippy, I agree 100% on that. ^_^
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    U.S. Based Companies Sued For Heat Pipe CPU Coolers

    Those bastards will lose, I study law and from what I see here, they don't have much of a chance. [H] is ok from what I can see, and at most they(e/r-etaliers) will have to make some kind of change in product descrition or just remove the offending product.....for a time haha. I don't foresee...
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    NY Invaded By 8-Bit Creatures

    First thing I thought of as well haha.
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    Hitler's reaction on GTX480

    Hahah Just awesome that Vid. ^_^ Funny as hell. ^_^_^_^
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    AMD's Phenom II X6 Has Turbo Core Auto Overclocking

    Haha holy crap I had one similar but was a 33 to 66 on the turbo button. Or was it 66 to 80-90mhz....... I can't seem to remember but you post brings back some old skool memories haha. ^_^
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    This is why you should not read video games reviews from websites

    +5/5 I'm with him. This forum has more real reviews and better and fast responses to all games out there. Anything wrong or right, is quickly added here and it's just the best here ^_^.
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    New to PSU Sleeving

    Hello, I am going to attempt to sleeve a cheap PSU for practice. I live in Canada and don't have much of a clue where to find sleeving and sleeve tools. I have looked at a few USA sites, but after customs and the exchange rate(our rocks and sticks to USA dollars) it's not worth it. Any help on...
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    magnetik's 2 player mame / console bartop

    This has to be the best yet. Just a godly MAME set up here. lol I love it. ^_^
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    [Complete] Sega Exodus - Old School is New Again

    Lol what awesome work. So retro and yet so up-to-date. Just love it. ^_^
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    Lots of Mobo / CPU / Video Cards for Sale

    Such awesome stuff. Wish I could afford any of it haha. Plus I don't know if you ship to us canadians at all. ^_^ Rule 23 is... (23) Charging fees for PayPal is not allowed, nor is requesting a "gift" payment for goods (which gives the buyer no protection). Both violate PayPal's TOS.
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    Video Game Visionary: The Console is Dying

    As a PC gamer I say, screw consoles haha. I have always liked PC gaming over consoles since I was a kid and the amigas and commadores where cool. ^_^
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    That's how a moBo box should be used hahaha, 5/5 food stamps ^_^
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    Unique Eyefinity Demonstrations using Curved Displays

    Well let me be the first to say thx, and keep on finding kool nugs of info like this. It's pretty kool to see that set up ^_^
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    XFX says YES to NVIDIA 400 series...

    I hope they do, I like XfX. I have used their products in builds for other people. They run very well ^_^
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    frys had prices on amd 6 core cpus

    I too think it's time to upgrade, just haven't the cash ^_^