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    Very nice. I love the colors in that photo.
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    New Artwork

    The journey picture would make a nice background.
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    I switched back to a crt, my eyes hurt!

    I could always see the flicker, even at refresh rates of 85hz. Thank god for LCDs.
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    Do you finish your single player games?

    I suck too much to finish most games. So, I stick to playing first person shooters online.
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box
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    NVIDIA Acquires AGEIA

    You said pp
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    What are the odds of me winning? lol Congrats to whoever gets it. I envy you :P
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    Leave it On or Off

    I leave it on.
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    What platform got you into gaming?

    Same for me. I was really young when I started (I'm 21 now). My first games were Wolfenstein 3D, Police Quest 1, and NES games.
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    Google Patents In-Game Advertising

    Google has plans for world domination.
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    Drive disappeared from My Computer (Vista)

    nah, I didn't do anything that I'm aware of. I wasn't messing around with any drives, and I haven't installed any program except winamp and vlc media player.
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    Drive disappeared from My Computer (Vista)

    Drive Manager shows all of my hard drives. I don't know what other file manager to try using. any suggestions?
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    Drive disappeared from My Computer (Vista)

    I have 4 hard drives, and it seems that the one I use to store audio files has disappeared from My Computer. The funny thing is though, that I can still add files to my Winamp Media Library and play them. I can't go to the drive by typing its letter in the address bar either. Does anyone...
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    How does this work?

    and crop the final images so that your face is centered and won't shift around during the gif animation.
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    Got my 8800 GTS and rig yesterday

    I really hate to part with my cash and rarely ever spend it on computer upgrades, but I just squandered my money on a new evga 8800GTX and almost passed out as I clicked submit order :D I don't know how you guys can spend so much money.
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    Old Operating Systems

    Alright, thanks.
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    Old Operating Systems

    How would I go about installing Windows 3.1 on my computer?
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    Help - Very Weird Problem

    Sorry the subject is so vague, but this really is the weirdest thing I've ever had Windows do, and I'm not sure how to fix it. It started about 2 days ago after I installed the nero burning rom demo (whether or not it's connected with this I don't know). I rebooted, and I get "Error Loading...
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    Have a question for you x1800xt owners

    BF2 doesn't support widescreen resolutions.
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    Crossfire with 2 different cards?

    I forget where, but I read that after some experimenting they found that the two cards use the clockspeed of whichever card is in the first slot.
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    19 inch wide - 1440 x 900 - Too small for gaming??

    I went from a 19'' CRT to a 19'' Widescreen LCD and had both setup beside each other for a while and the LCD was MUCH better for gaming. You have a much wider view in games that support widescreen (DODS and CS).
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    x2 4600+ increased windows load time?

    I had trouble with a long boot a while ago and determined it to be a problem with the mouse drivers, so it could definitely be something with your peripherals.
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    Network Cuts out while Downloading

    Problem solved. Please Disregard
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    VERY Disapointed at EVGA 7900GT KO 512MB

    I don't think you're going to be able to play Oblivion full settings smoothly with any combination of cards out today.
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    Program to Fix Dead Pixels!

    I applied a pretty decent amount of pressure. Enough so that liquid changed colors, but went away in about 10 seconds. The idea behind it is to massage the liquid on to the pixel because it wasn't properly spread during the manufacturing process.
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    Program to Fix Dead Pixels!

    The same "poke" technique works with lit pixels as well. I just fixed a lit pixel that had been there for 8 months (since I bought it) by turning the monitor off, applying press in that area with my thumb, and then turning the LCD back on again. It flickered for a few seconds then started acting...
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    dead pixel after 3 weeks?

    That's a "lit pixel" not a dead one. I have one blue one at the bottom of my screen. As far as I know though, there isn't any way to prevent them.
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    Open it up and check for a dead mouse
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    which 19" widescreen?

    the viewsonic is amazing.
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    Another which 19" to get thread

    VA1912wb - best monitor I've ever owned.
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    Best "picture quality" display for $250

    I'm running a dual monitor set up right now with a Viewsonic G90fb (CRT) and a Viewsonic VA1912wb (LCD). Words can't describe how much clearer and brighter my LCD is. It's amazing. I used to think my G90fb rocked, but the image just looks faded in comparison to the LCD. So, I'd say buy a...
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    Question about BF2 point system

    If you want points, be an MEC medic on Strike at Karkand with 64 people :)
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    will the ninja fit

    judo CHOP!
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    What are the problems people are having with dual core and games?

    Yep, I haven't had any problems so far with the dual core. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. And as for the BF2 stuttering - I've never had any and I only have 512mb.
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    Random Bluescreens

    Yeah sorry, I called the PCI freq PCI-E by mistake.
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    Random Bluescreens

    Ok.... I bought an Antec 480 I put Mem Settings on Auto to see what it would boot and it's still at Freq 201 Mhz (CPU/10) and timings... :( Is a 480 not enough? It has 2 12V both at 18Amps
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    Random Bluescreens

    haha - ok Any particuliar brands you guys prefer? I'm not much of a powersupply connoisseur :D
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    Random Bluescreens

    Enermax - 12V+ -> 12 Amps
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    Random Bluescreens

    Ok, first I need to figure out why my memory is running so slow. It's Corsair XMS pc3200 2x512. According to CPU-Z it's running at 134 MHz (FSB:DRAM CPU/15) with timings manually set to and the frequency manually set to 266 MHz (I'm just about to try increasing it). The cpu is at...