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    Microsoft Confirms There Will Be No Windows 11

    Nothing like a Windows 8/8.1 vs 10 vs 7 thread to afford us some truly laughable posts. I have to ask because I'm not sure - how many of you have tried Windows 10? You know, install it and use it for more than 10 minutes? BTW, searching forums for bitchfests regarding how Win 10 looks and...
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    Buckle Up for 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3'

    As long as these continue to sell it'll be news. I haven't played any since Modern Warfare, and unfortunately, as others have pointed out, Battlefield is in the same place as the CoD games. I happen to watch some PS4 streaming recently and found some guys in Hardline using the attack helis...
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    The Countdown To A Revolution In SSDs Has Begun

    I think we all can agree "soon" is the hope. Now I hope this revolution isn't a let down :)
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    The Countdown To A Revolution In SSDs Has Begun

    Caching was a good spot for me when SSDs were too expensive and I already had the spinning disks. I honestly didn't expect much, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Once the system has been used enough to get the cache going it's real pleasant experience. A 512GB SSD for 140...
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    The Countdown To A Revolution In SSDs Has Begun

    Wait what? If I'm going to spend the money on an SSD + a spinning disk why not pony up the extra $$ to get the large SSD? Once the SSD space has run out you end up putting apps on the spinning disk, which begins to defeat the purpose of the whole structure. Mixing may have been the way...
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    The Aliens Are Coming in CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Next DLC

    Are we 100% sure this isn't called the "Desperation DLC"?
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    Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Gets Detailed

    I never understood the need to leak pictures at this point considering the new build with Spartan should be coming soon (should have been last week actually). Before a panic ensues, remember it's still being worked on.
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    Apple Expects You To Use Its Watch In 10-Second Bursts

    It's not that ridiculous actually - people I know with Android smart watches literally use them in very small doses. They aren't constantly playing with them. The Apple Watch's battery life doesn't sound particularly good though either. Sounds like they may have over complicated it, which...
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    Microsoft Planning Windows 10 Event For January

    W10 is a good departure from Win 8/8.1, and I like the latter too. MS didn't give normal users any hints as to how the thing was supposed to work. That along with the Pro-Apple bullshitters and you have yourself a Vista-like hate parade going. 8/8.1 wasn't that bad, but don't ask the...
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    Kim Dotcom Declares He Is 'Broke'

    Here is the who cares story of the day.
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    plan of attack for replacing DroboFS?

    What's the network look like? Can I assume it's Gigabit? Are there existing servers there already? What's the budget for a replacement solution? What's the next few years look like in terms of data expansion?
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    Ruckus Wireless

    Ruckus is our go to wireless solution as well. The 7372, the new AP that has an extra set of antennas for coverage directly above/below the AP, are around 650 a piece. We use a ton of these and the external APs, 7762. Great products
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    Google: Don't Worry Too Much About 'Big Brother'

    Get rid of Google and do yourselves a favor
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    Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax Bill

    Oh it's obvious alright - they'll make up some other tax down the road, regardless of it's it is paid up front or not. Debt is obviously solved my printing more money, right? As stated elsewhere on here, and I live in CA, this is not a income problem but a spending problem. CA has what...
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    Windows 8 Pricing Update

    I spend considerable time cleaning up the horseshit my predecessors left for me, so those consoles has been where I live (yes, they couldn't do ANYTHING right). I happen to be in the minority there though and won't be living in them forever. After all, who in the fuck carves out a LUN for...
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    Windows 8 Pricing Update

    It's funny how polarizing the lack of the start menu is. People at my office say "Windows 8 sucks" and when I ask them why they only say "the Modern UI is fucking retarded." Well crafted argument, fellow coworker, keep up the good work.
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    Windows 8 Pricing Update

    Change happens sometimes, folks... whether you like it or not. I have 8 on my SSD-powered E5520 and it's alright. Granted I don't get the reasoning behind the "1 OS for all" considering the tablet functionality doesn't exist on most desktops or laptops. Change is change and that's how it...
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    Dell Poweredge T420 - Have To Use Dell Drives?

    I've seen rare cases where aftermarket drives other than the Dell ones dont work. What I can tell you is for SAS Seagate Constellation drives work, for SATA Barracuda and WD RE2,3,4 work ok. I believe I have seen Hitachis in Dell servers as well. What RAID card is that? S200? T420 uses...
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    How to Track Santa on Christmas Eve in 2012

    When I was young enough to believe in Santa we didn't have anything like this - we sent snail mail (remember this?) to Santa. How times have changed, and I just dated myself... and I'm only 28.
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    Steam Holiday Sale

    SRT:TT was my only purchase - even for a few bucks I can enjoy a few hours of senseless blowing shit up fun.
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    free spam filtering for exchange 2010 ?

    Are you a technet subscriber? Forefront Protection for Exchange is available - note: this has been "discontinued" but it still receives updates. On a side note, is anyone else frustrated by Exchange 2013's command line-only Content/Sender ID Filter?
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    India Will Soon Have Its 'Own' Operating System

    Thank you for calling India Operating System, my name John how can I help you?
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    NSA Targeting Domestic Computer Systems

    Checking for vulnerabilities and providing "protection" - it very quickly becomes a tactic to watch what you are doing. Remember these folks are spying "domestic terrorists"... aka you and I
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    Far Cry 3: E3 Demonstration vs. Retail PC

    Got 2 Far Drive 3 free download dealies from my 2 Samsung SSDs. Probably won't use them - Far Drive 2 was meh, IMO.
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    The Year's Top Tech Fails

    Did I hurt your feeling somehow?
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    Video Of The Day

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    The Internet Will Kill Us All

    I hope 2014 kills Rod Rasmussen
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    NVIDIA's Tegra 4 To Have 72 Graphics Cores?

    42000 cores... yay!
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    The Year's Top Tech Fails

    Top Tech Fails: 1. Wired's "tech fails" article 2. Facebook IPO - we all knew this was doomed anyway 3. Blackberry - just because I can't stand them 4. Anyone who says Windows 8 sucks without having used it or only having used it for 20 minutes. I don't even know if this counts as a "tech...
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    i386 Finally Gone the Way of the Dodo

    LOL I read this "i386 gone the way of the Drobo" Yes, Drobos are lame.
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    Why 2012 Was Firefox’s Year

    They need to stop...
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    Gmail Wobbles Again, the Fourth Time in a Week

    Lesson: Don't use gmail
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    If Windows 8 fails...

    Win 8 is a different beast, but it doesn't mean droves of people will dislike it. People tend to throw stuff on the desktop and use items from the taskbar. Win 8 doesn't function any differently there. If a users prefers the start screen W8 allows one to set only apps on it that people use...
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    iPhone 5 & You: What Are You Doing?

    Considering going from my white i4 to a Samsung GS3 OR waiting until December when I can get the i5 for cheaper. They want to rape for me 450, 550, or 650 for the 16, 32, 64GB models, respectively, until I can get them for the "normal" price on December 21. Never having an Android before...
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    My Server 2012 Experience

    Hey All - I wrote 3 weeks ago about my Win 8 experience, so I thought I'd share my experience moving my two 2008 R2 test lab boxes to 2012 and my thoughts about this new OS. First of all I always value the quality in the Server product line. Like any OS keep it simple stupid is the key to...
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    My Win 8 Experience

    Enterprise tended to skip Vista and have been testing/deploying 7 for some time now. There is no way that they will scrap the information they gathered and start anew with 8 - after all, Enterprise never adopts early (for good reason). 8 is in an interesting position because of the past...
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    Apple Hits New Highs with Tim Cook as CEO

    I can be CEO and they would still be running on all cylinders. Let Jobs' influence pass and then we will see what they're made of. Cook seems like a good person to run the show, but the proof will be in his future moves.
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    Raspberry Pi Lands MPEG-2 and VC-1 Decoding

    I need to get one of these. Any recommendations?
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    Happy Birthday Windows 95!

    Winner... you running Workstation 7 or 8 or 9?
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    Analysts Downgrade 2012 Chip Market Forecast

    How much power does the average consumer need? Even us crazies... we have Nehalem or SB... do we ACTUALLY need much more. Many (?) folks with IB probably won't move to the next gen either... at some point we have hit the sweet spot where we can milk the CPUs we have.