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    4GB on mid-range cards, or is 2GB really enough?

    I play Skyrim with 50+ mods on 2560x1600 full AF, AA on and yes it uses more than 4 gigs at a time and that's why I have Titan which has 6GB. I'm gonna sell my left nut to get a 4k monitor and the right one to buy another Titan or 790. Never settle for 'midrange' graphic card because if you do...
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    R9 290 monitor goes to sleep while gaming

    i'm experiencing the same problem with my dell u2913wm (21:9) monitor but my gfx is an old amd 6970. It never happened with my other dell 24" monitor so I'm guessing it's either the monitor or the driver issue.
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    Poll Question: Who is interested in a PC version of Halo

    a PC version of Halo Anniversary is heading straight to GOG with a heavy discount. Seriouly it's a mediocre fps game...
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    I'm glad I found someone else is having a same issue. "The Koolance block performed poorly because the default thermal pads are too thick causing a poor thermal connection to the GPU core itself."...
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Update: Problem solved. Koolance VID-NXTTN Water Block has a very large gap between GPU core to its surface. The WB comes with two different thickness of thermal pads for the VRMs and if you miss place onto the wrong side it will create even more gap. I disassembled it and found out an...
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    a single 120 rad works surprisingly good, atleast with 6990. now I'm going to disassemble...
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Both benchmark and actual gaming does same thing. One thing I notice is Titan's backplate is extremely hot while GPU temp (front side) is barely over 60c. I keep having this concern about the GPU memory module's temperature....
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    I just swapped out the PSU (850w) from the other computer and unfortenately the problem persist. I've also installed left over RAM from previous build and that didn't do anything either. I'm going to activate the on board graphic from the motherboard and see if that works. I'm using Ungine...
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Please excuse my ignorance but how do I measure the power consumption? I mean GPU Z sensor show 90-100% TDP during Unigine Valley run then does that mean it's getting enough? BTW my supply is Seasonic 750w.
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Will try..
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    How important is the GPU memory's cooling? I mean the Koolance waterblock is a full cover but I'm not so sure how well it is contacted with them. so gpu temp is ok but memories are overheating? Or might be an another PSU going down? oh wait do I have a leak in my loop??? I'm going crazy....
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Suddenly I'm having a buyer's remose lol... oh man I'm too old for this shit..
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    I wish I haven't sold my 6990 so I can test if the problem is from Titan. Plus it's pain to break off the water loop just to test some components =/
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    Seasonic 800sh. i7 3770s, asus p8z77 mini-itx
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    Newly installed GTX Titan dillema

    So I just got a brand new Titan along with a Koolance WB for an upgrade. During the benchmark it locks up randomly and reboots itself. Both CPU and GPU are in a comfortable temp zone, 60c and 70c max accordingly. I had this kind of problem with 6990 but only when it was overheating like an...
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    Metro: Last Light Now Bundled With GeForce GTX Cards

    I'm getting my copy with Titan from Asus.
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    Have you lost your gaming interest?

    I also have lost my interest in gaming but not the hardwares. My wife would ask me why I am still buying these expensive parts and I would say 'so my machine is ready when/if my old habit comes back'. I dunno why but watching Skyrim runs flawlessly after adding hundreds of mod is more...
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    Best sound card for headphones

    get Bifrost and Asgard from Schiit then ditch the Sennheiser and get a real headphone set like the Grado SR325i...
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Skyrim because I spend more time adding new mods and try to make them work all together than actually playing the game....
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    HP ZR30w vs Dell U3011 vs Dell U3014

    Gaming with ZR30w > U3011 > U3014 Photoshop with U3011 > U3014 > ZR30w Discuss.
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    What is Nvidia Tesla used for?

    I just googled it and none of the results are comprehensible. Please enlighten me in plain english. And what's the difference between Quadro and Tesla?
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    What nVidia card would be equal or better than 6990?

    I wouldn't go anything under a 690 or a titan. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think a titan would be a better choice for the future gaming since it features 6GB?
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    Poll: What video card do you have?

    6990 still overkill
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I've only leveled up to 8 but I'm getting bored already...and I'm extremely disappointed with the graphics. Someone please tell me it gets better later on..
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    Skyrim 6990 + 6970 anyone?

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    Skyrim 6990 + 6970 anyone?

    Does the lastest amd driver and profile fully utilizes CFX in Skyrim? Which driver/profile provided you the best experience playing it? Win 7, I7 930@4.2, 6GB, 6990+6970, Cata 12.1, Cap 11.11c, 2560x1600, 16AF, 8MSAA and Ultra setting = 40fps indoor / 20-40fps outdoor with hiccups...WTF!!!!
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    I need to clean the wb :( Should I just get a new one...I hate cleaning it...... btw it's a koolance 6990 wb.
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Auzuntech Bravia 7.1 S/PDIF / Onkyo TX805 / B&W DM602 S1 / OPPO DV980H / Sennheser HD515 / HP ZR30w and an empty bottle of tire....I need more light or an SLR ;)
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    OCZ Vertex3 disappointment

    Will I see an advertised spec performance using a low cost controller such as a Highpoint 620 or a LSI 9211? It seems that OCZ forum "gurus" saying I need a hardware raid controller like a LSI 9260 or a LSI 9265 in order to max out Vertex3 spec. Can anyone enlighten me please?
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    OCZ Vertex3 disappointment

    ATTO I guess I'm stuck with this number until I get a native 6Gbps controller. Perhaps a PCIe Sata3 6Gbps controller card would work better?
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    OCZ Vertex3 disappointment

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    OCZ Vertex3 disappointment

    I've used the AS-SSD and ATTO benchmark. I'll post some pictures of the results tonight.
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    OCZ Vertex3 disappointment

    I have a Gigabyte x58-ud3r which comes with Marvell 9128 for SATA3 6G and my Vertex3 benchmark numbers are no way near the spec or reviews. The max read is around 360mb/s and write is around 160mb/s. Am I missing something here? How are those reviewers getting a full spec speed? Any input will...
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    I need a new PC game to play...

    Everquest Project1999 Morrowind Graphical Extender Oblivion w/ mods Fallout3 w/ mods Any Troika games you can find in a bargain bin... I've spent more time configuring for above games than actual gameplay...but that's more fun for me I guess.
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    The lifetime warranty that actually works. The box. Yes, I count that when I buy a product and keep them too. Been a Nvidia fanboy for so long but reading 6990 killing the 590 made me think. Perhaps it's time to move on?
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    Starcraft II

    starcraft2=starcraft + prettier graphics
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    Tear gas + Metro = Chaos Guess where I'm from.
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    So why thick bezel?

    First off, pls excuse my engrish. I'm not a native speaker. I've been searching for some thin bezel 24" LCDs for eyefinity/surround setup and looks like it's not happening. I mean LCDs are getting thinner and thinner but why not making a thinner bezel? Don't they see the potential sales from...