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    Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up

    I like my PC silent and invisible thanks. I do appreciate keyboard backlighting of a single colour (preferably white) at the lowest brightness and actually lighting the key symbol rather than mostly lighting the loose hairs between my keys.
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    Boeing’s EMP Weapon Knocks Out Power from the Sky

    Because the EMP dictated that they use a non-electric camera. Surely we are seeing the result of digitization of film from a hand wound camera. /irony A room of computers loses power but the camera keeps rolling...
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    Microsoft Demos Windows Holographic Running Windows 10 Apps

    I have prepared a spot for this in my collection, right next to Bob.
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    Sorry if it's been discussed and I don't have one to look at myself but... Has anyone considered modding the thermistor instead of the fan? An ideal solution might be to add a resistor in series or parallel to bump the curve in the right direction. For bonus points use an externally...
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    The MHz keyboard, next gen thoughts

    Interesting and relevant. Thanks Archmage. Firstly a couple of people have mentioned keyboard "feel" as most important. I assumed this was so obvious that I didn't think it was worth addressing. Far am I from suggesting that you could take a $5 OEM keyboard put some new switches in and...
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    The MHz keyboard, next gen thoughts

    The target audience I was thinking of is the professional / serious gamer. If a 3 orders leap in key reporting precision boosts anyone's game by even less than 1% that's a nice advantage. I would be surprised if it didn't result in a touch typing wpm increase too. Don't underestimate the...
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    The MHz keyboard, next gen thoughts

    I recently built a programmable footswitch macro keyboard for myself and it got me thinking about possible advances in keyboard design. Here are some ideas on how I think next gen keyboards could lift the game. + Internal key press response in the order of 1us (microsecond) This is achievable...
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    Violent Video Games In 3-D Can Lead To higher Levels Of Anger

    In my experience scrabble leads to higher levels of anger than computer games, violent or otherwise. This is bunk.
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    ASUS Z97 Deluxe LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Yeah I was wondering about NDA too Very nice to see an M keyed M.2 slot supporting PCIe x4 performance. Can't wait to see a good NVMe drive that takes advantage of all that bandwidth.
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    AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Only 9 degrees difference between core temperature and radiator exhaust air. Does this seem suspicious to anyone else? Is it possible core temps are being under-reported?
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    AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Video Card Review @ [H]

    For those asking how this is any better than 290SLI... Quad Crossfire on Haswell. must be the outright king of gaming setups now right?
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    The Must See Video of the Day

    He has 2 cameras, first backward, then forward view. There appeared to be an odd delay when opening his chute, a stone getting in the way maybe? Why did he turn left while the chute was still deploying? Seems to me we have a fairly skilled/bored skydiver looking for a youtube film trick...
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    NCASE M1 version changelog and suggestions thread

    I would like to see ventilation along bottom edges of both side panels to allow quieter non-blower graphics coolers to breathe better and heat up the case less.
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    exfinium-air my next scratch build

    While an SFX PSU would reduce the height by a bit less than an inch, it would limit options for overclocking and also be louder than a good ATX PSU. With this design I'm not looking to compromise performance or noise at all to reduce dimensions. I wouldn't run a mains PSU out of it's case...
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    exfinium-air my next scratch build I'm starting to make plans for my next build. It probably won't come together until Broadwell is ready. Maybe we'll have a real new graphics generation by then too. The focus for this design is all about airflow. I'm shooting for the pinnacle of air cooling performance...
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    Open air vs blower GPU for SFF

    I have put a lot of thought into this topic and have come to the conclusion that most SFF designs are wrong. So many have some kind of disclaimer about blower GPUs being the better choice. The real solution is to design a case that actually permits free flow of ambient air directly to the GPU...
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    The smaller one is a little over 1U thick. There are plenty of cooling solutions that would fit. Probably would need to stay below 65W TDP. Not much of a performance limitation given a max GPU of 670/760. The PSU I chose is an imaginary 1U jobby that is only 150mm deep. I doubt such a thing...
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    Sorry - featureless matte black is mandatory
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    Just for fun here are a couple of case layout mockups with proper monolith proportions. One with a base dimension of 46mm(3.5litre) and the other 70mm(12.4litre).
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    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

    I personally cant get much use from buttons that require you to release your grip on the mouse. One of the few mice to get thumb buttons right for me was the Sidewinder X8. You could just roll your thumb one way or the other without releasing your grip.
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    Seasonic S12G-750 is 140mm deep

    I'm happy to see that the Seasonic S12G-750 is only 140mm deep. It looks like the best option for cases which constrain PSU length but can otherwise accommodate serious graphics performance. My exfinium-6 project required a high capacity PSU limited to 140mm. I went with a Seasonic 620. Good...
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    SHIELD-box concept

    The graphics card will definitely be very well cooled unless its integrated cooler is a complete dud. Regarding CPU cooling, the intent of this design is to only support up to 65W CPUs (e.g. i5 4570S). That's more than enough CPU grunt to keep a single GTX 770 happy. I'm not sure but I...
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    SHIELD-box concept

    orly? I don't think there are any Lian li cases anywhere close to this small (5 litres) with full size graphics and an Nvidia SHIELD on the front. :-P Of course PSU-over-motherboard is hardly a new concept. It's been around since long before Lian li. My unique design contribution is...
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    SHIELD-box concept

    It's an irregularly shaped compact ITX pc which would perfectly fit an Nvidia SHIELD in the area at the front above the graphics card. All on display and stuff. Charging while it's there even. I've been toying with new design variations on my now finished exfinium-6 design. After putting...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    It's been a while but here's my final result. Now called exfinium-6. Added USB 3.0 front ports. Added front filter. Moved power LED and switch to front (push power LED to power on). Relengthed and sleeved PSU cables allowing enough room for front USB and additional HDD. Revised dimensions and...
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    Their specs page is a little too thin on detail to be certain but it looks like there's a single half length mPCIe/mSATA slot. Being half length rules out most mSATA drives.
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    front panel LED voltage

    Some googling tells me that the LED outputs are 5V and have a current limiting resistor in the motherboard. That apparently means you can plug in any LED and it will be fine but maybe not optimally bright. I'm not entirely convinced because a very long time ago I once melted the insulation off...
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    front panel LED voltage

    I'm building a case from scratch and have a question about the power and HDD LED outputs on the motherboard. I've inspected a few cases and and I don't see any inline resistors on the front panel LEDs. I was assuming the power and HDD LED pinouts provide 5V so are these special 5V LEDs? Can...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    I'm getting the feeling that there's not a lot of interest in this design and I don't feel like I can take this much further on my own. I've already spent more than I should have on parts and I certainly can't personally justify getting a Radeon 7990 to complete the package. I didn't actually...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Live testing I'm still waiting on fan filter and front USB bits but it's otherwise functionally complete. The fit of parts is extremely close. In every dimension there is not even a millimeter of space that could be recovered. Dimensions not including the PCIe slot excursion are: 168mm...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Power supply received. Seasonic S12II 620W. OMG the bulk of wires spewing out of the back of this PSU is ridiculous. Needless to say it won't all fit. I've decided to bite the bullet and slice off surplus cables. I assume the best plan is to open it up and sever the unneeded feeds from...
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    water cooled project

    I have only Corsair H60 experience to work with but the hose fittings and the hoses themselves tend to require way more clearance than what is required by the block itself. I may have the wrong picture of your layout idea but it sounds like you're talking about putting the radiator hard up...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Fit test 3. The basic box is complete enough for another fit test. All main components are in with nary a millimetre to spare. Its still very rough and ugly but it's enough to get a feel for the size of it now. I plan to box up the area around the PCIe slot, should give a much...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Considering the amount of time I spend indoors a little bit of x-ray exposure can only be a good thing right? Seriously though, short of sitting the PC next to a faulty microwave oven I can't see a problem with running without a faraday cage.
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    GTX Titan is on the rough edge of what a 450W can support. Supporting a GTX690 or HD7990 is out of the question without a real ATX PSU. I'm going for a design that really can power everything that will fit. This is a rough prototype / proof of concept although I do plan to use it as my...
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    True Full Length Card in SFF

    That's a PCI card and won't fit any current mini-ITX board that I'm aware of. I think you'll need a micro ATX board with a PCI slot which means the smallest case option is a Silverstone SG09 or SG10
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    I like the idea of working with acrylic at some point but for my first stab at things I feel MDF is even easier to work with and for this design a transparent case may just make it uglier with mostly the backside of components being visible. I have been making progress on construction but...
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Because the end result would still be twice the size of what I'm working on.
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    I've certainly considered it. I'm reasonably certain that I already have the tightest possible configuration for a design using a standard ATX PSU.
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    SMD MIT6 – tiny gamer

    Similar relative position of motherboard, psu and front fan but otherwise rather different cases. These pictures show the case on its side btw. It's roughly half the size of the SG05 and yet includes a full ATX psu and supports full length graphics cards. Making a lot of compromises along the...