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    Google Pay Equity Analysis Results in $9.7 Million in Adjustments

    The other exception is taking a stance that skill quality and loyalty take a backseat to equality and mediocrity. If everyone makes the same, everyone can be controlled equally. I seem to recall a Silicon Valley commercial from 1984 where a Hooters waitress throws a hammer at a screen to stop...
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    Google Pay Equity Analysis Results in $9.7 Million in Adjustments

    There's more to consider than just skills though. I would be surprised to find that the males didn't work at least 10-30% more and took less days off and were overall more reliable when needed on short notice. Sure women can be and do all that, but on average men generally work more and put...
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    New MicroSD Standard Comes with PCIe and NVMe

    This should get pretty interesting on a Raspberry Pi. The performance gain will be huge.
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    Man Gets 10 Year Prison Sentence for Launching Cyberattacks Against Hospitals

    You guys should look up the story of Justina Pelletier before you judge this guy so harshly.
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    LG Bends Big OLEDs at CES

    Exactly this. I'll plug the computer in, just give me the display.
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    Watch Google's CEO Sundar Pichai Testify Before Congress

    First we had security theater in the airports, now we have privacy theater in congress. Nothing changes, it's just done to prevent spoon fed simpletons from rioting in the streets and flipping cars.
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    NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit

    I've used both Air VPN and iVPN for years and they are both awesome. Air VPN seems to really be on top of things although they aren't quite as fast when connecting from the US as iVPN is, although iVPN is more expensive.
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    Lego Breakfast Machine

    Lego my Eggo.
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    Waymo Doesn’t Appear to Be at Fault in Arizona Crash

    "had to swerve to avoid striking a vehicle" lol what? Had to swerve? How about not speeding like a maniac through a red light?
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    Could High Cable Prices Cause Cord-Cutting? Say it isn't so.

    I don't understand how people freak out about Netflix raising their price by a dollar or 2 and yet they will pay $150 a month for commercial ridden cable TV.
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    Riot Regrets “Unnecessarily Sexualized” Design of League of Legends Character

    I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think Lucy might lie about her weight. She doesn't look like the type to be insecure about her body, but you never know.
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    First Luxury Hotel In Orbit Now Taking Room Deposits

    I was all signed up and ready to go until I found out room service charges $18 for a hamburger. Good thing my deposit is refundable!
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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    Last time I watched commercials on TV (several years ago), every commercial break was 3 car commercials, 2 ads for drugs with a side-effects list a mile long, and some network ad for a show I wont watch. Next commercial break it was the same thing again, just in a different order. There's no...
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    Cellebrite Finds Ways to Unlock Any iPhone or Android

    Why do I think the FBI/NSA already knew how to do this and were playing dumb?
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    iPhone Users WIll Be Able to Turn Off Performance Throttling

    I expect with this update will also come with a bunch of stuff that is really CPU intensive so the crashing will be quite noticeable, along with an announcement a week later titled "We told you so".
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    China Wants Bitcoin Miners Out

    Just looking at some actual numbers, albeit for 2016, looks like China's annual CO2 emissions were 7.5 billion tons vs Bitcoin's 19 million. That's about 1/400th the amount.
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    China Wants Bitcoin Miners Out

    I wonder how many tons of CO2 in the atmosphere Bitcoin mining is responsible for. Compare that to how much China as a whole is responsible for. It probably makes Bitcoin look like a non-issue.
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    U.S. Cassette Album Sales Rose 35% in 2017

    Something interesting to consider. If you gave someone who never used an MP3 player before a Zune and an iPod, I bet they would choose the Zune.
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    Zuckberg Looking Into Encryption and Cryptocurrency This Year

    Aren't the 2 guys he allegedly stole the idea for Facebook from also 2 of the largest investors in Bitcoin? This should be interesting.
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    MSI Launches The GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G

    I'm an ITX gaming enthusiast. So there :p
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    Sony to Offer $160 ‘Premium Sound’ Memory Card

    I was once told by a photographer that he would only burn his images on silver bottom CDR media because the colored dyes messed with the color in his photos. He would buy this.
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    Verizon Is Offering Netflix In New Cable Bundle

    I wonder if this also includes the VPN you need in order to actually get Netflix to stream well over their lines.
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    I don't really see the point in putting DVI on such a high end card. I would rather see 4 HDMI or 2 HDMI and 2 Display Port.
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    Amazon Unveils New, Larger Kindle Fire Models

    Someone please explain to me why 16GB more memory costs $50 on one and $70 on the other.
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    Best Password Protection EVER!

    The least the could have done is put a little diary lock on it. Preferably the kind that have the key attached so you don't lose it.
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    Roku Announces The Streaming Stick

    I don't get the picture. If that's HDMI then it's at least an inch and a half wide by 6 inches long. I guess if you were a giant that might be a thumb drive. How exactly do you plug that into the bottom panel of the tv/monitor if it only has 3 inches of clearance from the stand it's on?
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    Tech Gone Wrong?

    Wouldn't they just dodge the microwaves as indicated here?:
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    Airbags For Cell Phones?

    It comes with a stick of butter which you put on the airbag side ensuring it always lands butter side down. Alternatively you could avoid the expense of the airbags by strapping your phone to the back of a cat. Just don't butter the phone and put it on the cat or the results of which could...
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    Internet Minders Approve Big Rise in Domain Names

    Yes, I can see all corporations who can afford the $185,000 fee dropping their dot com to alleviate some overlap. I'm sure Steve Jobs can't wait to give up from so some other apple business can use it. :rolleyes: The only thing this has done is create some new way to soak more money...
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    Mac Game Deletes Files Permanently

    I'm betting development for this game was funded by the RIAA.
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    This Item Is Only Available Online

    This would be far more interesting if it had street view... or maybe it used to before "they" removed it.
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    Apple Seeks Patent on Operating System Advertising

    Seems pretty clear this patent is, although broadly labeled, mostly for cell phone or small device use. This would make sense as its been rumored Google was looking into doing something similar. Here's an interesting thought, Apple looses the cell phone OS war to Google's Android, Apple sues...
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    Sprint Nextel Targeted in Acquisition, Report Says

    I had sprint for 8 years and switched to t-mobile when the G1 came out. It was like a giant wake up to actually get customer service and not a single dropped call since the switch. The thought of going back to sprint-like service makes me physically ill. If they do merge I hope t-mobile will be...
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    More Best Buy Airport Kiosks Coming?

    "but has said that prices are "similar" to its own in-store ones" Considering their in store prices are what you'd expect to see in an airport, this is not hard to believe.
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    Mozilla Sets World Record

    I think the difference is between automation vs. making a conscious effort to download an executable software program.
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    AT&T Looking At Charging Heavy Internet Users Extra

    Cox has actually done this since they took over the @home service. You can see the tiered pricing and bandwidth limits here: You can get unlimited from them in the form of a SOHO/Business account. It costs about $80 a month for 3mb/512 though, and an...
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    AT&T Looking At Charging Heavy Internet Users Extra

    I think most [H] readers are in the top % of net users, all of us probably cost the ISPs more than we make them. Personally I would hate to see this happen but at the same time I question how this can be considered so unfair. I don't think there are any utility companys out there that give you...
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    Judge Denies RIAA Motion in Columbia University Case

    Sounds like a conspiracy... Someone (RIAA MIBs most likely) got to the judge :eek:
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    Fees For `.Org' Domain Names to Increase 10%

    They are just doing their part to help the non-profits stay that way :rolleyes:
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    Safari Update Raises Browser's Windows Market Share Threefold

    I surf these forums every day on my mac at work. Been using FF3b since it came out. It's a vast improvement over 2 and Googlebar Lite works with it. For the record, I have been forced to use Safari on both mac and PC for web development reasons. I hope it dies a horrible death is all I can say.